The Academy

Westwood Academy is known as one of the most prodigious boarding schools for girls.
For girls.
Not boys.
Every logo had the words "For Girls" printed with it, I thought that meant it was set in stone.
So why did the new building have a sign in front printed with "Boy's Dorms" in clean silver letters?


25. Chapter 25

Chapter 25

Nicole’s POV

Going to lunch the next day, I was still pretty pissed at Harry. The weekend was over so I was already in a pissed mood when my alarm clock went off this morning when I just was not ready to get up. Then the memories from the weekend flooded back into my mind and that just added to my not so good mood. Harry and I didn’t really acknowledge each other in the first two classes of the day, which we had together.

I didn’t really think either of us knew what to say to each other. I wasn’t even sure if he knew that I was aware of him staying in the lunch room instead of coming to the coffee shop, and if he was aware I don’t think he knew or cared if it bothered me even the slightest bit. I really didn’t want to make a big deal of it, but I was just frustrated by it. He could’ve at least told me that he wasn’t going to meet me at the coffee shop instead of leaving me hanging.

He had seen me just an hour before, and he could’ve dropped by the shop to see if I was there, which I was, and tell me that he was going to stay in the lunch room. I could see why he probably didn’t stop by the coffee shop, he probably thought that since I would be walking back to the lunch room with him that I would probably end up sitting with him.

While I wasn’t sure if I would’ve sat with him or not, he still could’ve thought that I would and he probably didn’t want me around his friends. Every time there was a situation involving him, it always left me confused and or frustrated, and I hated it.

So now that lunch time had rolled around, I wasn’t sure whether or not to go to the dining hall or the coffee shop. Harry never told me one or the other during class today, but then again I shouldn’t have expected him to. I just thought that maybe after ditching me yesterday he would let me know what the plan was for today.

I figured that either way I would just go to the coffee shop because even if he didn’t show up, I already had some homework that was assigned in some classes this morning that I could work on.

When I got to the coffee shop, I walked in and began to walk to the usual table I sat at. I was a bit surprised when I looked up and saw Harry sitting at the table already.

“Didn’t think you were going to show up,” I said, not looking at him as I sat down in the seat across from him.

“Damn I don’t come to the coffee shop once,”

“You could’ve at least told me that you were going to stay in the dining hall with your friends,” I said.

“They’re hardly my friends, I just met some of them. I didn’t know that I was going to stay in the cafeteria,” he said.

“Dining hall,” I corrected.

“Like it matters,” he said back and I just rolled my eyes at him.

“It’s just kind of bothersome when you kiss me that morning and then avoid me the rest of the day,”

“It was just a kiss, it wasn’t that big of a deal,” he shrugged.

“Then if its nothing to you then why have you done it twice in the past two days?” I challenged.

He sighed, “Look, this is all new and weird for me,” he began, and I raised my eyebrows at him for continue,

“I’ve never…I’ve never actually somewhat liked a girl before, its always just been messing around, no commitment,” he said.

“Great start,” I said sarcastically and then motioned for him to continue.

“I was planning on coming to the coffee shop, but one of my dorm mates had been teasing Liam and I, saying that we were both whipped by you and your friend, so I decided just to stay at the cafeteria, um dining hall,” he explained.

“So you ditched me because of your ego?” I stated more than asked since I knew it was true.

“Sorry,” he told me.

“I’m not sure what to do,” he added after I didn’t say anything to him.

I didn’t know what I wanted to say to him. I didn’t want to admit to him that this was a bit different for me too because my reason is completely different from his. My reason being I’ve never really been with any guys before and his reason being he’s been with a lot of girls for not that long.

“So um, Liam told me about this thing coming up this weekend where they let all the students go off campus if they want. So maybe if you’d let me take you somewhere, I could make it up to you, or something?” he asked very hesitantly and unsure.

“Like a date?” I asked.

“Yeah, I guess, if that’s okay with you,” he said, seeming unsure of himself.

I held back my laugh of how apprehensive he was right now. I knew this was probably uneasy and new for him so I went ahead and put him out of his misery and said yes.

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