The boys above us

Sydney is just a band obsessed geek who doesn't have many friends. only a few close ones like Anya. Their whole life they planned to move to Sydney, Australia on Sydney's 18th birthday. No say to their families. Just left in the middle of the night. When they move into their apartment, loud music annoys them from above. "It's all gonna be okay. life will be so much better here." Sydney says. "I hope you're right."


1. Leaving

Sydney's POV

It was the day before my 18th birthday. My last day of school. My last day of living the nightmare I call my life. With Satan's family I call my Mom, Sister, and my Mom's boyfriend. With a person I hardly know, knowing everywhere I am (My dad). I haven't talked to my dad in years. But somehow. I always manage to get through the day. My best friends Anya, Abby, and Lexi pushing me along. So my life doesn't seem too bad. I have friends. I'm 17. I have freedom. an education. Well. there's more. My whole life I have been bullied. Never knowing who my real friends are. But today was my day. Our day. The day Anya and I get away from it all. And be who we want. Not who anyone else wants us to be. And personally, I have no problem leaving. Well only one. Abby and Lexi can't come.

Anya's POV

Today's the day. I can't believe it's final here. I get to leave. Leave the horror. Leave all the bad memories. But I get to stay with my best friend. Which is the best part. It's the last day of school for us too. I could have left in January. cause that's when I turned 18. But I wasn't going to leave Sydney here alone. So I sucked it up for two more months. Till she could do whatever she wants too. Till we are both free. My grades have always been fine. A's and B's. Sydney's used to be the same. Until she just, didn't care anymore. Her grades started to drop. And she just had to keep them up enough so she could pass. Which was really hard for her so I helped her. a lot. Whenever we could be, we were together. Singing. Obsessing. and inbetween I always found a way to help her with her homework. just so she could pass. She always got upset then. So when she couldn't deal with the homework thing anymore we just took a break.

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