The Opening Act

These four boys were chosen to go on tour with 1D let's see what adventures they have along the way, seeing how 1D acts just around each other, they should be in for a crazy ride!


1. Chapter 1~Finding An Opening Act

Liam Payne's P.O.V.

"What're we gonna do lads? Our opening act just cancelled on us."I say. "Well at least they did it in advance Liam!" Louis sassily says. "Louis since they cancelled in such advance why don't you find us another opening act?" I say. "Fine I will. Harry would you like to help me?" Louis says. "Sure me and Niall will" Harry says. Niall turns red and looks a bit uneasy. "Nialler you okay mate?" I say. "I'm fine just, too many cooki- he's cut off by puking up whatever was left in his stomach on the ground. "Better now" Niall says. "Ugh Niall go brush your teeth and then we'll start looking for a new opening act." Louis says.*3 hours later of web searching*


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