The Director

A diary that meant everything is missing. Who will find the diary and what happens?
It's the English translation of the Danish story: Instruktøren. Hope you'll enjoy! :)


2. Prologue

She went panic through all her stuff. All her shelves with clothes was emptied, all her books was lifted and removed. All the dust bunnies on the floor were blown away. But despite all her effort then she just couldn’t find it.

                      Her beloved diary was gone!

                      It was the worst-case scenario that in any way could happen to her. Felling like nothing mattered she dropped down onto her bed and ran her fingers into her long dark brown hair in pure frustration. Where had she put it? No one could ever get that book! That book was her everything. It was her best friend, her boyfriend and her family (well, almost). And all that because that book consisted of her secrets.


                      She sighed heavily and felt how her world slowly fell apart. Again. That book was who she was! Not just who everybody thought she was. That book was everything she was. It knew her like no one else. And now it was gone?! She felt like she would have to invent herself again. An impossible task which she had the rest of her life to solve. 

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