The Academy

Westwood Academy is known as one of the most prodigious boarding schools for girls.
For girls.
Not boys.
Every logo had the words "For Girls" printed with it, I thought that meant it was set in stone.
So why did the new building have a sign in front printed with "Boy's Dorms" in clean silver letters?


44. Chapter 44

Chapter 44

Harry’s POV

The next day was the first official day of the break and Nicole and I almost had the whole entire campus to ourselves for the week. I was free to walk around campus with her without her worrying about if he friends might see or whatever crap she was worried about.

When I arrived at Nicole’s dorm and knocked on the door, she opened it with messy hair pulled back into a ponytail and squinted eyes. She looked confused, rubbing her hands over her eyes as she got a good look at me, realizing that I was here to pick her up to hang out today.

“It’s like seven thirty,” she stated.

“Actually, it’s eight o’clock,” I said and grinned as I walked past her and into the dorm room.

“Why are you here?” she asked and groaned as she walked back of to her bed and flopped down on it.

“Damn I thought I would get a better greeting than that,” I said and threw myself down onto the couch and folded my arms behind my head.

“It’s too early,” she said, her voice muffled from her head being stuffed in her pillow.

“You get up early all the time,” I reminded her.

“I know, which is why I was looking forward to sleeping in this week,” she said.

“How could you sleep in on a week like this? We have the whole campus to ourselves,” I told her.

“Not really, there are still people who stay on campus this week,” she stated.

“Well we have it more to ourselves than we did last week,” I retaliated. “

So what are we doing today?” she asked me as she finally hopped off her bed and lazily walked to her closet.

“I don’t know, I’m not quite sure where I want to take you yet,” I said.

“So why the hell would you come get me this early without an idea of what we’re going to do today?” she asked me.

“I don’t know, didn’t think it through, just wanted to see you,” I told her.

“You go get dressed and I’ll think about today’s plans,” I added on and she nodded as she grabbed some clothes out of her closet and went to the bathroom to change.

“You know you could just change in here,” I called out to her, she didn’t answer but I knew she was rolling her eyes at me.

I really had no idea where I should take her today and I wracked my brain for ideas.

“What do you want to do today?” I asked Nicole once she came out from the bathroom.

“Well first I want to get some coffee since I wasn’t planning on being awake right now and I figure I should try to stay awake,” she said as she picked her phone up from off her desk and slipped it in her pocket.

“Okay, let’s go,” I said, and I would just ask her again what she wanted to do once we got to the coffee shop.

We made our way across the empty campus until we got to the coffee shop, which was surprisingly open with a barista at the counter. I honestly didn’t expect anyone to be working there over the break; I guess they just have it stay open for the people who stay just like they did with the dining hall. Nicole and I both order a coffee and sit down at our table.

“So now that you have you’re coffee, what so you want to do the rest of the day?” I asked her just as she swallowed her gulp of the drink.

“Um, I don’t know, maybe we could go back to the cliff place?” she hesitantly suggested.

“Yeah we could do that, we could walk around more of that area too and see what else is there,” I said, adding on to her suggestion of how to spend the day.

We finished up our drinks at the coffee shop and then left campus in direction of the hiking area that I had discovered a few weeks ago.

“Have you heard from your mom about her coming to visit?” she asked me as we walked.

“I told you I’d tell you when I knew for sure when she was coming,” I told her, probably a bit harsher than necessary, but I was just tired of her bringing it up all the time.

I had told her before that I would let her know the moment I knew the days that my mom was coming to visit since she said she probably would.

“I know, I was just wondering if you knew by now,” she said.

“Well I don’t, I’m calling her later since she’s getting her work schedule sorted out so she can visit,” I answered, still with a hint of annoyance in my voice.

She doesn’t ask anything further on the subject and it’s now silent between us as we continue to walk. As the cold breeze begins to pick up more, Nicole decided to zip up her jacket and I went ahead and did the same.

When we arrived at the rural area, we take a different path up than we did the first time I took her here, so this time we were heading somewhere completely different. This trail was a bit more up hill, and after fifteen or twenty minutes of walking, I began to hear huffing from behind me. I slowed down a bit to let her catch up we probably still had a little ways to go so I hoped she’d be okay until then.

She shoved her hands into her pockets as she stared intently at the ground in front of her, focusing on her steps. We continued to walk in silence until I was able to hear the faint sound of water from a stream. I stopped and asked her if she heard the water too. She listened and then nodded and we started to follow the sound.

When we reached it, Nicole walked up to it and stuck the tips of her fingers in the water before pulling them back out and wiping her hand on her jacket.

“Is it cold?” I asked her.

“Yeah,” she said and stood back up from where she was kneeling in front of the stream.

I looked around at the field around the stream and I bet during springtime this place is really pretty. Right now though it’s all basically dead and the stream is probably as cold as ever. She walked a little ways away from me and found a line of rocks that led across the stream and I watched as she carefully crossed them to reach the other side.

I chuckled loud enough for her to hear when she almost fell into the water and she sent me a glare in return. I sat down and mindlessly picked at the dead grass as I waited for Nicole to finish up doing whatever it was she was doing.

“Don’t fall,” I called out to her as she crossed over the line of rocks again.

I noticed her roll her eyes at me as she walked over and sat down next to me, and she began to pick at the grass like I had been doing. I rest my weight onto my arm, which was almost pressed to hers, hair that falls from the messy ponytail she had her hair into were slight poking my face. When her eyes glanced down to my lips, she sucked in a small breath and looked away.

“It’s quiet up here,” she said.

“Yeah,” I responded and she noticed my eyes flashing from her eyes and lips and smiled slightly.

When my bottom lip nudged between hers, she reached a hand to the side of my face. The attaching and reattaching of our lips being the only sound around us along with the stream of water. When my hand gripped at her hip to encourage her onto my lap, she hummed against my lips in sort of disapproval.

“Come on, no harm,” I tried not to urge her too much, trying again to get my way.

I saw her biting the inside of her lip and when she rises onto her knees I helped her to put her legs astride on my lap. I could see the unsettled look on her face as my hands secured themselves on her back to keep her on me. Our chests are almost touching and I sit up with her, lips close but not touching as well.

“It’s all good,” I told her reassuringly.

I saw she was becoming uncomfortable so I just kiss her and lie down on my back, making her gasp as I pulled her down with me. Trailing my hand underneath her shirt, feeling the skin of her back. I could smell her perfume and felt her hands on my face. Her mouth opened a bit and I slipped my tongue into her mouth as her hands moved into my hair.

I felt her move above me, and I put my hands on her face only to create distance between us. Her knees are bent to hold herself up, and when I use my hands to push her down, her cheeks flushed as her chest pressed flat to mine, her body laid overtop of mine. I found myself running a thumb over her cheek, her palms being placed beside my shoulders to support herself as I had done. I cleared my throat once I realized what I was doing and I took my hand off her face.

“Don’t stop,” she muttered.

So I placed a hand back to the side of her face, bringing it down to mine to kiss her lips. I kept both hands on her face and her lips were much more forceful on mine at this. I stroked her cheekbones with my thumbs, my eyes closed as our lips moved against each other’s in a slow way that calmed me.

To my surprise her hand began to wander and slipped up the sides of my shirt, her lips not detaching from mine as she lifted herself onto her knees again to trail up my chest, my muscles tensed beneath her touch. When her lips leaved mine I place a hand in her hair, my breathing heavy as I felt her lips trail down the front of my neck, her breathing unsteady as she lowered herself down my body.

Her eyes flicked up to mine and all I could do was move my hands up to her hair to tell her to go on. There is a noticeable tremble to her fingers as she pushed the fabric of my shirt up my torso, my jacket remaining in place as she leaned down to press her lips to my abdomen. I rested my head back on the grass, eyes closing as I felt her lips go all the way up to my collarbones.

She started to lose confidence though, to my disliking, and pressed a final kiss to my lips before leaning her forehead on mine. Even though there was so many more things I wanted to do and I felt my patience fading, I let my eyes close as our foreheads stayed connected.

“Let’s go,” I pushed the hair out of her face that almost falls around mine from her ponytail, hands keeping it back as she nodded.

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