The Academy

Westwood Academy is known as one of the most prodigious boarding schools for girls.
For girls.
Not boys.
Every logo had the words "For Girls" printed with it, I thought that meant it was set in stone.
So why did the new building have a sign in front printed with "Boy's Dorms" in clean silver letters?


29. Chapter 29

Chapter 29

Harry’s POV

“Stupid,” I blurted out as I stepped into my dorm.

“See Niall, Harry agrees with me, you’re stupid,” Louis laughed and Niall threw a pencil at him.

I wasn’t going to bother asking what that was about but I’m guessing it had to do with some school things they were working on since they had their books out.

“I wasn’t talking about Niall,” I murmured as I walked across the room to lie down on my bunk.

“Yeah I know, so how’d the date go?” Louis asked.

I didn’t remember ever saying anything to him about, maybe I did, but if I didn’t Liam probably had. “It was fine,” I answered.

“Yeah because when a date goes good for me as I always blurt out “stupid” when it’s over,” Niall said sarcastically.

I heard the bathroom door opening before I could say anything else, “What did you do, Harry?” I heard Liam say as he walked over to us.

“I just screwed tonight up like fifteen minutes ago so I’m really not in the mood to relive it right now,” I told them.

“That’s fine, you can just tell me about it later when these two idiots aren’t here,” Liam said, referring to Louis and Niall.

“And when you decide you don’t want to do that you can tell us without Liam here to patronize you,” Louis said, and him and Niall both started laughing as Liam just rolled his eyes at me.

“Talk to me tomorrow morning,” Liam said, with a bit of sternness to his voice. Louis and Niall didn’t hear him because they were too busy still laughing.

I just nodded at Liam, and then lay back in my bed. I knew there was no way that I was going to be able to avoid having to talk to Liam so I shouldn’t bother on coming up with ways that I could try to get out of having to talk to him. I just really didn’t want to talk about it, what was I supposed to say, I would feel weird telling him that Nicole and I kissed and I stupidly thought it would be okay to use tongue, because I didn’t think Liam needed to know those details.

I had just screwed everything up and I hated myself for it. I just had to take the kiss a step further, I had known she wouldn’t want to, but I did so I didn’t think she I just did it. It had all just gone downhill after she had quickly pulled away.

Maybe I should talk to Liam about this because maybe he would have an idea of what I should say to her tomorrow, because I had no idea. I hoped that I hadn’t completely ruined things or that I hadn’t made things to awkward between us.

Maybe Nicole would just forget about it by tomorrow, it had just caught her pretty off guard tonight but maybe she would realize it really wasn’t that big of a deal. My three dorm mates all took their showers and got ready to head to bed. I was already in my bed and was in no mood to get up, I would just shower in the morning.

I didn’t bother changing clothes or anything; I just kicked off my shoes and got under the covers. I was starting to feel weak and vulnerable again because here I was worrying about the fact that I had kissed Nicole tonight maybe a bit to intimately for her liking right now.

I really should just stop blaming myself for all the things that I do that bother her. If she doesn’t like something that I do then that is her problem. I shouldn’t be the one in the wrong here just for doing something that I felt like doing.

According to Liam though, even if I didn’t think I really did anything wrong, I still needed to apologize if she didn’t like something I had done. I obviously didn’t like that, but Liam told me it was either that or just deal with whatever negative way she would use to treat the situation, according to Liam it was usually the silent treatment that girls used. I didn’t think this was all that big a deal though, so that’s why I needed to talk to Liam to figure out what to do.

When I woke up the next morning, I changed out of my clothes that I had never changed out of form last night and got into the shower.

After I got out of the shower and changed into fresh clothes, I walked back out to the main part of the room and saw Liam sitting at one of the desks.

“Niall and Louis went to breakfast,” Liam informed me.

“Okay,” I said as I went to grab a towel and rubbed it through my hair in attempt to dry it a bit.

I threw the towel into the bathroom and then pulled a chair up to the desk that Liam was sitting at. He went straight into asking me about how Nicole and I’s date went. Having me start at the beginning and then questioning me every few moments to make sure I had done everything he had told me to do on the date.

Even though Nicole might have some mixed emotions towards me right now, I had still done everything Liam had told me to do since he never told me anything I could or couldn’t do when I kissed her, and I was going to make sure I made a point of that when Liam started to get on me about being to intimate on the first date.

When I told Liam, he sighed in annoyance and ran a hand over his head.

“What did she do?” he asked me.

“She was just caught off guard really,” I told him.

“Did you apologize?” he asked.

“Probably not as sincerely as I should’ve,” I answered.

“And yes I know I have to make it up to her or whatever shit you were going to say,” I said before he could.

“Talk to her during lunch,” Liam he told me. “I know Liam, I know,” I said before getting up from the chair and walking out of the dorm.

I decided to just walk around campus right now, hoping that maybe I could find Nicole now because I really wanted to hang out with her and ask her to do something today since tomorrow we have classes again. Unfortunately though I never ended up seeing her so she probably stayed in her dorm or something most the morning.

It was getting close to lunch so I went ahead and walked to the coffee shop. I was there for about ten minutes before I really started to question whether or not she was going to come. I really didn’t see why she wouldn’t. Thankfully a few minutes later as I was looking out the window I saw her walking up to the shop.

“Hey,” I said to her when she sat down at the table.

“Hey,” she said, not looking up at me like she usually tended to do when she came into the shop.

“I don’t want to work on the review,” I told her as I saw her beginning to grab a folder out of her backpack.

She sighed and I was worried that I had irritated her she was going to insist that we work on it.

“Neither do I,” she said, causing relief to wash over me as she put the folder back in her backpack.

“Um, I just want to uh apologize for last night, I wasn’t thinking,” I told her and she just nodded.

“So you’re not like pissed at me, are you?” I asked, wanting a confirmation that we were okay.

“No,” she answered.

“Okay good, because-”

“I don’t want to talk about it anymore,” she told me, and I smirked when I realized that talking about this, me putting my tongue in her mouth, was starting to make her uncomfortable.

While there was silence between us I was trying to quickly think of something that I could suggest for us to do today, but I had no damn idea. I wasn’t sure if we could go off campus today and even if we could I wouldn’t know where to go. I was trying to think of some of the buildings I had seen over in the student activities area of the campus.

“Do you want to go swimming?” I blurted out of nowhere, remembering that there was a pool here.

“Um sure,” she said with a slight laugh, obviously not expecting me to ask that right now.

“You have a swimsuit?” I asked her.

“Yeah, do you?” she asked back.

“Yeah,” I lied. I didn’t have one but I would figure something out.

“I’m going to go change, meet me in front of the building where the pool is,” she told me before getting up from her seat and walking out of the shop.

When I got back to my dorm, I started rummaging around through my clothes, hoping that maybe I accidently brought a swimsuit with me.

Of course I didn’t though, hell I was even sure I owned one. None of the boys were in the dorm right now, and I contemplated going through some of their drawers to see if I could find anything.

I think I was looking through Liam’s drawer when I finally spotted a pair of swim shorts. Surely he wouldn’t mind if I borrowed then considering that it has to do with me hanging out with Nicole.

When I pulled them out of the drawer though I was tempted to just swim in my boxers instead. The shorts were bright orange with a Hawaiian flower print all over them. I cringe at the hideous shorts, but I put them on anyway.

I slipped on a grey long sleeve shirt and some flip-flops before walking back out of my dorm room and headed to the pool.

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