The Academy

Westwood Academy is known as one of the most prodigious boarding schools for girls.
For girls.
Not boys.
Every logo had the words "For Girls" printed with it, I thought that meant it was set in stone.
So why did the new building have a sign in front printed with "Boy's Dorms" in clean silver letters?


56. Chapter 56

Chapter 56

Nicole’s POV

As Christina and I were waiting for Becca to arrive, I was continuing to text Harry the whole time. Harry seemed to be pretty bored right now too. He told me that his whole family was hanging out in their living room all listening to Gemma talk about college and all her “stupid accomplishments” as Harry put it. Christina had of course asked me who I was texting, but I just told her it was Liz.

Thankfully, as always, she just left it at that. I knew my friends never really asked any follow up questions, but I always feared that at one point they would and I wouldn’t know what to say to them.

Right now I was just a bit paranoid that she might look over at my phone screen for some reason and look at the name at the top of the screen of who I was texting and see Harry’s name.

“She’s almost here,” Christina informed me as she looked up from her own phone, thankfully not paying attention to my phone, or really me in general.

I nodded and then texted Harry saying that I had to and then put my phone in my back pocket of my jeans.

“That’s her dad’s car, right?” I asked after a few minutes as a silver truck pulled up to the curb.

“Yep,” Christina said. We waited as the car parked and Becca hopped out after a few moments and smiled at us as she went to the back of the car and took her suitcase out.

She waved to her dad as he drove off and then she walked over to us.

“Hey,” she said excitedly as she gave both of us a hug. “It feels like it’s been longer than a week since I’ve seen you both,” she told us. “Well technically it’s been eight days so it has been longer than a week,” Christina joked.

“Oh whatever,” Becca said as the three of us walked back onto the campus and to the dorm building.

Becca was telling us what all she did during the week and Christina seemed to be nothing but interested in what she had done for the break where as Christina was hardly listening to what I had to say. Given that to Christina what I did during the break was probably pretty boring, but Becca stayed home with family too, just as Liz probably did too.

Christina was the only one who really went on some nice vacation for every week that we had off from school. Of course though Christina let her talk about her break until we got back to the dorm building but then once we got back into the room and Becca began to unpack her suitcase, Christina went straight into talking about her vacation she took with her family, telling her everything that she had told me just a couple hours ago.

Finally we were done talking about all this what we did for the holiday nonsense and we began to talk about the party tomorrow. Well of course it was more of me just listening to them but it was better to listen to than what we talking about before.

They were more of the party people of the four of us so of course they were pretty excited about the New Year’s party. I wanted to tell them that the party’s here weren’t even close to a party out in the city, the real world. I couldn’t tell them that though because then I’d have to tell them how I knew that. Plus they’d probably hate an actual party like the one that Harry had taken me to.

While they were talking about what they thought they might wear to the New Year’s party, I was thinking about how much fun I hoped Harry and I would have at the party, and hoping that my friends didn’t see us together or if they did, didn’t think too much of it.

They’d probably be distracted by other events going on at the party to even notice us. I knew that it was ridiculous of my trying to hard to hide my relationship from them, but I just wasn’t sure what else to do.

I was too nervous to tell them and I wished that they could just already know and be okay with it without me having to go through the stress of telling them and dealing with their judgment, but I knew that that wasn’t going to happen. Harry really wanted to me to tell them and I really needed to, it’s not fair for anyone that keeping it secret.

Harry’s POV

Today was the last day that I was going to be back home and as much as I had enjoyed my time here more than I thought I would, I was ready to go back to the academy. I honestly never thought I would be saying that I was ready to go back to school. I guess because when I got back I still had another week until classes actually started back up.

Right now the whole family was hanging out in the living room after eating the lunch that my mom had prepared and we were all just talking. Well I wouldn’t say all of us were talking as much as we were listening to Gemma talk about college and shit.

Everyone was just gawking over how she had her whole life planned out and she was doing so well in school. Nobody here even gave a crap about me.

I had been texting Nicole the entire time everyone was talking so I was upset when she told me that she had to go because her friend just arrived back on campus. I wish I was going back to campus today but sadly I wasn’t.

Overall the week had still gone better than I was thinking it would. I had ended up telling my mom that I was actually dating Nicole sooner than I thought I would. I honestly wasn’t sure if I was going to tell her at all, but I did.

When we had gotten back from the mall at the beginning of the week, she had seen that I had bought something and was taking it out of the bag, asking me if I wanted her to put the already wrapped present in a gift bag and put it under the tree.

When I stopped her from taking it out of the bag and when I told her that I didn’t want to put it under the tree, I of course had to tell her why. She was overly excited of course, but I was glad that she didn’t make point to tell the rest of the family because I didn’t want a bunch of attention from it.

I probably wouldn’t get any attention for more than a minute though since Gemma and some of my cousins were too busy talking to everyone about all the things they had planned for their future and crap. My mom probably didn’t tell them because once her perfect child Gemma started talking she forgot all about me.

After Nicole had stopped texting me, I listened to everyone’s conversation for a while and I tried to take part in it but it wasn’t easy. Being known as the trouble child of the family doesn’t make for many people to want to listen all that much to me.

I’d finally decided I’d had enough and I excused myself as I got up from the couch and said that I was going to my room. I got a couple nods before they all went back to listening to my cousin and Gemma talk.

When I got to my room, I went ahead and started to pack up my things because maybe if I didn’t have to do it tomorrow I could leave sooner tomorrow morning.

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