The Academy

Westwood Academy is known as one of the most prodigious boarding schools for girls.
For girls.
Not boys.
Every logo had the words "For Girls" printed with it, I thought that meant it was set in stone.
So why did the new building have a sign in front printed with "Boy's Dorms" in clean silver letters?


54. Chapter 54

Chapter 54

Harry’s POV

“Are you coming with us?” I heard my mom ask me as I looked up from the TV screen that my attention had been focused on,

“This is the last time I’m asking,” she added.

Her and my sister were standing next to the couch I was sitting on, all ready to go. Before they had gotten ready and everything, my mom had asked me a few times if I wanted to accompany them to the mall and I just kept telling her that I didn’t know so she told me she’d ask again once her and my sister were finished and getting dressed and ready.

They were heading out to go shopping to get some last minute extra Christmas gifts for the family that would be here tomorrow. I actually did need to go shopping for gifts because I really hadn’t bought anything for my family yet, but I had just been planning to add my name on to the gifts that Gemma had gotten.

I really wanted to go to the mall because I needed to buy Nicole’s gift. I already knew exactly what I was going to get her; it was just a matter of picking it out and actually buying it. I had just planned on going by myself and not with my mom and sister. I really didn’t want them to ask me why I was buying what I was. I guess it would be okay if they knew, I probably did need to tell my mom that Nicole and I were actually dating since I had only introduced Nicole as a friend, which of course pissed Nicole off a lot.

“He obviously doesn’t want to come with us so lets just leave,” Gemma said, clearly getting annoyed.

“No I’ll go, just let me put my shoes on,” I said as I stood up from the couch and went to my room to quickly grab my shoes and slip my wallet and phone into my back pocket as well.

I grabbed my jacket off my dresser too as I headed out of my room and back to the living room where my mom and sister were waiting. I really had decided just to go ahead and go to the mall right now just to spite Gemma because I knew that she probably didn’t want me to join them on their shopping trip right now.

“Let’s go,” I said to them once I walked into the living room and they both nodded and I followed them out of the house and to the driveway where my mom’s car was parked. Gemma beat me to the passenger seat so I was stuck in the back. I always hated sitting in the back because I always felt uncomfortable because my legs just seemed to be to long for me to comfortably sit back there.

As my mom backed out of the driveway and began to drive to the mall, her and Gemma began to pick up conversation about what they should by for our aunt or some relative, I wasn’t exactly sure because I tuned out of their conversation after awhile because I knew that I wasn’t going to be a part of it. I began to wonder what Nicole was doing right now. I’m pretty sure that today was when she was leaving to go visit her family for the week.

I ended up leaving campus yesterday once I finished my last mid term. I really wasn’t planning on leaving until today like Nicole, but my mom insisted that I come down early so I could help them get everything ready for when the rest of the family comes.

I think a few family members were coming today because since they live further away they just drive down and stay with us for a few days. Everyone else was coming the day after tomorrow because that was Christmas Eve so of course that’s when we were going to open some presents and watch Christmas movies and all this other family togetherness crap that my mom puts together every year since it’s really the only time when the whole family is together.

I couldn’t help but wonder what Nicole and her family did for Christmas. She never really said anything or talked about it, but then again neither did I. I hoped she was at least having a good time because when I talked to her before I left she seemed a bit unsure of going to visit her family, she said that she’d much rather stay on campus even if she would be by herself.

I couldn’t say I blamed her, I kind of wanted to stay on campus too, but she was right when she said it was best for both of us to go home for the holidays actually spend time with family that we may only get to see at this time once a year. I’d hardly been away from Nicole for a day and I was already starting to miss her like crazy.

I really wanted to call or text her or something but I decided to wait until after I bought her gift and was back home in my room where I could talk to her in private instead of with my mom and sister listening because I knew that they would be.

We soon arrived at the mall and my mom parked the car before we all got out. I spent most of the time at the mall walking around with them as they picked out random gifts to buy and my mom ended up finding a few decorations that she wanted to buy to add to the house.

It was when they started going into all their girly clothing stores that I really started to get tired of shopping with them. The fact that it was two girls and me shopping meant that we were probably going to go into all the stores they wanted to go into.

I still hadn’t gotten the gift yet that I wanted to get from Nicole, so I told my mom that I was going to go shopping on my own for a bit. She just nodded, hardly even listening but she said she’d call me when they were about to leave. I said okay and my sister waved me away and I finally walked out of that damned girly store.

It’s been awhile since I’ve been to this mall so I wasn’t exactly sure where the store I was looking for was. I didn’t see one of those directories’ anywhere so I just decided to walk around until I found the store I was looking for. Maybe along the way I would find another store and see something that I should buy for my family so I wouldn’t have to take partial credit for all the gifts that Gemma bought for everyone.

I found the store I was looking for pretty quickly though since apparently the store I had just left where Gemma and my mom were was relatively close to it.

As soon as I walked into the store a saleswoman greeted me and I prayed that she wouldn’t continue to talk to me. My prayer went unanswered though as she continued to walk further into the store with me, questioning what I was in here to buy and once I unwillingly told her she kept trying to persuade me into getting more items or buy the most expense model of what I wanted to buy.

I finally had gotten sick of her and told her not so politely that I could do this on my own. I felt a bit bad as the smile she had had plastered on her face went away, but she thankfully obeyed and walked away, the fake smile returning just as someone else walked into the store and I didn’t feel as bad about snapping at her anymore.

I was happy when I finally found exactly what I wanted to buy for Nicole because it was perfect.

When I went to the cashier to buy it, I paid extra for them to gift wrap since I knew I couldn’t do that crap myself, and then I left the store, mindlessly walking around until my mom texted me saying that they were ready to leave.

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