Nico has been seeing a girl..But what does she wants than him???And strange things keeps happening to him.

But now,she is on Camp Half Blood,At the same time Jupiter Camp?!

Something is terribly wrong..But he can't fall for her..She is his sister,daughter of Hades..

What is he gonna do this time?Run again or fight for the thing he believe..?

Oh and,Will he be able to forget Percy?..

Will he be able to see bianca,again?

Will he be able to....

Love the right person?..


1. 《Chapter One》

I just finished 'The blood of Olympus'.And Nico was G..y?!I'm sure everyone thinks that.But I'll give him something that will change our sadness;


._. So I'll try to write it as I can,but there is lots of stories I'm writting now.I'll share them when I reach chapter 2's.

Warning:I may giving nico a girl,but he is still mine!@-@


Nico looked at his half eaten cheeseburger.He wasn’t hungry,but he was way too angry at his dad to pray him.He looked at the faces that wasn’t happy to see him.

“Why is he still here?”

“He is so scarey,who does he thinks he is?” Nico was used to this talks.

When someone new comes to Camp Half Blood,they’ll say, you are new?Great!Let me tell you Nico Di Angelo and her sister..Oh but she died!And stay away from him,he is son of Hades!! He wasn’t angry at them.Uhm…Actually he was,but he was trying hard to don’t kill anyone.

“You are not that scarey.” Nico looked at the girl that was standing next to him.Not again,he thought.He had been seeing this girl for a week and it was being weird.She wasn’t ghost,but not real too.She was talking with him a little bit,than boom! she was gone.

“I heared tonight was going to be exciting.C’ya on there.”she was gone again.Nico was worriying about the possibility that his dad was doing this.He was doing jokes and unwanted things to him,than feeling sad and asking him if he wants to decorate his castle.

“Like I’ll go..”he mumbled.He wasn’t that social types.He rathered shadow traveling than siting on the camp fire,and listening stories about how Percy Jackson is great,How Annabeth Chase lookes cute with him..He couldn’t stand the same things anymore.

He looked at the cheeseburger again.He really couldn’t eat more,so he trowed it to ‘bucket’.He was calling atlar ‘bucket’.He hoped his dad didn’t thought he wasn’t angry at him anymore.

“Shh!Percy Jackson is coming~!How handsome is he..” girls from Aphrodit gigled.Nico sighed.He was used to this kind of things.And he wasn’t caring anything about Percy-

“Hi everyone” Percy came holding Annabeths hand.Nico could tell that Percy changed his shampoo..Was it blueberry or-hold on,hold on!What was he thinking.

Percy walked cross Nico and sat to his table.His hair was looking extra-nice.And his eyes.His beautiful eyes…

Nico shook his head.He was doing it again.But what could he do about it?He was in love with Percy Jackson..That was one of his secret that he musn’t tell anybody.

He looked trough his watch.Maybe he should visit her sister,Hazel..He had nothing important to do and he hadn’t visit her for a week.She was a kid of Hades,very dangerous to leave along.

He leaned to dark corner and deasepeared in shadows,which made everyone scared,again.He was the only Hades’s kid,so they weren’t used to these things.Time passed very fast until he was on the outside of Jupiter Camp.He yawned,closing his mouth with left hand.

“H-Hey!Who is there?” yelled sentinels.He looked at them.Two of them stopped and looked scared.Son of Hades..

“Oh my..Reyna!”said the boy,running inside.Girl looked confused,holding her sword stronger.She must be new,Nico thought.

“Go away or die,stranger!”girl said yelling as she can.Nico smirked to her.She was definitly new.

“I’m here to see my sister.Not to fight with kids.” He said with a emotionless voice.Girl looked more angry than before.

“I don’t trust or believe you!”she said.She ran to him,ready to cut his body.Nico shadow-traveled next to her.She looked scared and more confused.Nico trowed her sword away.She stopped.

“Don’t worry,It’s not your fault for not knowing me..Actually,you are lucky for it..”he mumbled to her ear,which made her blush.He made a ‘tch’ sound and touched to her neck with his warm hand.She falled to her knees,knowing he had beat her.Not even using any strenght.

Nico walked away but than turned to his back and yelled.

“By the way,I’m Nico Di Angelo!” Girls eyes widened,”And you are?” Nico asked.

She turned to her back,trying to see his face beter.

“Ashley..Daughter of Minerva from fifth cohort.”She said.Nico sighed.She was daughter of Athena,just like Annabeth.

“Fifth cohort?Do you know Hazel Levesque?”he asked.Ashley nodded.

“Yes..I don’t know her very much,but I know who is she..”She stood up,not looking at Nico’s face.He found it normal.He shook his head.

“Can you take me to her?”He didn’t want to search for Hazel everywhere.This was way too easier.She nodded.


She pointed Hazel,that was sitting on the roof.Nico looked at his sister.

“She have been watching sunsets on here,crying and than acting like nothing ever happened.But please don’t tell her that I know thi-“Nico yelled,waving to her sister.

“Hazel!” She looked at her brother suprised like you have eggs on your face! look.Nico climbed next to her.Ashley just watched them.

They talked about something serious,that made both of thems face depresed.

“Okay,than..good luck on that..”Hazel said,hugging Nico.That was very scarey because Nico wasn’t kind of person that let people thouch him.He hated it.

“I’ll try it..See you later,I’ll visit you.” Nico hugged back to her.Than he jumped back to down.Ashley was already gone.He looked at the stars that was showing slowly.

“Time to go home..”than he closed his eyes and felt the wind trough his face,”but first..”

He shadow travled to the old chementery.He looked around to see what he was looking for.Tere wasn’t anyone,hopefuly.He walked to the grave.He putted his hands to his jackets pockets.

“Mother..”he started.He was really the worst on these kind of talks…

“I can’t find Bianca.So please say hi to her for me..”he waited.No move or any sighn from his dad.or any sound..

He smirked.

“Okay..See you later..”he walked back to exit.He looked at the zombie that was hiding on the corner.He waved hands,

“Hi Josh.”he shadow-traveled again,”take care of her,for me.”


Soooooo???I have start reading fanfictions about nico and some of them is really boring and ‘eww’.I think mines are not that bad,right?Hehehehehe…hehe..Right??!?

Whatever,I’m a fangirl.So problem? :D And I hope I’m not the only one that want’s to slap on Uncle Rick’s face for what he had done to Nico.

How my mum see Rick:A chilish author.

How my teacher see Rick:Just a Author.

How my friends see Rick:The creator of fangirls..

How I see Rick:The devil.The killer.Dangrous man ever.Ship killer.Selfish.

How Rick see hisself: I’m so proud to make fandoms cry!~

Isn’t this the real..?

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