The Academy

Westwood Academy is known as one of the most prodigious boarding schools for girls.
For girls.
Not boys.
Every logo had the words "For Girls" printed with it, I thought that meant it was set in stone.
So why did the new building have a sign in front printed with "Boy's Dorms" in clean silver letters?


57. Chapter 57

Chapter 57

Nicole’s POV

I was relieved the next day when Becca and Christina had gone down to wait for Liz and didn’t make a big deal about having me go down and wait with them. I needed time to wrap Harry’s present and get it out of the room before my friends come back.

After I wrapped Harry’s gift and put the records in a gift bag, I headed out of the room and walked out of the dorm and to the coffee shop where I told Harry I would meet him.

He said he was getting here soon and I told him that I couldn’t really wait for him outside campus like everyone else because my friends were waiting for Liz and it’d be a bit awkward for me if I went back onto campus with Harry instead of my friends.

Plus I wanted to give Harry his gift right away so I didn’t want to be waiting out there holding the big wrapped box and gift bag.

I tapped my fingers against the table as the minutes passed by and I kept looking at the door to see if Harry was coming in and then looking at my phone to see if he’d texted at all.

Luckily nobody was in here right now since everyone here was either still at home, waiting for their friends to get back, or getting ready for the party tonight. That was nice because it would just be Harry and I here, and since no one was coming in and out of the shop I wasn’t constantly looking up every time the bell on the door rang signaling it was opening since it was staying closed.

I felt like I had been waiting forever and every one minute that passed by felt more like ten. I held in a squeal of excitement that I had when I heard the bell chime signaling that the door was hoping and I knew there had to be only one possibility of who it was.

I smiled wide once I felt a hand on my lower back, pulling me into them. I giggled as my arms locked tightly around his neck and his own held my body tight. I felt his face bury into my hair and tickled my ear with his nose making me smile even more.

“I’m guessing you missed me,” I couldn’t fight back the smile as his arms wrapper tighter around me and shortly he lifted he off the ground causing giggles to erupt from me.

“Very much,” he mumbled into my hair as he set me back onto my feet.

“Well you aren’t the only one,” I teased as I heard him hum quietly.

“That’s good to hear,” I pulled back just so I could see a clear view of his face and no later his lips came down on mine, not wasting one more second.

It wasn’t a very long kiss, as much as short kisses, much like pecks but very much enjoyed. His lips kissed me once more before yet again his arms engulfed me in another bone crushing hug.

We comfortably stood there for a few minutes before he pulled back and kissed my cheek, which was when I then noticed something brushing my backside.

Seeming like Harry noticed, he shyly smiled before muttering and his hands going to pull back,

“For you,” he held out violet gift bag making my raise an eyebrow and unable to contain the smile breaking out on my face.

“For me?” I taunted reach for the bag with the inside filled with green tissue paper. I pulled out all of the light paper and soon saw a wrapped box at the bottom.

“I know it’s already wrapped, but my mom insisted that I put it in a gift bag too,” he told me.

I smiled at him as I had pretty much been doing since we walked in, and assured him that I didn’t care about how it was wrapped. I took the red wrapping paper off the box which revealed a black box with the silver printed logo on it that I knew I’ve seen somewhere before on some store but I couldn’t really remember what the store was. I took the top off the box I was pretty shocked with what was inside.

“Oh my gosh,” I said as I took the object out of the box.

“It’s a watch,” he said.

“I know,” I laughed since I was looking right at the rose gold watch.

“I figured…well I knew you needed one, so now you can look at your own watch instead of asking me all the time to check on mine,” he said with a small laugh.

I was beyond grateful for the gift, and as Harry helped me put it on my wrist I suddenly began to feel like the gift that I had purchased for him was lame. It didn’t feel as thoughtful as the gift that Harry got for me was. I also began to feel like maybe my gift was too much. I mean he got me a watch and the gift that I got him came in a big box along with the big gift bag that I had used to hold the records.

“Here’s your gift,” I told him as I hesitantly grabbed the box and the bag that I had placed on the other side of the chair.

“You didn’t have to get me anything,” he smiled as he took the gift and placed it down on the table to get a better grip on it since it was kind of heavy.

“You knew I was going to,” I told him and he laughed as began to take the records out of the gift bag.

It took me a second to realize that he was opening the bag before the box and I was about to stop him but it was too late because he had already taken all the records out. He gave me a confused look and I knew he was trying to be polite even though he didn’t have a use for the gift, as far as he knew though.

“It’d make more since if you’d opened the box first,” I informed him.

I small smirk formed on his lips as he eagerly tore off the wrapping paper since he had a pretty good idea of what was in it now. I waited until he had it fully unwrapped to say anything.

“I had remembered how you said you used to listen to a record player when you were younger and you didn’t have it anymore so I thought you might…want one,” his silence was making me a bit nervous that maybe it wasn’t the gift he wanted or expected.

“Sorry if you don’t like it, it was kind of a long shot, I knew I should’ve gotten that-”

“Hey, shut up,” he said and I looked back up at him and saw a smile on his face.

“I love it, thank you so much,” he assured me and leaned down to give me a lingering kiss before pulling away.

“Well don’t just stand there, I want to hear about your week home,” he told me as we both sat down at the table.

I laughed and I began to play with the new item on my wrist as I told him every detail about what I did during the week, even though there weren’t that many, and he did the same.


I had probably been at the coffee shop with for over an hour and we both decided that it was probably time to head back to our dorms so Harry could get everything unpacked and I could get ready for the party that was in a couple hours. Harry and I agreed on a place to meet before we both left.

When I got back the my room, Becca and Christina were the only ones in there and they told me that Liz, of course, went to see Liam so she was with him right now. The three of us were discussing what we should each wear to the party tonight.

I wasn’t really sure what I was going to wear, but Christina assured me that she would help with my makeup since she was really good with eye makeup and the eye shadow and all that since I usually just worse eye liner.

We were interrupted from our conversation when the door to our room flew open. All our eyes turned attention to see Liz standing in the doorway with an unreadable look on her face but it didn’t look like a good expression.

“Nicole is dating Harry!” Liz blurted out and now all their eyes were focused on me.

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