Kompenere's Hand

A sample of my poems from Hello Poetry.
I hope you like them.


21. Bursting Through Empty Skies [Poem Adaptation]

When I am lost, I fly away. 
When I am lost, I escape. 
When I am lost I stay lost,
I treasure a moment so rare, so precious.
I run away with it, yearning for relief, a place with no boundaries. 
A place where anything is possible.
In that moment, all is clear. 

When I sweep through the air, no rules hold me back. 
When I twist and turn in endless dance, all pain is forgotten. 
When I burst through empty skies, there is no reason to worry.

I lose myself, 
my heart and mind and soul, 
lost in winds that swirl around me. 
No troubles weigh me down as I soar, 
higher, further, reaching, grasping for hope. 
A hope that stays with me, after my flight is ended.

A warm uplift, I climb yet further, yearning for love. 
Love that stays with me, for as long as I live.

A strong tailwind, I push on, travelling faster, accelerating, chasing after strength. 
Strength that holds me up, pushing against the weight of fear.

The wind drops, I glide, spiralling downward, gliding, surrounded by peace. 
Peace that no one else will ever know, but that dominates my heart.

When I am lost, I am free.

Her rags become whole again,
As an ebony dress, beautifully woven,
Wraps around her frame.

Her cuts close, her bruises fade,
The aching pains that were her life have gone away,
Never to inflame.

Her boundaries are long gone,
As now she dances alone beneath the cold sun,
Of her empty world.

Her death is far behind her,
Only a distant memory remains of Earth,
As her wings unfurl.

She flies, finally free,
But alone, her heart must freeze.

Rejected by his own mind,
Cast down to a lower plane,
All ties severed with hope,
All memories wiped of love,
All knowledge removed of freedom,
All hints unsaid of safety,
He falls, further, faster,
Wings broken,
Lungs crushed,
Heart stopped,
Eyes closed,
But just caught,
As he bursts through empty skies into her arms.

Alone they fall,
But with her wings,
Both can soar together,
Both get lost together,
Both are safe together,
Both escape together,
Both feel love together,
Both unafraid together,
Both can smile together,
And finally,
Both are released,
Both are free.

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