My first story :)

I hope you like this, it's my first story! :)


1. Chapter 1? XD

I wake up, dizzy and dazed. My mouth feels dry and raw as I swish around whatever little saliva I have left in my mouth. This is normal though, for some people it’s a lot worse. Ever since the sun started expanding, scientists have said that it’s drying up all our water. They’re right of course, I mean, look around! 


Slowly I drag myself out of my dirty unwashed bed and make my way over to my little sister’s bed. I smile and stroke her head gently. She looks so peaceful in her deep slumber, the dry cracked lips and dirty face seem out of place with her glistening jet black hair, her long black lashes, and stunning smile. The shortage of water has affected us all, it means we can’t wash our clothes or our sheets, though that’s the least of our worries, we can’t shower, for that would be a tremendous waste! But most of all, none of us are getting enough to drink. Well, except for maybe the high council of 6. They are the people given the task of keeping our village together, sure they do a lot of good by keeping the peace but they only care about themselves and get maybe 3 times the amount of water as we do! 


A lot of us have thought about leaving in the hopes of finding a better water source all to themselves, but we all know that water is scarce and our chances of finding it would be incredibly slim. Some of us probably could make it out there but the council of 6 make us too afraid.


By now Thalia has begun to awaken and I sit by her side coaxing her awake. I’m only 14 but when our parents died of overwork and thirst it was left up to me to take of my little nine year old sister. That was last year. Now she’s 10 and makes a point of telling everybody that she’s in double digits now. She may only be 10, but she’s got very strong opinions. About the council of 6, the shortage of water… Waiting around until we die of thirst like our parents…


It still hurts having her mention how our parents died. Last year when our regular water hole started to dry up they enlisted a team to scour the land for a new source in return for a small payment. Our parents were part of that team, trying to earn some money for me and Thalia to go to school. Although they didn’t have much choice anyway. Since the water hole was drying up, there wasn’t much water to go around and out there in the blazing hot sun it would have been torture. My parents collapsed to their knees, begging for a drink but all the council member did was shake his head and take a sip from his own, full bottle. That’s how they died. By a man too cruel to allow them a sip of water. By a man with so much of his own. One of my Father’s friends told me all this when he got back. Thalia cried for days when I broke the news to her, but I was just enraged at the council, my Father’s friend stopped me from doing anything rash though.


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