My first story :)

I hope you like this, it's my first story! :)


5. A long night

I lie there, looking up at the stars. I remember when I was little, my Mother used to lie out on the roof at night, just lying there watching the stars. Sometimes, Thalia and I would join her, I would be on one side of her, while Thalia was on the other. Our Mother would hold us close and point out the many constellations in the night sky. I smile and think about how happy I was back then. I had a happily married Mother and Father, we had plenty of food, and my little sister was always there when I needed her. I need her now more than ever. Tears well up in my eyes and I turn in my sleeping bag to face my pillow. 


I must of eventually drifted off because when I awaken it’s 5:00am and time to get going. I yawn and climb out of the sleeping bag and sit by my fire. I’m glad to see it still burning. I take a carrot out of my bag and skewer it with a stick. Then I put it over the flames and wait for it to cook. While I’m waiting I tidy my things and finish the water. I check my watch and I’m alarmed to see it’s 5:25, I should have been gone by now. 


I check the carrot and it’s well and truly cooked. After taking a large bite and swinging on my heavy pack, A lump forms in my throat as I realise that I didn’t bring a compass. When I left, I knew where to go because I’d been there before and I knew the general direction, but now, out in the open plains, I have absolutely no idea where I’ve come from or where to go. I turn left and trudge along the dry desert wasteland. It’s a complete guess and I’m desperately hoping to find the depths right around the corner. But it’s not. After every bend, I’m doubting my decision more and more. Curse my poor sense of direction. Now I’m completely lost and I’ll never find my sister. I sink to my knees and scream. Now I have no water, hardly any food and It’s all been for nothing. I won’t last long out here with no water. Thalia probably took the compass, and she had her drink bottle and lunch box, but when all that’s run out… All due to a freaking glass of water.


I lie down, exhausted. It’s 12:00pm and I haven’t had water for 7 hours. I’m beginning to see the side effects too. A human being can last 2 days without water. What about a human being who has had hardly any water and then chucked in a desert where the sun is hotter than ever and there is no water and carrying an extremely heavy backpack.


The hours seem to tick away in slow motion. I’ll never be able to make it home with no water. It took me a full bottle just to get here. And I probably wouldn’t be able to make it home from here anyway. So I just lie there.


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