My first story :)

I hope you like this, it's my first story! :)


2. The argument

So here I am, sitting by my sister’s side, handing her a piece of toast with a smear of jam on top. I stroll to the kitchen and fill a glass to halfway with water, before returning to our bedroom and holding it out to her. She gasps at the sight of it. “Lorrie! When did you get that?!“ She questions me, 

“I found some work at the bakery,“ I say, “Only temporary though, this was my payment.“

“Well, then you have it, you deserve it!“ She continues,

“Thalia,“ I say, trying to keep my good temper. “I got that job so that you COULD have this water, so you can’t tell me you won’t have it.“

“I don’t deserve it! It’s not that I don’t want it, YOU have it! I didn’t work my butt off for it like you did!“ She yells, clearly not going to drink the water anytime soon, but I persist anyhow. “Look Thalia, you need this drink and I don’t understand why you won’t, so drink!“

“NO!“ She screams folding her arms, pouting. “And I’m sick of just sitting here, dying of thirst! We should be out there trying to stop all this, and why doesn’t anyone explore the depths?! If we’re gonna die anyway why not do it while exploring them just in case there’s water down there?!“

“BECAUSE NOBODY CAN STOP IT! And Thalia, don’t you even THINK about exploring the depths! They’re too dangerous! Now DRINK.“ I scream at her. 


The depths are big holes going all the way from one end of the world to the other, with small paths leading off them. They used to be filled with sand and rocks and hidden under the sea but when the earthquake all the way back in 2382 hit, it destroyed the sand and rocks. Soon after the sun started expanding, drying up all our oceans and drinking water. So that leaves us here today in 2947 with our dried up lakes and puddles of oceans, our desert plains where grand buildings would have sat, where now lie ruins of what used to be. 


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