The Academy

Westwood Academy is known as one of the most prodigious boarding schools for girls.
For girls.
Not boys.
Every logo had the words "For Girls" printed with it, I thought that meant it was set in stone.
So why did the new building have a sign in front printed with "Boy's Dorms" in clean silver letters?


64. Chapter 64

Chapter 64

Harry’s POV

Nicole continued hold my hand as we walked into the building where the party was being held. There was already a good amount of people in here, and then space was starting fill up more and more as people continued to walk in.

I felt it weird that I seemed to have the need to look around the area and see if her friends were here. Nicole didn’t seem to be doing it or caring, so I guess I just kind of felt like I needed to do so.

Normally I couldn’t give a crap about her friends or whatever they were doing while they were here. If I had ever noticed them though, I just made my way away from them with Nicole so she of course wouldn’t be worried about them seeing us or whatever it was exactly that she was worried about.

I really needed to just let all this go right now though. To me, it’s just Nicole and I right now, and that’s all it needed to be and that’s all it probably would be for awhile.

Nicole began to tell me about how later on in the night they were going to let everyone up on the roof of the building, probably when it gets closer to midnight so we could all the fireworks that people near by would be setting off at midnight and awhile after too. Some even started before midnight according to Nicole.

Nicole led me over to a few of the snack tables that were set up, and she grabbed herself a plate. I grabbed one of the small, paper plates as well and when I looked at the black plate, it had “Happy New Year!” written in different colored letters and confetti printed on it.

I rolled my eyes at the stupid plate and began to cover the design with different food items. I chuckled at Nicole as I saw that her plate had twice as much food as mine did. She just nagged me saying that she didn’t get too much food; the situation was that I just didn’t get enough.

I continued to laugh at her as we walked over to where a bunch of cups filled with different flavored drinks were. The majority of them were probably just water with an overly sugared fruit punch or lemonade flavor to them. Nicole picked up the lemonade and I went with the punch.

As we walked away from the tables, I could tell Nicole wasn’t really sure where she was going now but nevertheless she continued walking and I followed. She settled on sitting at one of the now open tables since a group of a few people that were occupying it had just left.

Since Nicole said she felt like she had been talking to much and not really having me talk all that much, when we sat down at the table she told me to talk about whatever I wanted to. The truth is while she had been talking, I was just not talking by choice. I just felt like listening to her ramble on about whatever she felt like because I felt that she might not always get the chance to do so.

Judging by what I know of the personalities of her friends, I’m guessing that it’s usually all about one of them all the time, no one really ever giving Nicole the chance to speak for more than a few minutes and not always listening when she does, just letting her talk for a moment so she doesn’t feel left out before they go back to talking about what they want to. I bet her friend, Christina I think her name was, was the one who the head of them.

The way she dresses I could tell that she was one of those spoiled brats who pretty much got what she wanted so that meant that she just had to have the attention at all times. I really wasn’t sure what to talk about with Nicole, which I guess probably sounded bad since you’d think I’d know what to talk about with her, but I just didn’t.

She was usually the one to initiate conversation and I would provide comments and thoughts about what I thought or something like that, I pretty much just say what I feel like saying to whatever it was that she could be talking about. Nicole eventually just began to talk about what all she was expecting with this new semester of classes, like what topics she was hoping teachers were going to go over.

I of course wasn’t all that into what we were talking about and she knew that, but I was giving my best attempt to talk about all this school and classes shit with her.

Something tells me that this stuff was usually what she would talk about with her friends and since it was basically my fault that her friends were going to find out about us and probably be angry with her for some time, I felt pretty obligated to sit and talk with her about whatever she wanted because I could be the only one that will listen. By now we had both finished our plates of food and were finishing off the last remains of out drinks.

“That fruit punch made your mouth so red,” Nicole informed me with a giggle as she took a sip of her lemonade.

“It did?” I asked and forced a smile even though I was damn irritated with that stupid punch now.

I hated when drinks did that, it just goes to show how cheap this rich school was when it came to just getting decent things for events like this. As much as it bothered me, I kept that smile on my face because it made her laugh.

As people continued to arrive, more people began to leave the area of tables that we were at and go out onto the makeshift dance floor I guess you could call it that most of the space in this floor of the building had been used here. I offered to go out in the dance area with her, but she declined.

She said that she really didn’t want to dance, and I couldn’t be happier with her answer. I really had just offered in case she had wanted to and just wasn’t saying anything. I thought that the dance space here was stupid and lame. The people who were on it weren’t really dancing as much as they were just jumping up and down to the music that was playing.

As I looked around at all the people, from the corner of my eye I noticed someone staring. I turned slight behind me to get a better look and sure enough there were Christina and Liz standing near the snack tables. They were glaring at me, and I wondered if Liz had told Christina or not.

I tried to just not think anything of it though, because Nicole’s friends were always glaring or scowling at me when they saw me, so nothing should make this time any different.

I went ahead and looked away from them and turned back to Nicole before she could see what I was looking at. I didn’t want her to see her friends standing over there looking at us.

She didn’t need to worry about them at all and I didn’t want her getting up or something, telling me that she’d be back or that she was going to the bathroom or some excuse along those lines when really she was just walking away from me so her friends wouldn’t think they she’d planned on sitting with me for long and then she’d come back and sit with me when she was sure they stopped paying attention. Nicole has done that a few times and I hated it, but at least that probably wasn’t going to be happening very much anymore now.

I really should just suck it up and tell Nicole right now that Liz for sure knows. It may ruin her night and it may not, I didn’t know what her reaction was going to be. I could just take that small chance that she wouldn’t care right now if I ended up letting her know and she just wouldn’t be worried about them seeing us together at all tonight.

I knew I shouldn’t tell her just yet though; I needed to just let this happen however it was going to. Liz could decide that she wasn’t going to say anything and then I would’ve gotten Nicole all worked up and worried for no reason if I told her.

Then again though, I really just wanted her friends, everyone really just to know so we could stop hiding every damn thing while we were on campus it was really annoying and I hated it.

But it was going to stop soon, maybe not tonight, and maybe not tomorrow, but if Liz didn’t say anything to Nicole soon I would probably just tell Nicole myself and hope that she would bring the topic up with Liz while her other friends weren’t too so we could be done with this crap, it would stop, and I wouldn’t have to worry with her that her friends could be nearby or something and then stop holding her hand, or start to walk in a different direction from her when her friends were walking by, only to just meet back up at the coffee shop.

I wanted to be able to hold her hand and proudly walk with her to that coffee shop the whole time and not have to worry about anything.

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