The Music's For The Sad People.


1. Chapter one.

When I was a kid I never actually thought my life would plan out the way it is now; depressed, late nights til' three in the morning, and lonely days. If anything, when I was a kid I believed that I would become a teacher or an astronaut, happily doing my day-job while being a wife to an amazing husband throughout the rest. Life never turns out by what it seems- and life-lesson learned, never believe what people say to you about your future because it's only you that can plan that one out. 

My thoughts consist of the same repeated words just as I pull my car to a halt outside my new apartment. The walls white and fresh, allowing me of a moment to realize that this can be a new start for me. My fingers slide to grip the door handle as I push the heavy metal open and step out of the small and poorly cared for car, as I look up at the gateway to my new life. 

It's a little deep, I know, but you just don't know how long I've been waiting to get away from that small little village I've had to call home for so many years. The town that I was so sick of walking around in, seeing the same faces that I've prayed never to see again, the words paining straight through the walls of my ribs and piercing the heart- crying me to sleep endless nights. The torture of the abuse I faced from my parents made days seem worthless each day, pushing me further away from that place I used to believe was my safe haven as a child.

I grab the envelope which holds my keys to the flat, along with some little notes and payment details from the land owner. I kick a stone with my vans as I move around to the boot of the car to grab a box or two to take up to the flat. I hadn't realized how many boxes I had packed until I noticed that it's going to take more than at least five trips up and down in the elevator, my flat being inconveniently on the fifth floor. 

Two boxes stacked upon one another, I pushed the boot of the car closed and had my keys at the ready as I walked up the several concrete steps to the doors of the apartment block. Pressing the buttons of the code, the door opens and welcomes me to a warm and freshly painted smelling entryway. Careful not to drop the boxes, I had shifted through the small opening towards the elevator realizing that the simple task of carrying boxes became a much more harder job than I expected. 

"Need a hand, love?" A deep and seemingly angelic voice of a stranger spoke behind me. 

I quickly turned, accidently allowing the top box to slide off of the bottom and hit the ground with a harsh thud. I sighed, closing my eyes and bending down to retrieve the box. Luckily it was only filled with clothes. 

"It's okay, I've got it." The man cut my actions off by grazing his hand against mine while picking up the box. 

I looked up at him in silence, the warmth of his hand sending something pure through my vains. His eyes, an emerald green, stared back at mine while his lips held a gentle smile. His hair, out-grown and lushful, while his clothes hung snug to his tall frame. The smell of his aftershave lingered around him as the rumble of his chest released a chuckle. I blinked a few times and met my eyes with his once again. 

"I'm guessing you've just moved in, I'm Harry." 

My mind wanting to blast a 'wow you're gorgeous' past my lips but never occurred, my mouth left agape became dry as I mustered for some coherent words to break the awkward silence I've made. Typical. 

"Don't you talk?" He chuckled again. 

"I'm uh- I'm Clara" I smiled meakly

Harry smiled, his eyes flicked from mine to above my shoulder. He nudged his head upwards before speaking out, "Aup mate, meet Clara. She's just moved in." 

I spun my head round to see whom Harry had greeted me to. A blonde haired- no, a once brunette but now blonde, was walking up towards us. His hands tightly gripped his phone, wallet, and his keys while his other hand swung by his side. Light washed tight jeans hugged his waist and below nicely as a loose sweater clung to his torso. His smile, bright and welcoming greeted me as I returned the gesture. 

"Hi." I said.

"Hey, I'm Niall." The blonde held out his hand, awaiting to shake mine. 

I shook the man's hand before Harry spoke up, "Where you off?" His eyebrows furrowed together, questioning his friend's departure. 

Niall side-stepped around us as he headed for the door, while looking back at us without trying to be as rude as it seemed. "I'm off to pick up Lil, it's alright for her to stay tonight, right?" 

As I looked at Harry he had seemed to be overwealmed by the idea, a little blown out of the blue as if it was too quick to understand. "Uh, I guess so. Just keep it down, yeah? I've got work I need to do." Harry shook his head, more to himself than to Niall.

"Alright, cheers. See you later, bye Clara." Niall waved as he pushed open the heavy door, head turning both ways as he jogged down to his car.

I looked back to Harry, his eyes still fixed on the door as it slowly closed. "You seem a little surprised that your friend's bringing her back." I lightly pressed with a gentle laugh.

"Uh, yeah, me and her aren't exactly on speaking terms." Harry's eyes continue to fix upon the door as he watched his friend leave the car park. "Anyway, let's get these boxes into your apartment before it gets dark." 

Harry pressed the button of the elevator and stood beside me with the one box in hand while we waited for the doors to open. As the doors open, metal mesh was pried apart by Harry's hand as we stepped into the elevator.

"It's kinda like the one in Titanic." I confirmed, looking around the small confinement. 

Harry chuckled, "I know, right? It's pretty cool." 

By the time the elevator reached my level, I pulled out the keys from the envelope and unlocked the door. Harry allowed me to enter first, and so I walked in and placed the box down in the hallway. My eyes scanned each door, before I wandered off into the kitchen/living-room area. 

"Woah, it's beautiful. Well, obviously it needs a little paint and stuff but it's great." I spoke quietly, forgetting that Harry followed me shortly behind. 

"It's totally different to my apartment." Harry looked around, "Well, everything's the other way around for me." 

"Really?" I turned around and looked at him before I made my way over to the light-switch to turn on the lights. 

"Yeah." He confirmed, "Oh, where do you want me to put this?" 

I looked to see him still holding the box, I smiled as I walked over to him to retreave the box and place it on the kitchen side. "Thanks." 

After about thirty minutes of carrying boxes from the car up to the apartment, Harry and I were finally done and sat crossed legged on the couch while we chose what kind of pizza we would order. We had decided that since I was new to the area that we would celebrate on my arrival to the city of London, and by celebrate we can all understand that pizza is key.

"So, how come you moved out alone? Wouldn't you have wanted to share an apartment with a friend or something?" Harry asked as I wandered over to the kitchen to hunt for my kettle out of one of the boxes, along with a box of tea, sugar, and- oh I don't have any milk. 

"I didn't really enjoy living at home." I hesitated, "Things, uh- they wasn't all that great and I couldn't handle them." I scavenged through several kitchen attire boxes. "I also don't have any milk so tea is off the menu."

Harry nodded as he got up and pulled his keys from the back poket of his jeans. "Pause the conversation while I go fetch some milk from mine, I'll be two minutes." He smiled as he jogged over to the door and closed it behind him. 

I stood silently as I waited for the noise of the elevator to signal Harry's departure as I began to empty the kitchen boxes, placing food that could last the journey into the fridge. Plates, bowls, mugs, cutlery, all in the cupboards and drawers. The black kettle sat beside the fridge and the cleaning supplies laid hidden in the cupboard beneath the sink. Tomorrow, I decided I would go out and buy some things to make my place feel at home. Maybe a few plants, hanging lights, cushions, books- just some stuff to brighten the place really. Oh, and paint. 

I picked up a green mug for myself and a black and white striped one for Harry before I picked up the tub of tea-bags and placed one in each mug. I opened up the bag of sugar and placed it within a glass jar labled sugar before leaving it out until Harry got back so I could ask how much sugar he  wants. The kettle full of water boiled quietly as I walked over to the living-room area and began to unpack those boxes as well; placing picture frames, old cushions, a large throw, and some dvds on the fire place and on the dark wooden shelf beside the mantle.  

By the time I had finished flattening down the boxes and placing them into the closet, Harry had finally returned with milk and his laptop. 

"How much sugar do you have?" I asked as he handed me the carton of milk, "and thanks for the milk." 

"Two please." He pulled out the chair beneath the kitchen island and sat down, placing his laptop on the worktop. 

"You do know I haven't set up my wifi yet," I chuckled as I added sugar to the tea before pouring the boiling water and milk.

"Oh, yeah. Do you want me to set it up for you?" I walked over to him and handed him his mug of tea, "Thanks, love." 

I sipped on my own steaming mug of tea and nodded my head, "please, I'm not exactly sure how to set it up." 

Harry smiled and stood up from the stool before walking over to the sky box laid on the couch. He picked up the box and looked at me as if to ask where to put it. 

"Oh, over on the desk." I walked over towards the desk in the corner of the room, pointing to beneath the upper stand of the desk. 

"It's wireless so it's easier to connect. Is your sky box connected to the TV yet?" I shook my head at his question. "Could you plug it in for me and connect it to the TV?" He requested as I did as I was asked. 

I placed my mug down on the little table beside the couch and plugged the sky box up to the TV. I switched on the TV and waiting for the sky box to load. "Is it really this simple?" I joked as Harry chuckled and glanced over his shoulder. 

"Quite so." I stood and waiting for him to fiddle with the wiring. "Okay, try connecting to the wifi." 

I nodded and also placed my laptop on the worktop beside Harry's. I opened it up and switched it on before waiting for a few seconds for it to load. Once the sticky note loaded on the desktop, I followed the IP address and password and inserted it into the wifi networks. I felt Harry's presence beside me as he placed my mug of tea beside my laptop while sipping his.

I glanced towards him as I waited for the wifi to connect, "thank you." I smiled and looked back to see that it had connected. "It's worked." 

Harry smiled and nudged his elbow with mine, "We make a good team, love." 

buz at the door signalled that someone was downstairs, I got up and pressed the call button- the pizza guy. "Pizza's here." I confirmed as I opened the door and went down the elevator to go grab it. 

The pizza guy was waiting outside, once handed the pizza to me I paid him the £18.99 payment and thanked him for the pizza before making my way back up to the apartment. By the time I got back, Harry had laid out two plates for our pizza as I placed the box down onto the kitchen side. As I opened it up the instant smell of freshly made pizza hit our senses which had sent us into a frenzy. 

"I've not had pizza for days." I groan as we shared out the slices, Harry's mouth falling agape.

"What, how come?" He asked, bringing a slice to his lips and chewing the food. 

"I don't know, it just hasn't occurred to me that I've not had any." I chuckled and sat down on the stool, pushing my laptop away from me so I could place the plate in front of me. 

"Shameful, Clara, shameful." Harry jokingly shook his head as he continued to eat.

Throughout the evening, Harry and I had learned quite a little about each other as we joked and laughed at anything we spoke about. I learned that his day job was being a blogger and YouTuber, and from first representation of him, being a YouTuber was the last thought in mind of what his job could be. He showed me some of his  videos and they were actually pretty good, I was shocked that I had never came across him before. 

He allowed me to scroll through the comments his fans put to him and it honestly amazed me how many people, most being teenage girls, looked up to him. They thought of him as an idol, an inspiration, and so many tweeted to him and commented on his videos of how much they loved him. It was pretty impressive. 

"Is it really eleven-twenty?" I asked as Harry looked at the time, "I guess so." 

"Didn't you have work to do?" I turned to look at him and he smiled, "I had more important things to do; like getting to know you." He smiled brightened as I looked down at my chipped black nails. 

"I can't thank you enough for helping me today, I really appreciate it." I smiled up at him and he returned the gesture.

"No problem, it was my pleasure." He turned and closed him laptop before getting up and placing our plates and mugs in the dishwasher. "It's been great to get to know you, Clara. I'll pop round tomorrow if you're free." Harry walked back to us and grabbed his laptop.

I crossed my legs and scratched the back of my neck, "I was actually gonna go to Ikea and the grocery store to pick up some things for the apartment." I dropped my hands back into my lap, "but I'm free later in the evening if you want to come round or something." 

Harry nodded his head as he pushed his feet into his shoes, "do you know where you're going?" He asked.

I laughed and shook my head, "not really." 

Harry smiled and joined in on my slight laughter, "Tomorrow at one then? I'll take you to where you want to go, it's no problem." 

I nodded my head and smiled, "thanks, Harry." Standing up from my seat, I walked him over to the door and we said our goodbye's.

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