The Academy

Westwood Academy is known as one of the most prodigious boarding schools for girls.
For girls.
Not boys.
Every logo had the words "For Girls" printed with it, I thought that meant it was set in stone.
So why did the new building have a sign in front printed with "Boy's Dorms" in clean silver letters?


50. Chapter 50

Chapter 50

Harry’s POV

Liam was the first one out of my roommates to get back from his week off. He texted me when he was getting close to the campus so I headed outside to go in wait for him in that area where most parents would drop off their kids. I saw Nicole as I was waiting for him and of course, even though I really wanted to, I wasn’t able to go up and talk to her because she was waiting with her friend, Liz. I knew Liam was here before he even got a chance to fully get out of the car because Liz ran up to the car and greeted them.

I rolled my eyes at them as I walked over to Liam and waited for him to finish talking to Liz, which ended up taking awhile. Well it probably didn’t take that long, but to me it felt long because I just wanted to get back to the dorm room. Liam finally told her that he needed to go unpack his things so they said bye to each other and Liam finally greeted me as we both began to walk back onto the campus.

Once we got pack to the dorm building, Liam went straight into talking about what he did over the break as I watched him get his bags unpacked. I would’ve offered to help him unpack but he seemed to have it under control and I honestly didn’t feel like helping at the moment.

He continued to tell me about what he did each day of the break but thankfully he kept it short because he said he didn’t want to have to fully say everything he did over the break two times since he would tell the other boys what he did over the break when they all got back too. Which I was happy about because when the other boys were here, I wouldn’t be obligated to listen thoroughly like I have to right now since I’m the only one in here. But then when the rest of them got back, they would be telling what they did over break and then Liam would be repeating it.

I knew probably shouldn’t be complaining about it, we all haven’t seen each other in a week and they all just want to catch up. I just have nothing exciting to contribute to their stories about break. Even if I had gone home I still wouldn’t be able to compete. They’re all rich and go on fun vacations or do exciting things and if hadn’t stayed on campus, I would’ve just been sitting at my mom’s house all week, if she even wanted me to stay the whole week.

I knew Gemma had been home for a few days, so that and my mom’s work schedule were the reasons why she hardly even stayed for two days. I couldn’t say I blamed her though, I don’t know how much time I could stand to spend time around me if I were her, especially since her favorite child was back at her house.

“So what did you do over the break?” Liam asked me after he finished telling me all about what he did at his parent’s lake house that his family stayed at over the week.

“I stayed on campus,” I stated.

“Well I knew that,” he said as he put some shirts up in his closet,

“I mean what all did you do while you were on campus?” he said; now adding on to his previous question.

I thought about to flat out telling him about how I had spent time with Nicole. The rest of my roommates weren’t here right now so I wouldn’t have to worry about them knowing and possibly telling other people. Plus I felt like I was able to tell Liam about what has been going on between Nicole and I, I felt I was obligated to after all he had done to help me with how I needed to act when I was with Nicole. My only worry was I just wasn’t sure if Nicole would be okay with me saying something to Liam about us. I suppose she doesn’t have to know, but still.

I’d feel a bit weird telling Liam that he couldn’t tell anyone that Nicole and I were dating because that would conjure up even more questions form him, questions that I didn’t even have the answers to because it was mainly Nicole’s problem.

I also worried that if I told him that I couldn’t tell anyone about us because of her friends that he might mention something to Liz about it or try to subtly bring me up in a conversation. I could just tell him though that any of that would be pointless because I already knew that they hated me. Now I was somehow dealing with problems in my head that didn’t even exist yet instead of giving the answer to the question that could initiate these problems or not.

“Um, I spent some time with Nicole,” I said, deciding just to go ahead and tell him.

“Oh she stayed on campus too?” he asked.

“Yeah, apparently she usually does,” I informed him.

He began asking about what all we did during the week, and I kept it pretty vague, just telling him that we went off campus a few times. I was hesitant about it at first, but I brought up that my mom had come to visit for a day. I used that to go into how Nicole and I got into a fight, and once I told him that much I had no other option but to tell him that Nicole and I were dating because that was how we got into a fight, me not introducing her as my girlfriend.

At first I wasn’t sure how Liam was going to react, I hoped that he wasn’t going to be upset that I’d taken so long to tell him this since he was the one who was trying to help me with her. He wasn’t even considering how long I had gone without telling him, he was just shocked, a surprised and happy shock.

I brought up to him to not make a big deal out of it when the rest of the boys got back and he agreed to that so I was hoping that that would keep his mouth shut about it all together.

After awhile Liam finally stopped talking about how excited he was that Nicole and I were together now. He honestly sounded like a teenage girl as he talked on the subject. We had just got back into the dorm building from going outside to wait for the rest of the boys who were now back up in the room with us getting their things unpacked.

When I was asked what I did over the break, I just told them that I stayed here and my mom came to visit, and thankfully Liam didn’t feel the need to add on to that.

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