Nico has been seeing a girl..But what does she wants than him???And strange things keeps happening to him.

But now,she is on Camp Half Blood,At the same time Jupiter Camp?!

Something is terribly wrong..But he can't fall for her..She is his sister,daughter of Hades..

What is he gonna do this time?Run again or fight for the thing he believe..?

Oh and,Will he be able to forget Percy?..

Will he be able to see bianca,again?

Will he be able to....

Love the right person?..


7. Chapter 6

Chapter six 6:

Hi~~I wonder will anyone answer the questions?..Nope?Okay...

I fighted with my friends that they said they find P.J.O. un-needed and they were a hater.So ofcourse I started to argue with them!I'm a demigod,It's my job.And know,I'm so angry that I opened my laptop and started writing-listening 'p.j.o. forever' list.-checking viria's drawings-hugging 'carrot'(my big toy rabbit.).

Dear god-Why there is too much un-needed person on life?Why?

WARNING:Uncle rick ownes.And kills.

Question:Should I make a place for 'the ghost king' character chats-songs-question asking part?If ya say yes,than I'll!!! 

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NOTE::::In here,Nico didn't told Percy he was inlove with him.And This is after the books.

Song:Bruno Mars-Count on me



media2: http://media.tumblr.com/e2527692ee1299af8d86bbe7c71ca5c0/tumblr_inline_muyw7cbKYD1qf7gpu.png



Rachel walked to Percy's cabin.He wanted to check on him.Because he had been acting strange.It all started strange too.

After the day they came back from Tartarous,he was asking everyone that was close to Nico,if they knew what was wrong.But there was few person-Reyna,Will,Jason,Valdez and Hazel- and they didn't knew anything too.But Jason.He ran away than Percy when he forced him to tell.

Rachel saw Piper on the way.Maybe she could trow her own responsibility of checking percy to her.

She didn't want to because whenever someone came to check on him,he would start screaming and yelling,treatining,cursing or sometimes it could even go to control the lake and treaten them to kill.He wasn't his-self.When he was along,all he saying was 'Cupid' or 'Artemis'.No one knew what was he talking about.


"Rachel?"She ran next to her and smiled.'Sorry-but don't wanna mess with Percy' she thought.

"Oh,yes,I was wondering if you could go check on Percy?" Piper looked at her questioning.

"Why would I do that Last time I checked I wasn't thirsty to my dead."

"I know,But I have to talk Will about my broken leg,and I don't want to break it worse."

She was right.Last time she went to check on Percy,it enden up her  being with broken leg.Piper sighed but smiled bitterly.

"Okay,okay.Say hi to Will for me."She said than made her way to Poseidon cabin.

*knoc knock*

"WHO THE HELL IT IS AGAIN?!?StOP ChECKINg ME!!!I swear if you keep doing this,rachel-"

"It's not rachel."Percy looked to his back and took a deep breath.

"H-Hi Pipes..What took you here?"Piper smiled,

"Nope.Nothing.Just wanted to look at you if you are still alive."

"Last time I checked,I was."Percy laughed.Piper looked at the walls of room.(media1)


Wall was full of photos,articles,notes,book pages.About cupid,Artemis,Nico Di Angelo's reliation ship with Jason,Hades,death.

Piper looked at him questioning.

"Stop looking at me like I'm insane,Pipes.I have rights for...the wall."Piper raised her eyebrow.

"Maybe..Percy,tell me.What's going on?"She asked.Percy walked away than his chair to window.

"You won't understand."He said.Piper sighed.She didn't want to use her charmspeak.But he leaved her no choice.

"Percy.Tell me what's going on."she said.Since the big war,she had learn to use her charmspeak more strong.

Percy looked at her with empty eyes.

"After coming Tartarous,I saw a nightmare.Cupid was there...Artemis and Nico too.."He said mumbling.

"Tell me your nightmare."Piper asked this time.

"N-Nico was walking on the street bleeding..He was loosing blood..Too much blood.He stopped and sat down,leaning to wall.He was taking deep breathes and cursing.Than I saw Cupid.He was smiling and walking closer to Nico.He was smiling like a devil.

"I guess thats the end Nico Di Angelo."said Cupid.Nico kept taking deep breathes.Cupid sat beside him and forced his him to look at him.

"Dear Percy isn't here to save you.."He said.

I to save him,but I couldn't...Than Cupid raised his sword up.I understood that he was going to kill Nico..I waited Nico to took his sword and fight.But than I saw that his sword wasn't there.Suddenly Artemis came and stopped Cupid.She said that 'They' need him alive.After the job was done,he could kill Nico.

Than scene changed..It was a dark room.I saw Nico tied to a chair,shirtless.He was covered in his own blood and burns...He was about to die if he wasn't Nico."Percy took a deep breath.


"Than Cupid came.There was a table that was full of whipes,knifes,ropes,swords,arrows..Piper,

Anything that can hurt.Than he took a sword and..and.."

Percy fell too his knees and tears roled than his eyes.

"I couldn't do anything,Piper.He was dieng and all I could do was watching.."Piper gave a friendly hug to him.

"That's okay Percy.We'll find him.I promise..."she whispered.



---------------*After Dinner and after Piper and he tells everything on campfire-Sea side/beach*--------------

Percy looked and saw Jason there.(media2)He smiled.Jason won't be able to run this time.

He pushed him to sea and hold his arm.

"What the?!Percy-y?!"He used his powers and told sea to take them to a undersea cave.He didn't forget to tell they need air.


----------------*Timeskip-they made to cave,after Jasons curses and yells*-------------------


"You,You are a very stubborn person!"He yelled to Percy.Percy looked at him pleasing.

"Please tell me!I need to know,or I can't help Nico to fight!Please!"he begged.Jason looked down.He was caring about Nico..

"Okay..But don't tell Nico that I told you..Or else,he will kill me."Percy promised on Styx.

"Percy..N-Nico..He..I mean,he..."Percy raised his eyebrow.Jason sighed.

"He is inlove with you.It was the reason he ran away than camps..He tried to hate you,he really did but he couldn't.He hated hisself for not hating you...He..He loves you too much.."

Percy looked at him shocked.Jason told him what happened when they met with Cupid.

"He is about to die..Because of me.."He said.Jason hold his arm,

"No,Percy.It's noones fault.We will save him.Okay?"Percy nodded.

"But,after it,since you know his feelings..If you ever hurt him with showing your love of Annabeth to his eyes or break him..I will hurt you Jackson."He said.Percy smiled.

"I promise that I won't hurt him Grace.I will never."




So???How was it?I made this a little little little percico/pernico :D but I won't still tell who will Nico love at the end.


Oh and-winter holiday is next week!So this means more update!And homework...they will kill us...

-your very damn-holiday loving-unsocial-author that must learn how to be social.


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