The Academy

Westwood Academy is known as one of the most prodigious boarding schools for girls.
For girls.
Not boys.
Every logo had the words "For Girls" printed with it, I thought that meant it was set in stone.
So why did the new building have a sign in front printed with "Boy's Dorms" in clean silver letters?


13. Chapter 13

Chapter 13

Nicole’s POV

I was relieved when I woke up this morning and it was finally Friday. Fifth day of school.

So far this year was not going the way I wanted it to or I had expected it to. I was just happy that today was the day that the project I was doing with Harry was due so I wasn’t going to have to deal with him next week so that may lighten things up a bit for me.

We finished the project at lunch yesterday, and ever since I had to end up missing a class, I always made sure I knew the time. I had probably pissed Harry off by doing that though because probably every fifteen minutes I had asked him to check the time.

I told him that we should just work in the lunch room so we’d know when we’d have to leave because they told us, but he insisted that we work on the project in the coffee shop because it was easier for him and made him more focused or some crap, I didn’t remember what he said. Luckily during dinner the coffee shop was closed so I would never be late getting back to my dorm.

Maybe now that I could actually eat my lunch in the dining hall again and maybe starting sitting with some of the groups of people that my friends always sat with. To make my day even better, Liz and I were able to get up early and get ready quickly so we got to head down to the coffee shop for breakfast this morning. We both talked about how our first week as seniors went.

Unfortunately I had to bring up Harry a few times when we talked about this week since he was a main factor in my week, but since the project was due today, I told her how much I was looking forward to next week when I wouldn’t have to deal with him.

When I was done talking about that, she began to tell me about the partner she had for the project, Liam. I had to admit that I was a bit jealous as she told me how well they got along while working on the project. I told myself not to care though because I was trying not to associate myself with the boys here this year since I still didn’t want them here.

There would be plenty of time for me to meet boys and date in college. I found it pointless to do in high school when you’re most likely going to go to different colleges and so on. I wasn’t even sure if I would get to go to the same college as my friends, we had all planned to, but nothing was really set in stone. Now who knows, they may change their plans in hopes of going to the same college as a boy they met here who they might end up breaking up with in college.

I was getting ahead of myself thinking about all this, and I focused myself back on what Liz was telling me about Liam. She told me that she thought she kind of liked him, and she thought he liked her too, but he hasn’t asker her out, and she was thinking that she should ask him out. I always believed that the boy should ask the girl out, but Liz was usually pretty confident in herself so it didn’t surprise me that she would want to be the one to ask the boy out.

She asked me what I thought she should do, I didn’t know why she was asking me and not Becca or Christina who seemed more qualified to answer this for her. I tried to think of what exactly a supportive friend would say in this situation, because I wanted to support her, but I didn’t want to let on that I wasn’t so sure about her asking him out.

I mean I thought if a boy really liked a girl they would make an effort to let her know, but I wasn’t going to tell her that. I didn’t know Liam, maybe he dropped hints to her, maybe he’s too shy to ask her out. Liz and I talked for a bit longer before deciding that we should start walking to our first class of the day. When we walked into the classroom, I noticed that Harry thankfully wasn’t here yet.

Liz and I went to sit down in our usual seats, and I went ahead and got out the folder that contained the answers to the questions we had to ask for the project. I took it out of the folder and placed it neatly on the table in front of me, anxiously waiting for when the teacher was going to collect them so I could be done with this project once and for all. Just a minute or so before class was going to begin; I saw Harry and another boy rushing in here.

The boy who Harry came in with looked relieved when he realized that he wasn’t late, and I’m guessing Harry was just rushing in here to keep up him, he probably didn’t give a damn if he was late or not, hell he might as well skip class since he seems to have no problem with doing that.

Mr. Thomas went ahead told everyone to get their projects out, and then he told Harry to go around and pick them up. Ever since the first day, Harry has always been the one that he’s chosen to either pass things out or pick things up.

A few times he’ll purposely skip me like he did on the first day, but he had to stop the other day because Mr. Thomas caught on that he was always pass me, and he made Harry pick up or hand me a paper first. I honestly thought that was hilarious.

He gave me a smirk as he picked up my paper, to which I ignored and continued to look down at the table where the project was now finally gone. Harry soon picked up all the papers off everyone’s desk, and then after the teacher grabbed those, he gave Harry another set of papers to hand out.

“Now this packet that Harry is passing out is the study guide for the test that we will be having at the end of next week. It will be over the material we have covered this week and some new information next week,” Mr. Thomas explained to us as Harry placed a packet in front of every person he passed.

I heard a few groans coming from people in the back that obviously were not wanting to hear about a test already. I took a look at the study guide once Harry got around to giving me one.

“I strongly suggest that you work on this with the partner you were assigned with for the project you just turned in, however it is up to you how you go about completing this,” Mr. Thomas told the class.

I was about to flip out at first since I thought he was going to make us work with a partner, but thankfully he told us we didn’t have to. I wasn’t sure why this teacher seemed to enjoy group work so much, but in this class, I hated it.

He spent the rest of class going over the next chapter in the textbook, although I wasn’t really listening to his teaching of the chapter as much as I was just reading through it myself in my copy of the textbook.

Once he finished up, he told us we had the remaining six or seven minutes left of class to get started on answering the questions on our test review. Some people got up to move next to their partner, and some people stayed where they were.

“Hey I think I’m going to go work with Liam,” Liz told me after a few moments. I didn’t mind though since I figured she was going to.

“If you want I can ask him if he’s okay with you working with us since you probably don’t want to work with Harry,” she said to me.

“No I’m fine, you go work with Liam,” I said knowingly, it was obvious she was offering to me nice but I knew she really wanted to be alone with Liam.

After she went to sit with him, I turned my textbook to the first chapter and picked up my pen. I jumped when I heard a loud slam of a textbook being dropped next to me on the table.

“Mr. Styles!” I heard the teacher say from his desk, obviously not pleased with the scene Harry just made of putting his book down on the desk.

“Sorry, sir,” he said with slight laugh and then sat down next to me.

I tried to act like he wasn’t there, thinking that if I ignored him, he would go ahead. I really wanted to make a comment to him about how rude he just was, but I knew that it wasn’t worth it. He would probably tell me how stuck up I was or some crap about how this place has brain washed me.

“Ready to start working?” Harry asked as he flipped open his book.

“I’m not working with you for this,” I told him, “I’m not required to,”

“But we had so much fun working on the project together,” he said sarcastically and I rolled my eyes, still trying to get through reading the first question.

“You just want to complete this review with me in hopes that I’m just going to give you all the answers,” I said.

“For once your stereotyping of me is correct,” he said.

“Maybe if you would just put effort into your school work, doing the test review would be easy,” I told him. 

“Maybe you should tutor me or something, since I really don’t think I can understand this stuff on my own,” he said he said as he mindlessly flipped through the pages of the textbook.

“Don’t you have friends or anyone who can do that?” I asked.

“You’re my friend,” he answered.

“Hardly,” I said as I wrote down the answer to the first question.

“Besides, my dorm mate is working with his partner, and he wouldn’t let me join them,” Harry said.

“Why not?” I asked, still not looking at him.

“I don’t know, Liam’s working with some girl he likes,” he shrugged.

When he said that name, I realized that he was talking about the guy that Liz liked.

“Liam likes Liz?” I asked him.

“Yeah, I guess that’s her name. He hasn’t shut up about her for the past few days and I’ve just been tuning it out,” Harry said. I smiled a bit to myself since I was excited to tell Liz this new information.

“So are going to tutor me or not?” Harry asked after a few moments, breaking me out of my small excitement.

“Who knows, maybe I’ll become more like you, since I strive to have a check next to my name of people who’ve been brain washed by this school and programmed to think this is what the real world is like,” he said with fake giddiness in his tone of voice and I rolled my eyes at him.

“Meet me at the coffee shop during lunch,” I told him, and then got up from the table and grabbed my stuff just as the chime of the bell sounded.

I rushed out of the room as quick as I could so Harry wouldn’t walk with me to the next class. I really wanted to tell Liz what I found out about Liam liking her, but it’d have to wait. She’s probably still talking to him anyway. I couldn’t tell her at lunch since I had to go to the coffee shop. I thought I wasn’t going to have to do that anymore, but apparently I do. I wasn’t even sure why I agreed to help Harry with his schoolwork; he’d probably just going to end up using me to get answers so he doesn’t have to do any work until the actual test.

I didn’t want to work with him, but for some reason I went with it, and I didn’t know why I did, even after he made that rude comment that he always seems to make about this school. I didn’t like this boy; I had no interest in him, yet I agreed to do schoolwork with him in that coffee shop and at dinner for another week.

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