The Academy

Westwood Academy is known as one of the most prodigious boarding schools for girls.
For girls.
Not boys.
Every logo had the words "For Girls" printed with it, I thought that meant it was set in stone.
So why did the new building have a sign in front printed with "Boy's Dorms" in clean silver letters?


67. Chapter 67

Chapter 67

Harry’s POV

I was still processing the events that just occurred in the last minute or so. Nicole’s friends had a clear view of us, I could see them watching us and I knew that Nicole was aware of them watching us because I had seen her turn around and it was clear that she had to have seen them.

I was expecting her to say something like she was going to go to a different part of the rooftop and for me to go find her after a few minutes so we could get away from her friends without making it obvious that we were still going to be hanging out together.

I had been thinking at first that since her friends were standing there watching us that I wasn’t going to get to kiss her at midnight and I’ll admit that was something I was actually kind of looking forward to.

When we were still downstairs, sitting at the table and someone had announced that people were able to start heading upstairs to the rooftop, I had figured Nicole would be the first one out of her seat to get up there since she told me how much she loved being up there, especially for the countdown and all the fireworks that were visible from up there.

So I was a bit surprised when everyone was rushing up there and she remain seated at the table, continuing to talk to me and only me just as she had been doing pretty much all night so far. I felt the need to at least ask her if she wanted to go up there because I felt like maybe I should in case that my lack of responding to her earlier when she was talking about this party made her think that I didn’t want to go up to the rooftop or something.

When I noticed her friends walking up the steps to the rooftop, I was then happy that she said that she didn’t want to go up there because then she would probably be paranoid about them even though she really had no reason to be. I was kind of hoping that she didn’t want to go up there at all because if we did go up there for the countdown I feared that I might not be able to kiss her at midnight.

I thought that maybe when it got a bit closer to midnight she would just want to go outside the building or something. That way we could have more privacy, mostly just being away from her friends, we could probably still hear the countdown, and we could seethe fireworks going off. Since we’d be on the ground instead of higher up on the roof, maybe not all of them would be visible to us, but we’d still be able to see them.

When it was maybe about ten or less minutes away from midnight, I had just to suggest to her that we go outside the building we were in on this floor instead of going out onto the roof with everyone else who had chosen to go up there, which was a majority of the people here.

She beat me to it though and unfortunately though she wanted to go up on the rooftop, and as much as I kind of wanted to, I wasn’t going to deny her going up there just because I didn’t want to. I had never been up there so I had been assuring myself that maybe there was a lot of room up there and her friends would be on the complete opposite side.

Obviously I was wrong since we ended up standing in the spot where her friends had a clear view of us and that made my mood decrease very much.

The roof also wasn’t as big as I had hoped it would’ve been, but there was still a good amount of space. I had really wanted to get to another area of the roof in hopes that we could get away from the company of eyes we had locked right on us, but the countdown started and she wasn’t paying attention to me as she shouted every number down from ten along with everyone else.

And it surprised me that she didn’t do anything along the lines of hiding the two of us talking to each other form her friends though. She stayed there and smiled at me and I saw the excitement rise in her as she had begun to countdown.

So with the fact that I was already surprised that she wasn’t moving away from her friends, I was even more shocked the moments that it hit midnight and I felt her lips on mine before I could even process anything.

I honestly would’ve just been okay with the hug that I offered her since I was already happy that she didn’t feel the need to get out of sight from her friends. Maybe I had been wrong and she really didn’t see her friends watching us, I might’ve just thought she’d seen them just because I did.

I was a bit nervous now though because I figured that there had still been a small chance that Liz wasn’t going to bring anything of this subject up to her friends, but I had a feeling that that chance was gone now. I knew that they saw us kiss, and even though Liz had momentarily left, probably to go find Liam, I knew that her other two friends were going to inform Liz of what had just happened.

I knew Nicole’s friends were going to start talking about it, and I just knew that Liz was going to tell them what she knew, what Liam had told her. I looked over at her friends and they were all wide-eyed and open mouthed.

I hoped that they weren’t planning on coming over here now and talking to Nicole, and with the look I was giving them right now I was pretty much just daring them to even take a step in this direction. Shit was going to go down if they did. I knew Nicole had been really excited about tonight and I was not going to let her friends ruin that for her by giving her crap about her being with me.

As I finally decided to look away from her friends once I knew that they were going to stay put, it took me a moment to realized that Nicole had been looking over at them too and the look she held on her face wasn’t one of shock and nervousness that her friends had just seen her kiss me. She almost had a smug look on her face, and now that I thought of it, it really wasn’t like her to be the one to kiss me, I would usually kiss her.

“Your friends know,” I said just as Nicole turned back to face me.

She nodded before grabbing onto my wrist, “Let’s go,” she told me and I obeyed as she lightly pulled my wrist to follow her downstairs.

I waited until she led me downstairs and completely out of the building until I said anything else to her.

“How did you know that they knew?” she asked me as soon as we were outside.

“How did you know they knew?” I asked her back before realizing that that was probably a pretty stupid question.

“Liz told all of us and said that Liam told her. Any ideas as to how Liam knew?” she said to me, and I couldn’t quite depict her tone of voice.

She didn’t seen like she was really mad or frustrated at me, but she did seem quite pissed at the whole situation in general. Right now her pissy mood was more directed at me for the time being.

“Well it seems like you already have an idea as to how Liam knew,” I told her, trying my best to keep the mood as light as possible but I didn’t think it was working very well.

“I want you to tell me,” she said. I sighed before deciding to just go ahead and straight up answer the question instead of trying to get out of her being mad at me.

“I might’ve told Liam,” I said, looking down.


“I told him, okay?” I said, a bit harsher than intended but I didn’t think she really cared at the moment.

“Why did you tell him?” she asked me.

“Because I couldn’t take it. I had to tell someone about us, it bothered me having to hide us being together all the time,” I answered.

“Really? Because you sure weren’t quick to tell your mom about us,” Nicole retaliated.

“That’s different, I’m talking about as far as people on campus. I wasn’t allowed to let anyone know about us and I wasn’t able to hold your hand or anything just because of your need to hide me from your friends,” I told her.

“I get that I bothered you, but I had planned on telling them soon. You could’ve at least told me that you had told Liam so I wouldn’t have been so caught off guard when Liz came in and blurted out that she knew we were dating. Did you even tell Liam not to tell anyone?”

“I tried to hint it to him that I didn’t want him tell anyone but I guess he didn’t get it,” I said.

“You couldn’t have just flat out told him to keep it to himself?”

“No, I couldn’t. Do you know how pathetic it sounds to tell your friends not to tell anyone that he is in a relationship because his girlfriend doesn’t want anyone to know? It sounds pretty damn pathetic,”

“When were you planning on telling me that you ran into Christina when leaving my dorm a month or so ago?” she asked, obviously not having a comeback to what I just said so naturally she changed to a different topic of the matter.

“How do you even know that?” I asked her.

“She told me after Liz said she knew about us because she said that she was having suspicions about us ever since she saw you leaving the dorm,” Nicole told me.

“I didn’t tell you because I didn’t want you to worry for nothing. She obviously didn’t say anything to you about that until now and I know you and I knew that you’d make a big deal out of nothing,” I told her honestly.

She sighed, obviously not knowing what to say next. She knew I was right, she always makes a big deal of nothing and could literally start a huge worry about anything really.

I’d decided that I’d had enough of arguing with her and I knew that she was probably having a hard time right now with her friends most likely being furious with her.

So I took both of us a bit by surprise when I stepped closer to her and wrapped my arms around her, squeezing my arms around her as she slowly wrapped her arms back around me and we kind of just stayed in embrace like that.

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