The Academy

Westwood Academy is known as one of the most prodigious boarding schools for girls.
For girls.
Not boys.
Every logo had the words "For Girls" printed with it, I thought that meant it was set in stone.
So why did the new building have a sign in front printed with "Boy's Dorms" in clean silver letters?


61. Chapter 61

Chapter 61

Nicole’s POV

The dorm room was pretty quiet as the four of us began to get ready for the party tonight a while after Becca and I had come back to the room.

When Becca and I had come back into the room an hour or so ago, Christina and Liz seemed to have been talking but instantly silenced as soon as the door had opened. I didn’t have to be paranoid about what they might’ve been talking about because I already knew exactly who and what they had been talking about that made them stop as soon as I walked in.

When I had gone into the bathroom to continue getting ready, I could hear my friends whispering. I’m assuming that Liz and Christina were asking Becca what me and her had talked about when we left the dorm room. I didn’t know for sure though because they were whispering, but still loud enough that I knew they were and I could make out a couple of the words that they were saying.

While I was still getting ready in the bathroom, I grabbed Christina’s makeup bag that was sitting on the counter. I had a pretty strong feeling that she wasn’t going to help me with my eye makeup anymore so I would have to take matters into my own hands and attempt to do it myself.

I knew it wasn’t going it turn out as good as Christina does it since she’s more handy with makeup than I am, but the fact that I’m using her cosmetics instead of mine with already tremendously since she owns a lot more makeup than I do. I wasn’t sure how Christina would feel about me using her makeup.

She was already hesitant to let any of us use it, and given the situation right now I’m sure I definitely wasn’t allowed to use it.

When I walked out of the bathroom, the silent talking that I had vaguely heard from the bathroom had of course stopped as soon as I stepped back into the room and they were aware of my presence again.

Once I walked over to my closet, Christina and Liz walked over to the bathroom and began to do their makeup. Usually all of us would squeeze into the bathroom and we would all get ready together, but now it just seemed to be Becca and I against Christina and Liz.

I was by myself more than I was on a side with Becca. She of course still wasn’t very happy with me, but she was at least talking to me and she wasn’t ignoring me and talking about me like Liz and Christina were obviously doing.

I was just trying to ignore everything right now though and focus on what I was currently doing which was deciding on an outfit to wear. I wished Becca and Christina would be going through their closets alongside mine, picking out things that they thought I should wear and would look perfect on me.

Usually the things they would choose looked like something I would never wear and would look awful on me when it was still on the hanger, but once they would convince me enough to finally put the outfit on, I was glad I did because it almost always ended up looking pretty nice on me.

I sighed as I continued to go through the clothes by myself and in my own closet until I finally settled on something that should be decent enough to wear.

I knew Harry didn’t care all that much what I wore so I really didn’t have to be stressing too much what I was going to wear because I was going to spend all of my time at the party with him, and its not like I even had a choice now since my friends aren’t going to want anything to do with me at the party. Even if I did try and hang out with them they’d tell me that I should be with Harry or they’d ask why I wasn’t with him right then.

The outfit I had decided on wearing was a black skirt with a dark grey sequined shirt along with a black blazer and black flats. I went ahead and just got changed in the room since Becca and Christina were occupying the bathroom right now.

Once I was completely finished getting ready, the party didn’t start for about another forty-five minutes or so and I was contemplating whether or not I should leave the room right now or not.

I really just wanted to get out of here to avoid have to be in the same room as three people who weren’t exactly happy with me at the moment.

I knew I wouldn’t be walking with them to the party either so it may be a bit awkward if we all left at the same time and I wasn’t really welcomed to walk with them. If I did go ahead and leave the room now I wasn’t exactly sure where on campus I would go or what I would do.

I was thinking about texting Harry, but I wasn’t sure what he was doing right now. He could be getting ready and I didn’t want to rush him, or he could be talking to his friends and I didn’t want to disturb him from that since he’ll most likely be hanging out with me during the rest of the night.

I figured that I really did need to talk to Harry about the whole situation about my friends knowing. He had to have some part in Liam knowing which then resulted in him telling Liz and now the rest of my friends know.

I knew that it had to be Harry who told Liam and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t the least bit upset about that, but I really wasn’t going to get too mad about it because I already had enough conflict going on, I didn’t need to start and argument with Harry too.

I also couldn’t be too upset about him giving Liam this information because I knew Harry didn’t like keeping our relationship a secret and I figured that he felt he just needed to tell someone, it probably wasn’t his intention for Liam to give Liz this information. I guess Liam just assumed that Liz knew and he brought it up in a conversation from some unknown reason.

I decided that I probably wasn’t going to let Harry know that my friends know about our relationship now, at least not tonight. I wanted us to act like everything was okay and the same and I didn’t need this problem weighing over us.

The only difference being though that I didn’t have to worry about my friends, or really any for the matter seeing me hold Harry’s hand or even spending time with him for the entire party. They already knew so I really had nothing to lose at this point. I was open to spend as much time as I wanted with Harry now without having to worry if my friends noticed that I wasn’t hanging out with them at the party and that I was with the person who I had declared I hated at the beginning of the year.

So at this point I just wanted to forget about the conflict with my friends and focus on all the good points I had made about how I wouldn’t feel the need to hide my relationship from my friends anymore.

I grabbed my phone and put it in my purse before I headed out of the dorm, not exactly sure where I was going but ready to get out from the negativity that was swirling around and begin to lift my mood before the party tonight so Harry wouldn’t sense anything was wrong and I knew I would catch him off guard by maybe holding his hand and just being public with the whole relationship because I didn’t mind anymore, at this point it seemed like it may just be Harry and I.

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