Nico has been seeing a girl..But what does she wants than him???And strange things keeps happening to him.

But now,she is on Camp Half Blood,At the same time Jupiter Camp?!

Something is terribly wrong..But he can't fall for her..She is his sister,daughter of Hades..

What is he gonna do this time?Run again or fight for the thing he believe..?

Oh and,Will he be able to forget Percy?..

Will he be able to see bianca,again?

Will he be able to....

Love the right person?..


2. 《Chapter two》

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Nico looked at the fire with a poker-face.

"I can't believe I'm here..."he said,annoyed.Jason wrapped his arms around his shoulder,

"C'mon dude!It's very exciting if you try to look on the bright side."Nico pushed his arm away,with a face that says 'no-touchy'.

"Don't talk to me like Jedi.And what is exciting about sitting and eating marshmellow?!" he trowed the sticks that everyone gave

him that was full of sweet and yelled.Everyone looked at him.Half of them was sleeping.

"Nico,enjoy the moment." Piper tried to use her all power to use her power on Nico.Nico looked more annoyed,

"Even your powers can't make me enjoy this.."Leo looked at him confused,

"Dude,If you hate this,why the hell are you here?..." Jason smaced to Leo's head.

"What?I just told the truth,no body couldn't..."Leo showed the people that was trying to look everywhere but Nico.Nico looked at

them quietly.Percy dared to talk.

"Nico,It's not what Leo tried to sa-"Nico stood up and put his hands to his jackets pockets.

"I understand.."he walked away.He could just take two step until he heard her voice.

"Nico!I thought I was late,but luckly I reached.So what about staying a little longer?"Nico turned to his back scared.He looked

around and realized that others were looking at her scared,confused and suprised too.

"Nico,so you have already met with her." He heared another voive.That one was more familiar.

"Dad?.."He said.He saw his dad behind him.He was smiling.

"My son,long time to no see."Nico got angry.

"Why the hell are you here?She is one of your jokes?Take her and go back to your damn place!" he yelled.He knew that everyone was

watching them,but he didn't care.He had enough.

"Nico,you better be nice to your sister." Hades looked serious,this time.Nico stepped back,

"My..s-sister?.." He looked over Percy Jackson.He was very close to her.He killed Bianca...He had that anger inside again.He pulled the

girl behing him,away than Percy.

"Nico.."Percy was shocked.He wasn't waiting something like that.Nico turned back to his dad.

"You know,YOU could tell me that earlier too."Hades nodded.

"You are wrong,My son.I couldn't.Zeus told us that ru-" he stopped talking like he musn't said it.Jasen sighed.

"Let me guess,My dad blah blah new rules blah blah crazy Zeus blah blah" Piper put her hand on his shoulder.

"He is your dad at all..."Jason put his head between his hands.

"I know but everytime,he is the reason..."Nico coughed.Jason shuted up.

"Whatever.Nico,If I talked to you earlier,the suprise wouldn't be suprise."Nico raised his eyebrow.

"Suprise?"Hades looked at the demigods.

"It's okay fro them to see,too." He clapped.Everyone know was on the House of Hades.Annabeth looked scared.Nico knew that She

and Percy tried too hard to escape than here.

"Dad,are you sure that they can handle here?" he asked.Hades smiled.

"Try to look at them."Nico did.Than he realized that there was a aura covered around them.

"Oh.."When they all entered in,Nico wanted to turn into a shadow and dissapear.

"B-B-Bian-nca..."his voice came out shaking.He stepped to her but he falled to his knees.He kept watching her sister,walking on the

Tartarous along and like a zombie.

"Bianca..." he let the tears fall.He ran to the mirror that was showing.He punches it and tried to make her hear him.He yelled her

name over and over again.But she never did answer.A hand hold his shoulder and stoped him.It was Jason.

"Nico,calm down.."Nico looked at his bloody hands,because of punching mirror more than three.He looked over mirror again.

"All this time I have been searching her and..."He turned to his dad,"And you didn't even tell me that you could reach her?!"

Hades let out a sigh.

"No Nico.I can't reach her.It just a video.I had set cameras to some areas and I saw her walking than one of them a week ago.But

than she dissapeared again."

Nico nodded sadly.He wished that he could reach her,like a hell.Hades smiled as everyone (A/N: I have to warn you that

everyone on the camp is on there) looked at him.

"So,I have decided that It'll be the best for everyone to stay and wait for midnight for the suprise!" he clapped his hands and

everyone dissapeared to their own room.Nico sighed and walked to his room.

"Suprise,huh...." he smiled sadly, knowing his dad was trying to make him feel better..

"Thanks."he murmured.


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