The Academy

Westwood Academy is known as one of the most prodigious boarding schools for girls.
For girls.
Not boys.
Every logo had the words "For Girls" printed with it, I thought that meant it was set in stone.
So why did the new building have a sign in front printed with "Boy's Dorms" in clean silver letters?


19. Chapter 19

Chapter 19

Nicole’s POV

It seemed like every time that I’ve left a dining time for the past few days, Harry has said something that causes me to spend the rest of my time pondering what he said to me. Yesterday it was about him asking me to the party and today it is about him asking me if I liked him. Again I could probably be blowing what he said out of proportion like I had done yesterday, but I still did it anyway.

When he asked if he liked me, he could’ve meant anything by it. I wasn’t sure if he intended the question to be if I liked him as a friend or if I liked him as more than that. I couldn’t see why it would be that second option considering that we’ve only known each other a week it seemed a bit odd that he would be asking already if I liked him like that. He had asked a few times if we were even friends or not so I guess since I had said yes to going to the party with him he might’ve been wondering if it meant that I considered him a friend now.

It also could have been just some sick joke of a question that he asked to see if he could get me to say yes and then he’d make fun of me, claiming that I had a crush on him or something. His question could have had intentions of any of those so that’s why I was glad that I didn’t answer. I soon felt like I was kind of insane for breaking down his one question into all the meanings it could have, but I didn’t really care because it made me feel better for some reason.

I thought about maybe talking to one of my friends about this to see what they thought, but ever since I had made that big deal of how awful Harry was, I don’t really think it’s a good idea for me to bring him up again. Especially since what I had wanted to ask my friends about had nothing to do with Harry and I doing school work, and that was what I had claimed Harry and I’s relationship to be to my friends, purely school related.

I knew that was what I had told my friends I considered Harry as, but I wasn’t exactly sure what I really considered him as. I only met him at the beginning of this week, I hardly know him, so I couldn’t understand why I was thinking about him so much. I couldn’t have developed any slight feelings for him; I haven’t been acquainted with him long enough.

But then I thought about Liz and Liam and how they’re practically dating now and they’ve known each other for as long as Harry and I have known each other. I wanted talk to my friends about this since they seemed to be boy experts, but I knew that I couldn’t. After I had made a big deal about how I didn’t want the boys here and my rant about how terrible Harry was, there was no way I could go to them about any of this, and I hated that but it was my won fault.

I soon noticed that I had been walking back to my dorm awfully slow like I had been doing yesterday. Thankfully this time I had caught it so I sped up my walking pace and made my way back to the dorm building. I wanted to have Becca and Christina help me dress up a bit more for tonight, but without making it obvious that I really wanted to look nice tonight. If I made too big a deal of it I knew they would start questioning me and assume that there was someone that I was trying to impress or something.

It’s not that I even wanted to impress Harry at all; I just wanted to dress nice. But after his comment during lunch, I wasn’t going to dress too nicely. I soon made it back to the dorm building, and just as I expected when I walked down the hall, almost all of the doors to the rooms were open and girls were running back and forth between them with different pieces of clothing, trying to piece together the perfect outfit for the party that would be starting in a few hours. It didn’t shock me that they were already getting ready this early.

I was kind of surprised that they didn’t all skip lunch to get ready. I obviously knew that they weren’t going to go that far in having time to get ready, but it still wouldn’t shock me if they all did. The hall right now reminded me of the first day of school when we all found out that boys were now being admitted to the school. The excitement of the boys had died down over the week but now since we were having our first back to school party with boys, the excitement was back.

As I continued to walk down the hall, I dodged my way through all the girls’ running back and forth until I finally made it to my room, thankfully with the door closed.

Lucky for me, my friends didn’t join in on the excitement that was radiating throughout the dorm. They tended to keep their overwhelming excitement in our room. The good thing was since they had picked out their outfits yesterday, when I walked in, it was just the bathroom that was a mess as they tried out different makeup looks until they found the one they liked best.

“You really need to start getting back here earlier,” Liz told me as I walked over to my bunk and threw my back down on top of it,

“You’ve already missed so much,” she said.

“Like what?” I asked as I sat down and began to take my shoes off. Liz went on to tell me about all the embarrassing mishaps and fights that she’s heard the girls in that hall screaming over.

“Some took a top that Lindsay wanted to wear and I swear that the whole campus had to have heard her yelling at the poor girl,” Liz laughed.

After awhile, we began to talk about what we thought was going to happen at the actual party tonight, and of course she began to talk about her and Liam. I was thinking of asking her something, but I wasn’t sure what she would say, or if she would try to question me more on what I asked instead of just answering and leaving it at that. I decided to go ahead and ask and just try and avoid any follow up questions that she may have.

“How do you get a guy’s attention?” I asked her, and her eyes lit up.

“Why is there a guy you like?” she asked with a grin.

“Not really, I just-I don’t know,” I told her, and that was true.

I really should be dressing down to get Harry to not like me, but now that I had a feeling that he actually liked me, I felt the sudden urge to maybe present myself better or get his attention in a way. I’m pretty sure that he thinks that all girls are easy to get and I don’t want him to think that. And if that doesn’t work, maybe I could get another guy’s attention or something and get Harry I leave me alone. I wasn’t really sure what all was going on in my mind right now.

“I’m not sure really, I guess being nice could work,” Liz shrugged.

I was already on the wrong track then since I hadn’t really been nice to him. The more I had thought I was actually starting to like him, even just as a friend, the meaner I had been to him.

“That probably didn’t help much did it?” Liz said with a laugh.

“Not really,” I admit.

She then called Becca and Christina out of the bathroom and over to where we were.

“Nicole needs help getting a guy’s attention,” Liz blurted out to them.

“Oh really,” Becca smirked, “Does she now,”

Becca and Christina pulled up chairs and sat down next to us.

“Has Nicole finally gone of her boy hiatus?” Christina asked.

“Not really,” I told them. “You’ll get there,” she said.

“Are you going to continue to pester her or are you going to answer her question?” Liz asked.

“Oh yeah, you need to get a guy to notice your appearance first, so we’ll do your makeup and help you find an outfit and all that,” Christina said.

“After you get him to start talking to you, you need to flirt with him, keeping it subtle at first,” Becca continued.

“I don’t know how to flirt,” I told them.

“We’ll try and teach you,” Becca said, and then Christina went off to find me an outfit and Becca and Liz were trying to teach me how to talk to a guy.

We did that for a while until we had less than an hour until that party started and Christina insisted that I get ready. I dressed into the outfit she picked out for me which I was glad to see wasn’t too over the top. It was a pair of jeans and a really nice patterned top. After I was dressed, Christina began to do some of my eye makeup.

“So who is this guy that you’re trying to impress?” Christina asked me.

“I wouldn’t really say I’m trying to impress him,” I told her.

“Well there’s still a guy, who is he?” she asked.

“I’d rather not say,” I said.

“Oh come on,”

“Let’s see how tonight goes and then we’ll see,” I told her, and she just nodded as she brushed some more shadow across my eyelid.

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