The Academy

Westwood Academy is known as one of the most prodigious boarding schools for girls.
For girls.
Not boys.
Every logo had the words "For Girls" printed with it, I thought that meant it was set in stone.
So why did the new building have a sign in front printed with "Boy's Dorms" in clean silver letters?


46. Chapter 46

Chapter 46

Nicole’s POV

The next morning I was dressed and ready by around nine, probably closer to ten though. Harry had hung out in my dorm for awhile and probably about an hour or so after he had left, he texted me saying that he talked to his mom and she was coming to visit for the next two days. I ended up calling him after he texted instead of just typing a response back to him.

He seemed extremely excited as he told me what his mom had told him. I was glad because at first he just seemed unsure of it all and now I could practically see the huge smile on his face as he talk to me on the phone last night. I was waiting for Harry to show up at me door because he texted me a few minutes ago that he was on his way.

I wondered if his mom was walking over to my dorm with him. He said she was staying in a nearby hotel that she arrived at early this morning so maybe he was picking me up before we went to meet up with her. It’d make more since for her to come here though since she had her car with her I assumed considering she drove herself here.

I had to admit that I was actually pretty nervous with the thought of meeting Harry’s mom. She seemed pretty nice, but who knows she could decide that she hated me. I wondered what Harry has told her about me, or if he’s really mentioned me at all to her. I finished up the bottle of water I was drinking and just as I threw the plastic bottle in the trash, I heard a knock at my door.

I grabbed my coat and scarf from where I had placed them on the couch before heading to the door. I was greeted by Harry who wore a jacket and a beanie with his curls poking out of it. I noticed how he didn’t kiss me or hug me in greeting like he usually did, but I figured he refrained from the affection because his mother stood a few feet away with a clear view of us.

I made sure my dorm key was in my pocket before I stepped out of the room and closed the door behind me. I gave Harry a small smile as the three of us stood out in the hallway. Harry soon began to introduce us, telling me that this was his mom, Anne. It never even crossed my mind that I hadn’t been aware of her first name until he just said it.

“And this is my friend Nicole,” he said to his mom.


I was considering pointing out that our relationship wasn’t just a mere friendship but I figured it wasn’t worth it right now, maybe it just slipped out as “friend” and he’d correct himself later.

“She’s been helping me with school work,” Harry continued.

Really, that’s it, schoolwork?

“I bet you’ve had your hands full when it comes to dealing with him and his schoolwork,” she said.

“You have no idea,” I responded, trying to keep a cheerful tone.

I tried my best not to let any of this get to me right now; it was stupid for it to bother me too much right now.

As we walked out of the dorm, Anne said that she wanted a tour of the campus since she never got to see it when she dropped Harry off at the beginning of the school year. I went ahead and let Harry initiate the tour that his mom requested, but he kept messing a few things up so I would have to chime in and correct him, other than that I pretty much stayed quiet.

I really hadn’t known what I was expecting when I met his mom but I’m pretty sure this wasn’t it. I was expecting the classic, “oh he’s told me so much about you” from her but instead I just get introduced as the friend who is helping with schoolwork.

As we walked around the campus a bit longer, I could tell that Anne was beginning to tune out of whatever Harry would ramble on about and I’ll admit that I did too. I took this opportunity to go up to her and talk to her for the remainder of the walk around the school campus.

“Are you girls hungry?” Harry asked, “Because I am,”

Anne and I both looked at each other before nodding in response to him.

“I don’t think lunch here is for another hour or so, so we could get on the bus and head to a restaurant,” Harry said.

“Nonsense, we’ll just take my car,” Anne said, and Harry and I both smiled at the fact that we for once didn’t have to take the public bus to go into town.

We followed Anne to the parking lot that was next to the campus walked with her to her car. Anne gave her son the keys so I figured he was driving, and I guessed that his mom might want to sit in the front with him so I opened the door to the backseat. When I was about to get into the car, his mother stopped me.

“Sweetie, I’ll sit back there,” she told me.

“No, it’s fine,” I rushed.

“It’s okay, really,” she insisted with a smile and slid into the back seat.

Harry started the car and left me with no other option than to get in the front with him. Anne started to chatter about how glad she was that Harry had finally introduced her to a girl, which confused me a bit considering he introduced us as only friends.

Harry told me that he wanted to go to the diner that we had seen across the street from the bowling alley, so I directed his drive there until we arrived and Harry parked the car before getting out, followed by Anne and I.

Harry and his mom really haven’t talked all that much to each other as far as I’ve seen and it made me think that there probably is some unresolved issue or argument that occurred about Harry’s behavior or something. Most likely having to do with the event of her sending him to a boarding school. I had really wanted to ask Harry more about his relationship with his mom earlier but I believed that I was probably bothering him too much by asking too many questions that related to her.

Other than that, soon I was comfortable enough to have full on conversations with Anne. Harry stayed quiet for the most part, chiming into the conversation every now and then though. His eyes meet mine every now and then and I almost felt like he was going to say something to correct how he introduced me earlier, but he didn’t. I honestly didn’t mind though once Anne began to tell me stories of Harry when he was younger.

“Mom, please stop,” Harry groaned and put his hands over his face, interrupting his mom from the story that she was telling me of when Harry was three years old and would always go in her and his sister’s closet and put their clothes on and run around the house.

“No, please continue,” I urged with a laugh and Harry gave me a glare and then a soft smile as he crossed his arms and huffed as his mom continued on with when Harry almost left for the first day of kindergarten with his sister’s shirt on.

The stories stopped though once our food had arrived and we focused our attention on eating. Once we had finished lunch, we walked around the city for a few more hours until it was starting to get dark outside. Harry offered to take us out for dinner but his mom said that she was ready to head back. So we all walked to where Harry had parked the car and drove out of the city.

Harry drove to campus and parked the car and we both said bye to Anne before she got into the drivers side of the car and drove back to her hotel.

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