Nico has been seeing a girl..But what does she wants than him???And strange things keeps happening to him.

But now,she is on Camp Half Blood,At the same time Jupiter Camp?!

Something is terribly wrong..But he can't fall for her..She is his sister,daughter of Hades..

What is he gonna do this time?Run again or fight for the thing he believe..?

Oh and,Will he be able to forget Percy?..

Will he be able to see bianca,again?

Will he be able to....

Love the right person?..


6. Questions

COMPETITION!!!!!!!!!!!! If you answer the questions right,than you can be my editor/friendie-writer of any story you want.Or I'll write an special chapter for that person. Rules:First one that answer wins. Question: 1-) What is Percy's full and true name? 2-)What's the name of game that Nico Di Angelo used to play when he was little?(Titan's curse) 3-)Who is Hazel's mothers name?(son of Neptune) 4-)What is 'SPQR''s meaing?(example: NYC-> New York City)(Son of Neptune) Wish ya luck!
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