The Academy

Westwood Academy is known as one of the most prodigious boarding schools for girls.
For girls.
Not boys.
Every logo had the words "For Girls" printed with it, I thought that meant it was set in stone.
So why did the new building have a sign in front printed with "Boy's Dorms" in clean silver letters?


16. Chapter 16

Chapter 16

Nicole’s POV

His words stayed in my head, “Would you like to accompany me to this party?”

What did he mean by that? I guess it really just meant he wanted to go to the party with me. It was stupid that I was over analyzing this, but I was. I mean our acquaintance relationship, friendship or whatever the hell this was has never really left a school related setting. If it were up to me I never would’ve said a word to him, but now if I didn’t it would affect my grade, and I hated that.

I really didn’t want us to leave our always school related reason of meeting up, but I’m not sure I wanted to say no to him. If I went with my friends, I knew I’d probably end up being left out because they’d want to drool over the boys or play truth or dare, which I found childish.

The atmosphere of the party was probably going to be a lot different this year though, everything was different this year. I kept think of ways that I could convince myself that going to the party would be okay. He began by saying since I knew the school so well that I should go with him. So I had been telling myself that he just asked me so he’d have someone to show him where to go. He had his dorm mates for that though, my mind added.

Maybe he wasn’t going to go with his friends for some reason or his friends didn’t want to go. I knew that reason was bullshit though; I’m surprised that Harry was even going to go. I had a feeling that he probably went to a ton of parties back at his old school I knew that they had to be completely different from a party thrown in a dorm lounge with simple snacks and games of truth or dare.

I finally had to come to the conclusion that he actually wanted to go with me, and that I might be the reason he is going. He could just be deciding to go so he could meet other people, but even I couldn’t convince my self to give that reason a second thought. Harry doesn’t give a damn about this school; he doesn’t care if he knows anyone here or not. I was over thinking this way too much and blowing it way out of proportion, but I couldn’t help it, this was just confusing me too much.

Wondering why a boy asked me to go to a party with him should not be that main thing on my mind right now or ever. I shouldn’t be thinking about it at all. It was only the first week of school and already I had let a boy get in my head and stress me out, making me over think things too much. I guess I just kept thinking about why he asked me since I’d never really been asked by a boy to hang out or go anywhere or whatever boys usually asked.

I just didn’t see why Harry seemed so consistent on wanting to hang out with me. It seemed like everywhere I was, there he was too. It was weird that he seemed to have taken an interest in me considering how different we were. Our background, our personality, our overall outlook on life was so different, yet he just wouldn’t leave me alone.

Every time that I would insult him or say something that would normally bother someone else, he was unaffected by. He would always respond with a smirk on his face or a sarcastic comment, usually both. Whatever I would say to him to try and get a negative reaction out of him would only backfire on me.

Any type of judgment I said to him he didn’t show it having any affect on him. Instead he turned it around and sometimes made me feel stupid for saying it because he seemed to have some sort of reason why it wasn’t true, or he would just give me a judgment right back without being too rude about it some how.

He carried himself so well; he always had an answer for everything. He would reply so smoothly, hardly even giving it any thought, he just always knew what point he wanted to get across. He was obviously well known at his old school while as for me it was obvious that not very many people here even knew my name.

That’s why I just couldn’t figure out why someone like Harry would to do something with me that didn’t involve anything having to do with schoolwork. Why didn’t he hang out with the people who were more popular and had more control that I did. He could easily get someone like Lindsay and hang out with her group. I guess that’s kind of what bothered me really was that Harry could basically surround himself with anyone he wanted to.

It’s not like he likes me though, and I didn’t like him, I knew it was going to be a matter of time before he got tired of me and my friends who have made it clear to him that they are judging him, but of course Harry doesn’t have anything to say to them about it because he doesn’t let it get to him and he knows that it’s not worth it to say anything or call them out on it.

Now thinking of my friends and how much I had gotten them to dislike Harry, I wondered what they might say if they saw me at the party with Harry. I thought about maybe telling them what Harry had asked me, but I already knew what they would say. Liz and Christina would probably tell me not to go with him, but despite the fact that Becca doesn’t like him, she would still probably tell me to go with him, and then a big disagreement between her, Liz, and Christina would break out. I was most likely going to go to the party with Harry, and I didn’t want my friends to see me with him after they pretty much would have told me not to go with him.

This way, not telling them, I could just say to them that he randomly came up and started talking to me or something if they asked. My walk from the dining hall back to the dorms was a lot longer that I thought it had been. I hadn’t even noticed until I saw that there was almost no one outside anymore, everyone had already gone back to their dorm. When I got back to mine, I opened up the unlocked door, and just as I did, a shirt came flying in my direction.

“Whoa,” I said as I walked in and saw clothes scattered all over the floor.

“I thought we were done obsessing over what to wear,” I told them.

“They’re trying to find a perfect outfit for the party,” Liz told me as I stepped over the clothes and walked over to where Liz was standing.

“The party is tomorrow, why are you finding an outfit now?” I asked Becca and Christina as they each emerged out of their closet.

“Because we don’t know how long it may take us tomorrow to find an outfit and get ready before the party so we’re finding an outfit now,” Becca said.

I was about to ask them why they were making such a big deal out of what to where this year to the party because they’ve never done that before, but then I remembered that they really had no one they were dying to impress in the previous years.

“Why aren’t you doing this with them?” I asked Liz since she had been frantic on what to wear on the first day of school when we found out that the boys were here.

“They’re still boy hunting, I’ve already found one,” she said with a smirk and I knew she was talking about Liam.

“Are you going to the party with him?” I asked her.

“Yeah, he asked me during dinner once I had told about the party tomorrow,” she said.

I wanted to mention that Harry had done the same thing, but I already told myself that I wasn’t going to say anything to them about that.

“Harry told me the other day that Liam likes you. He said that Liam talks about you all the time,” I told her, realizing that I had never gotten around to telling her that.

“Really?” she said and turned to me with her eyes lit up.

“Yeah,” I said, and how she was lit up and blushing like crazy now that she knows that the guy she likes, likes her back, I wonder how that must feel.

For some reason Harry came into my mind, but I quickly pushed him out of my mind. Just because one guy has seemed to have taken in interest in me doesn’t mean anything.

“What took you so long to get back here?” Becca asked me as her and Christina finally took a short break from trying to find an outfit.

“She was probably busy talking to Harry,” Christina answered for me, with a tone of voice that I couldn’t really decipher.

“What, no, I was only talking to him during dinner. I guess I was just walking slow getting back here,” I defended.

“Then why did I see you sitting with Harry at dinner?” Christina asked me.

“He always sits with me,” I told her “I can’t get rid of him,”

She just rolled her eyes at me and went back to her closet. Liz, Becca, and I all exchanged looks.

“What’s wrong with her?” I mouthed to Becca, but she just shrugged and went back to her closet.

“She’s probably just stressed about finding something perfect to wear,” Liz said.

“Yeah, I guess,” I shrugged and then headed over to my desk to get a head start on my homework.

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