Outlast: Mr Gluskin's Bride

Heh, heh, Aldrin...


1. Author's Note

Outlast: Whistleblower

Need I say more?

The DLC was creepier than the actual game. It used some of the most horrifying ideas I have ever seen. So much so, a certain Aldrin Shadownight refused - outright - to watch it being played, and instead agreed that I could spoil it for him.

I wonder if you're regretting that right about now, dearest nephew.

This isn't at all original work, just me describing exactly what happened at a few points in the game, so I don't even know if this is legitimate as a story. I left out the most gruesome scene because... because no-one deserves to experience that.
But anyway horror is just not my genre so as well as accepting a challenge, I am experimenting. I know I've already done one one-shot Outlast scene, but I wanted to express more than just fear.
Fear, in itself, is a very difficult emotion to induce into writing, I think.
Like, how do you make someone so god-awfully terrified after reading something?

And I think that's a problem with a lot of horror material these days - that directors and producers and game-makers are so... focused on scaring the living crap out of their audiences, that they forget or ignore the importance of depth, of other emotions?

In Outlast (the actual game), there was one moment of depth - if you've played it, you'll be able to recall: that one patient, sitting in a burning room and he's telling you how he had to burn it after everything the asylum did to them, how no-one cares about “a few forgotten” lunatics? That was the only moment where I felt something other than... disgust?
I don't know, what that guy said just touched me - he was saying what I was feeling about the whole set-up: How can you make sick people - the kind of sick that needs to be treated - into villains and not even, like, mention that it's not entirely their fault?

I think the makers really, really cleared that up in Whistleblower. I mean, yes, it's still boundarylessly gruesome, but it was more than just trying to scare you. And the ending was also so much better.

Don't read this if you want to check it out for yourself, I'll leave a cutscene video if I can find one, or the first part of a walkthrough - if you guys want to check it out. I literally watched the whole thing in one go at night with headphones xD. It's scary. Scarier than the actual game. But fun. I had forgotten how fun it was to be scared by something that can't really hurt you.

Content Warning:
Expect scenes containing
•Foul language
Am I missing something...?
Woah, just read that over... Should I make this Red? Someone advise me, but I'll leave it on Yellow for now.

Don't watch it if you scare easily.
Seriously, for the sake of your own... sanity, I guess - if extreme horror movies freak you out:
Do not play or watch Whistleblower.
Whistleblower freaked me out - and I can confirm, I don't scare easily.

But other than that: Enjoy!
Especially you, Aldrin.

~Rogue xxx
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