The Academy

Westwood Academy is known as one of the most prodigious boarding schools for girls.
For girls.
Not boys.
Every logo had the words "For Girls" printed with it, I thought that meant it was set in stone.
So why did the new building have a sign in front printed with "Boy's Dorms" in clean silver letters?


5. Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Harry’s POV

She was stubborn.

Stubborn girls could be pretty fun though; it made for quite a chase.

I really wasn’t even sure if I like her though, sure she was hot, but I couldn’t even get her name. I guess it was really just something to keep me busy instead of worrying about how this school was going to go as far as academics. She didn’t seem to care enough to put a lot of effort into her appearance like all the other girls seemed to do at dinner, but she had still looked very nice. Even though she wasn’t dressed up, those jeans she had on fit her quite nicely, which I noticed as she had been walking away from me.

I wondered what he problem seemed to be since she wasn’t dressed up and acting all cute like all the other girls seemed to be doing. Some of the other girls are basically throwing themselves at guys, and she made it obvious that she didn’t want to talk to me.

Looking around now that she left, I wasn’t sure where any of my roommates were; they were probably trying to win over some girls still. I decided that I would just head back to the dorms on my own.

When I was back in my room, I decided to change into some more comfortable clothes, and I laid down on my bunk for awhile until heard the door being opened and I saw my three roommates walking in, along with someone else who I hadn’t seen before.

“Hey Harry,” Liam said once they all walked in.

“Hey,” I said back as I sat up.

“This is Zayn,” Niall said, “Louis met him at dinner.

Zayn greeted me and I did the same got up from my bunk and walked over to the four of them. The boys said that Zayn was going to hang out in here with us for awhile or until it was time for lights out and everyone was required to go back to their dorm rooms. We all gathered around the bunks and sat and talked for a while.

It didn’t surprise me when they started talking about some of the girls they’d met at dinner tonight. I brought up the girl I talked to, wondering if anyone for some reason knew her name, but none of them did. They just told me that all the girls they saw were dressed up and they didn’t see anyone in jeans in a t-shirt.

I then felt a bit left out of this conversation because I hadn’t joined any of them in the groups that they had sat in at lunch where they met some of the girls and some of the other boys that were going here this year.

Liam finally went to shift the conversation to what everyone was expecting for the first day tomorrow. I was probably going to be the most lost tomorrow out of everyone since I’ve never been to a boarding school before and pretty much had no idea what it was going to be like. I mean I had to walk all the way across campus just to get from one class to the other, and I still wasn’t exactly sure where some of those classes were.

I probably should’ve gone to find all of my classes earlier today so I’d know where they were, but all I ended up doing was realizing that I had passed a few of the buildings were I knew I had some classes from glancing at my schedule. I really just had no motivation to already start school. I figured out that I had a few classes with Louis and I had Liam in my first class and Zayn in another class as well.

Another hour or so passed and Zayn decided that he should get back to his dorm, and the rest of us decided to go ahead and get ready to go to bed since they wanted to get a good nights rest in preparation for tomorrow.

I was woken up the next morning to the annoying sound of an alarm beeping. The sound was piercing and I wanted it to stop. I put my head under my pillow and pressed it down on my head, hoping to block out the noise.

I was relieved when it soon stopped, but I was annoyed again when the lights were turned on, causing me to squeeze my eyes shut from the stinging of my eyes adjusting from the lights.

“Time to get up!” I heard Louis shout as he walked across the room.

I now more then ever just wanted to skip my classes and forget about this school. I knew it would probably be easier to ditch classes here then it was back at my old school, but I promised my mom that I would at least try to be on my best behavior here and follow all the rules and shit.

I knew that by now my roommates were awake and getting ready for the official first day while I was still in bed hoping that if I just ignored it all that it would go away. I was as convinced as I could be while I was half asleep, that was until I felt the covers being pulled off of my body.

“Time to start getting ready, Harry,” Liam said,

“First day at the academy, get excited,” he said, and I finally came to the conclusion that I needed to get up and ready.

Going to bed kind of late last night did not make getting up this early any easier. I didn’t see how Liam, Louis, and Niall already seemed to be so awake. I guess they’re used to waking up like this and at this time since they’d been going to boarding school for so long.

I was used to continuously ignoring and turning off my alarm until my mom came into my room and made me get up because I was going to be late, and I had soon just stopped setting my alarm and slept until my mom angrily came into my room every morning.

Now I had to hear the screeching noise of Liam’s alarm clock every single morning.

I went ahead and washed my face and brushed my teeth before getting a pair of jeans and a black shirt out and changing. I got ready quick so I could go back to sleep for a few more minutes until I had to go to class.

I probably dozed off for a little over five minutes before the boys announced that they were about to get headed to class. I got up and saw them holding binders and notebooks where as I just had my phone in my pocket. I noticed that they were looking at me weird,

“You’re not bringing anything to class?” Louis asked me.

“Do I need to? It’s the first day,” I shrugged.

Everyday on the first day of school for the last however many years, I’ve never brought anything and I’ve always been fine. You never need anything on the first day anyway. All the teachers do is tell you what supplies you’ll need, but will probably never use, and then they give you the syllabus, which I always ended up throwing away after the class.

They looked a bit surprised that I said that, but I just shrugged it off as I grabbed the key to the dorm and put it in my pocket as we all walked out of the dorm. I noticed a few of the other boys that were leaving their dorms were carrying at least one notebook or folder.

Maybe these guys were nerdier than I gave them credit for.

I rolled my eyes at how prepared these people here wanted to be. It was just the first day they needed to loosen up a bit.

Once we were out of the dorm building, we all headed our separate why to our classes, except Liam who walked with me because we had the same first class. I noticed a bit group of girls walking out of their dorm as we walked by. They weren’t as dressed up as yesterday, but I still didn’t see how they could get up so early and still have the energy and motivation to put time and effort into getting ready.

Once Liam and I arrived at our class, Liam insisted on sitting in the first row and even though I really did not want to, I didn’t argue about it and just sat up front with him.

Liam and I talked for a bit as we watched everyone walk into the class. Everyone had a damn notebook or folder and some people went all out as to bring a whole binder that was already filled, probably just with notebook paper and dividers. The amount of people walking in was becoming less and less now that class was going to start soon and almost everyone was in here.

An amused look came on my face when I saw the girl from last night and one of her friends walking into class. They were probably the last ones in here and they were trying to find two open seats next to each other so they could sit together. I noticed them sitting behind me and I resisted the urge to turn around and say something. I didn’t want her to think that I liked her or something.

Today she was wearing the same jeans from yesterday but in a lighter color and a light blue top with some pattern or something on it, and she had brought a folder and a notebook with her.

I listened to the two girls behind me talking about the class until the teacher got up from his desk and announced that class was going to start. He took roll and then went to his desk and grabbed a stack of papers.

“Who wants to pass these out?” he asked and when no one raised their hand I slightly laughed to myself.

“You,” I heard him say and I looked up and saw that he was looking at me.

“What’s your name?” he asked me.

“Harry,” I answered.

“Well Harry, I’m sure you will have no problem passing these out,” he told me and sat the stack of papers down on the table in front of me.

I decided not to complain and I picked up the stack of papers that I now knew was the syllabus, and I got up from my chair and walked around the room and handed one to everyone. I made sure to go to where that girl was sitting last. I gave one to her friend and then I walked right past her and then I waited for her to say something.

“You forgot to give me one,” she said a few seconds later.

“Oops,” I said and turned back to place one on the table in front of her as I smirked at her.

“Okay Harry lets move along now,” the teacher said once he decided that I had been taking too long.

I walked back to the front of the room to give him what was left of the stack of papers and then sat back down in my seat.

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