The Academy

Westwood Academy is known as one of the most prodigious boarding schools for girls.
For girls.
Not boys.
Every logo had the words "For Girls" printed with it, I thought that meant it was set in stone.
So why did the new building have a sign in front printed with "Boy's Dorms" in clean silver letters?


55. Chapter 55

Chapter 55

Nicole’s POV

This whole week had gone by a lot faster than I thought it was going to. It had also gone better than I thought it was going to. I guess it really wasn’t fair for me to go into this week with my family with bad expectations. My mom was currently driving me back to campus and I was happy that my brother had decided not to come along wit us like he usually does.

He mostly came because my mom would force him to so I was more thankful that she didn’t make him come. I said bye to my mom once she pulled up in front of the academy. I grabbed my suitcase out of the back of the car which was now heavier since it had the gifts I had received and the gift that I had bought for Harry in it now.

I waved to my mom as she drove off and then walked onto the campus. I didn’t have any of my friends waiting for me like I always waited for them which I had to admit was a bit disappointing, but the only one of my friends that was here was Christina and when I texted her saying that I was here she just told me that she would be up in the dorm. I figured that it was probably because she brought so many clothes with her when she went to visit her family that it was taking awhile for her to unpack.

When I got to the dorm building, I took the elevator to get to the second floor and then walked down the hall to my room.

“Hey,” I said once I saw Christina in the room as I stepped inside it.

“Hey,” she said back as she continued to go back and forth between her closet and her suitcase, hanging up the endless amount of clothes that she had brought with her.

“How was your week?” I asked her.

“It was nice, my suitcase is now twice as full as it was when I left with all the gifts I got,” she laughed.

“Well I hope you wouldn’t mind one more present,” I said to her as I opened up my suitcase and got out the gift I had bought for her.

A smile took over her face as she walked over to me and thanked me as she grabbed the bag that contained her gift.

“My aunt got me this same thing in yellow,” she told me as she examined the shirt.

My face fell a little bit and I knew that I should’ve purchased that skirt that I saw instead of the shirt.

“I like this color better,” she told me and I felt better about my gift now.

She grabbed something out of her suitcase and she walked over to me and gave me the gift bag that she had pulled out. I took out a dress that really wasn’t my style, especially since I didn’t really ever wear dresses, but I faked a smile and thanked her for it anyway.

“I figured you could use a nice dress in your wardrobe,” she told me.

Christina usually did this every year, even with Becca and Liz. Since she came from a very wealthy family and was ahead on all the latest fashion trends and all that, she always got a clothing item or outfit that was more her style than it was ours and we usually never ended up wearing it. We just considered it a nice outfit to have just in case we ever had to go anywhere where we really needed to dress up more.

“So Liz is coming tomorrow, right?” Christina asked me as I began to unpack my suitcase as well.

“Yeah, she told me she’s coming back early tomorrow afternoon so she would have more than enough time to get ready with us before the New Year’s party tomorrow,” I informed her and she nodded.

“Becca texted me saying that she should be here in the next hour or so,” Christina said after a few minutes.


We continued to unpack and I finished about five or ten minutes before Christina did. I put the gift bags that had Liz and Becca’s presents on their bunk, and then I kept Harry’s present in my suitcase and left it next to my desk.

I figured that I would wrap it and take it out of the dorm to give to Harry at some point when my friends weren’t in here. I wasn’t exactly sure when I’d be able to give it to Harry though. I’m pretty sure that he doesn’t get back until tomorrow.

I was hoping that maybe he would be back before Liz so I could go see him while Becca and Christina were outside the campus waiting for Liz to arrive. I guess I’d just figure it all out when the time came. Christina and I talked for a bit as we waited for Becca to text saying that she was almost here so we could go down and wait for her.

I honestly wasn’t sure what to talk about with Christina so I went ahead and asked her what all she did during the holiday, and that sent her into non stop talking for awhile. I really didn’t feel like listening all that much because I knew that she would be saying it all again when Becca and Liz got back. So the whole time she was talking, I was texting Harry, and she didn’t seem to notice.

I hadn’t gotten to talk to Harry very much this week with the holidays and all so it was nice to be able to talk to him for longer than a few minutes. I wished that Christina wasn’t in here so I could talk to him on the phone instead of just texting him.

I hadn’t gotten to talk to him on the phone very much because I didn’t want my family to ask me who I was talking to and make a big deal about me having a boyfriend. So I guess it probably wasn’t the greatest idea of me to not tell my parents about Harry, but it just never came up. My friends didn’t like him or his appearance so I knew that my mom would be pretty suspicious of him and not like him very much.

Another reason I didn’t call him very much was because my mom was already frustrated with me for texting so much that that would probably put her off the edge. But back to Harry, he seemed to have had a nice time with his family. He said that he’d tell me more about what all he did during the week when he got back and could talk to me in person.

“Oh Becca is almost here,” Christina suddenly said, causing me to jump a little bit as I looked up from my phone.

“Okay,” I said as I locked my phone and got up and headed to the door with her.

“So I never asked you, what did you do during the week?” Christina asked me.

“You probably didn’t do much so you won’t have to summarize like I did and wait to tell everything else when Becca and Liz are here,” she said.

“Yeah…” I suddenly didn’t even want to talk about what I did for the break because I felt like she didn’t care.

I mean I already felt like she wouldn’t care because my week was pretty boring, but she didn’t have to actually tell me.

She has been acting different lately and I wasn’t sure what was up with her. The paranoid side of me thought that maybe she knew about Harry and I, but I knew if she actually did she wouldn’t hesitate she tell me.

So I went ahead and told her what I did with my family, keeping it short as we walked across campus to where Becca’s dad would be dropping her off so we could wait for her and I wished she would get her faster so Christina could bother her instead of me.

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