The Director

A diary that meant everything is missing. Who will find the diary and what happens?
It's the English translation of the Danish story: Instruktøren. Hope you'll enjoy! :)


4. Chapter 2

The director


It was late before he returned back to his hotel room. The room was neutral and kept in beige colors. How boring he thought. But it was often that way. Hotel rooms were different from one another yet they had the same sad likeness. The boring upholstery, the boring neutral appearance. There wasn’t much inspiration to find.

                      He put his computer bag on the bed. He stopped out of his shoes before sitting cross-legged on the double bed. Without really thinking about anything else he zipped his practically computer bag open and pulled his beloved MacBook Pro out. He loved it. He had loved it since the very moment he bought it. Maybe it was a little expensive but it was everything he in any way could dream of.

                      The Mac hadn’t gotten any scratches or bumps in the three months he had had it. Before this MacBook he had had the previous model that too had managed without any scratches or bumps. He took good care of his MacBook, his iPhone too but it had gotten a few scratches on the way. All by accident of course.

                      He opened his computer and logged on to it. He pulled the script, for the movie he soon had to instruct, out from his computer bag. It was a movie, boring as hell, but he had said yes because he hoped he could give that movie some life. In the time that has passed it had went okay. He had good actors, who also thought the movie was boring as hell, but the movie had to be made since it was ‘highly anticipated’ among the audience. So it had to be shown on the big screen. With ‘among the audience’ he meant the book the film was adapted from was a huge success. He didn’t get that either but maybe he wasn’t supposed to. He had read the book. It was well written and everything, the plot was there but still it was boring. To long-winded.

                      Before he planned on going to bed he had to check his e-mails and look at the schedule for the following day. It was his job and even though there were parts that were a bit tedious he still loved it. He loved the challenges. It was some of the best. And even though he had to make a lot of preparations to every movie then it was his life and he didn’t regret one single second of it.

                      His parents hadn’t exactly been happy when he announced he wanted to be a director. The first thing they had said was that it was too risky. It was only the fewest who really made it. What would he do if he didn’t make it? He had dismissed it and said he would be just fine. As in the moment he was making it. It was a nice feeling to be able to say that.

                      Next to being a director he had written several scripts. He had directed a number of music videos, most of them with a rather suspicious theme, but it had been educational. He didn’t regret making them. 

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