Nico has been seeing a girl..But what does she wants than him???And strange things keeps happening to him.

But now,she is on Camp Half Blood,At the same time Jupiter Camp?!

Something is terribly wrong..But he can't fall for her..She is his sister,daughter of Hades..

What is he gonna do this time?Run again or fight for the thing he believe..?

Oh and,Will he be able to forget Percy?..

Will he be able to see bianca,again?

Will he be able to....

Love the right person?..


5. Chapter Five

Chapter five_______________ Heyoooo~ Did you listen Soldatino?It's like the whole story of Nico's life!I have been checking stories and fanfics about Nico(yea,I'm reading alllll of them *-* hehhehe),because I love di angelo. Wish he is real t-t than we could marry and get old together *.* Warning:If I owned Nico,than he would marry with meh :3 MUHAHAHAHA!!(Really..I would lock him under my bed and keep him there forever.) Question:Does any of my readers looks like Nico Di Angelo?( if you are,where have you been whole this time?!?!) photo one:http://31.media.tumblr.com/fe95fa3265684ccf7057219f75a76069/tumblr_muhofeIrOF1r8ve6lo1_500.jpg PHOTO two:http://25.media.tumblr.com/b3c4ba661420ff1a3f66110abb1b8079/tumblr_mi5wx5K6B41qg1e00o2_250.jpg ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ "Percy,let me look at him as well!" said a boy.Nico tried to hear better but it was like hearing under water..while drowning.. "Will,step back!M-My dude just tried to suicided his self...Oh my I can't feel his heart-beat!"Wait..He was death?.. "Can you guys stop fighting and focus on Nico!!"yelled Annabeth.He saw his self lying on ground,wet and pale..It felt strange to watch his self.He felt like floating..He saw his dad next to him.They both stopped floating and landed.No one did look at them.So they were invisible..?Cool.. "Son..It wasn't on this nights plan.."Nico crossed his arms. "It?"Hades kept staring the demigods. "The Suicide.."Nico sighed. "So did I died?"Hades smirked. "Would I let my best and strongest son die?" "Than..?"Hades placed his hand on his shoulder. "I'm giving you a chance.If you choose to keep living,or choose to die,leaving everyone feeling as you did when Bianca died.So lets just watch and see..."Nico nodded.Ofcourse he would choose to die.. "O-Oh my..Why would he do something like this..?" He saw Hazel crying.It felt like he was being smashed by thousends of cars.Frank was hugging her and trying to calm her,but he was the one that was crying worst. "I wonder why,too.." even Valdez was...crying?He was on his phone,talking to Calypso that was on a trip with Festus.He looked at Piper and Jason that was hugging eachother.Jason was telling Piper he will survive..But Nico knew the truth..He was going to choose death,no matter what they say or how much they cry.Even if Clarrise cried,he wouldn't. "Nico?" "Eh?" he looked at his new sister.She was looking like a ghost,more pale than before. "Uhm..Hi,..uh.."He didn't even knew her name!How could they be siblings?!She smiled. "Astrid."He looked at her,forcing a smile. "...Astrid." she suddenly screamed and hold her head between her arms.Nico stepped back. "Uhm,Astrid?Are you okay?"He asked.She tried walking to him,with a ill face. "Nico..The Ghost King...Help me..He is b-back..Coming for Hades's kids..Hazel or you..."Nico tried to calm. "W-Who is back?What King?What are you talking about?Astrid,tell me!" but she had gone... She used her last breaths to tell him that..?No way...But he couldn't leave her new sister like that.He didn't know her or want another thing,something beautiful like her,that he could lost...Hold on,Hold on!Beautiful?Since when did he care about these things? He smirked.Life was really like a joke. "I choose to damn living."He suddenly felt a pain.He opened his eyes and saw everyone.He could feel that his chest was bleeding.But ,hey!He was Nico Di Angelo.Son of Hades.Strongest Hades kid.This pain was nothing to him. "Nico!!!!Y-You are alive!I thought...I thought..I don't know what I thought anymore!!"Percy cried deeper.Annabeth smiled and sighed. Nico saw Will trying to clean the bleeding.He pushed him away,which he didn't want to but had no choice.He stood up and took his jacket from ground and put on,and his Stygian sword too.He runned his hairs trough his black,messed hair.He looked up, "Really?Really dad?You even see fucking death too much to me?"He made a 'tch' sound."Fuck you and this damn life." He was looked at everyone.They were like had seen ghost. "What?"He asked.Will rushed next to him and checked his eyes. "I can't believe.."Nico slapped his hand away. "W-H-A-T?" "Dude..You just fell down about a hundreds deep..And you don't even feel a pain or something?..."Said Leo.Nico hufhed. "Ofcourse yes.I should have know that this little thng wouldn't be enough to kill me.How silly of me..I should have tried pills or lava." Will slapped him on the face. "W-Will!What are you doing..?"Hazel whispered.She was worried about her brother.Nico looked at him on the eye.There was only a few inch to their face...Will hold him on his t-shirts neck. "You asshole!Try this or something like that again and I'll give you a lesson that you'll never forget.Get it?"Nico hold him from his t-shirts neck too. "Huuuuuh?What the hell are you talking about,sunny-boy?"They were about to fight.Will pushed him to wall.Nico didn't let it broke his wall-of-not-caring.He leaned to wall. "You damn little shit..I swear,if you keep this tough-boy act on,I will.."He stepped closer,slowly.Nico rolled his eyes. "You will what?"He suddenly licked his nose.Nico tried to push him away.But his body was weak..for now.. "I guess,you get what will happen next?"Nico pushed him away.Jason put his arm to his shoulder.He winked, "Since when and why didn't you tell me?" Nico slapped to his head.Jason fixed his glasses.He opened his arms,waiting for a hug. "Do you want to talk about it?"Nico yelled "No!No I do not!"( photo ) Eevryone gigled.Everything was normal,again.Like it used to be. But Nico knew that another war was coming.Now,he had to learn who was Astrid talking about and what happened to her..Or where was she...He promised hisslef that he wouldn't let them face with dangerous things again..It was his fight.He could solve anything,If he will do it to save his sisters. 'I'll save you,Bianca..No matter what or how long it takes..You know this too..But now,I have to save my new sis.I have to protect Hazel..' "Nico?Why did you do something like that...And a-are you okay?.." Hazel came closer to him.Nico looked at his sister.He had save her and gave her a second chance to live..She had done it perfectly.He couldn't dare to scare that hope away. He hugged to her,looking at sky.He hoped he would be brave as Zoe.. "It's okay Hazel,sorry to make you worried..Let's head inside." _________********************************_______________Inside_________*******************************___ Nico was the only one that was wearing his dark jeans and grey hoodie.His sneakers were on too.He didn't liked wearing fancy clothes.He had never too. Hades was on the stage,ready to explain the demigods why they were here.Reyna looked at Nico and smiled.He forced a smile back and hoped It seemed real.He didn't want to break Reyna like everyone did.She was a real friend which he wanted to protect that friend-realitionship as long as he could. "Dear demigods.You are all here for a important reason.Tonight,you are going to be the first that saws something happens like that.But first,"he clapped his head and lights went on Nico.Since he was on the corner,drinking a Monster,he looked diffirent,at the same time funny.Like the boy that suicided his self was gone.But he wasn't.He was waiting for a right moment. "My dear son!Nico Di Angelo,please come here!" He knew most of the demigods(actually everyone but hunters) was jealous of him.Because his dad was trying too much.He wasn't letting Nico slip away.He was answering him when he needed. He sighed and walked to stage,next ot his dad, with slow but strong steps.His bleeding was making it hard but he didn't let it bother him. Hades took a book and started reading something,magic spells nico guessed,on greece.Suddenly Nico started shining.When he opened his eyes,he saw everyone looking at him quiet.He looked and realized something was shining on his back,under his hoodie. He took his hoodie(A/N:*-* omgomgomgomg so sassy) and looked at it.There was a tattoo on there.It was a arrow and there was a symbol of Hades on it.He didn't understand what was going on.Which didn't last long. "For my son, The Ghost King!The first demigod that that powerful".Nico looked at him questioning.Hades sighed and talked, "You can sommon an skeletons army as much as your new powers lets.You can travel to dark Kingdom with shadow travel.You are the king now,by the way.Oh,and.." he leaned to his ear and whispered something.Nico's eyes growed bigger. "O-Oh...Thats good,isn't it?"Hades smiled.Nico put his hoodie back.He looked at his dad again. "What happened to Astrid?"Hades smiled.But said nothing.He only smiled. "Tch.."He walked to the corner,where was dark.Will stopped him.He was looking angry. "Good Lord,where the heck you think you doing?Shadow travel again?No way I'll let you.Doctors order" Nico slapped his hands away.So he had to find something that'll keep them busy.He slipped his fingers. "Ha-Ha,Whoops!My fingers slipped"( photo ) Ground started shaking as an army of zombie got out.He walked to the w-corner back and smirked to the everyone.Will yelled at him.Nico turned to Hazel and smiled. "Be careful,sis.You can't know what time they'll come to hunt us.."He smiled once more. "I can't promise coming back alive..But I promise you'll stay alive,no matter what..Goodbye,Hazel..Frank,you better protect her."Than he left. Nico Di Angelo was gone..But to where? ___________________________________________________________________________________________ Muahahhaha >:D I really LOVE cliffhangers a lot.I understand why Rick loves them that much!.. Uhm my life?It's very bad,as usual.But people are too stupid to understand that smiling doesn't means you are happy.But, nahhhh,I don't even care what happens anymore. -yourdamnwriter-love ya
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