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In the small land of Lorcan Heights, sixteen year old Ebony Callister is only just finding out who she is and what the world she lives in is. When she meets her cousin Darshan for the first time, the freedom she once had is now gone. He has her wrapped around her little finger and she doesn't even Know...


1. Lorcan Heights

Mum, dad, Aleid and I sat down at the table for supper; vegetable broth as per usual. Mum was looking very solemn.

"Mum, are you okay?" Aleid asked.

"Mum is just a bit upset. Her sister Verity has died," dad spoke for her as mum gazed deeply into her broth.

I had never met my mums family except for my Grandpa Harald and his brother Herbert or 'Herb' as we called him. They lived on the other side of the woods working with the military. Mum rarely spoke of her family and had never told us of a sister 'verity'.

"We will be spending the whole of next week with my family over in Lorcan Heights and will attend the funeral," mum mumbled, still gazing at her broth.

"Lorcan Heights?" Aleid and I both said in unison.

Lorcan was the most peculiar of places; it was all in woodland yet it had everything packed in it. I had only been there once to visit Grandpa in the hospital there when he was seriously ill but mum had never spoke of any family living there.

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