Kompenere's Hand

A sample of my poems from Hello Poetry.
I hope you like them.


16. Waving

She once waved white cloth but now,
Tears of blue satin fall,
As a girl who once smiled at life,
Cries with the pain of it all.

She once waved blue satin but now,
Drops of red velvet fall,
As a girl who once loved the world,
Sees the hatred that's found in all.

She once waved red velvet but now,
Rags of black silk fall,
As a girl who once had everything, 
Begins to lose it all.

She once waved black silk but now,
She waves nothing at all,
As a girl who clung to emotions,
Lets go to watch them fall.

She once waved an empty hand but now,
Another's pulls her inside,
As a girl who sat on the edge of life,
Finds new hope in another's eyes.

He let go of all he cared for,
Let it fall to the ground,
In a desperate attempt to repay the favour, 
That kept him safe and sound.

His hands now empty, unhindered,
He reached and offered support,
To a girl he could see had lost more than he dared to think of.

She accepted

He smiled

And both now wave together

Made stronger by fear and trust

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