First Love

A Girl named natasha moved to australia , and falls her bestff brother .Then lots of way , come .


6. Weekends !

Few months a later ..

I am glad Khalisah alr has A boyfriend and both her younger siblings got good grades .

It was saturday .Just Got To say that me and Luke Are really close , but i am more closer to linaa .

Convo :

N: Morning Lina ?

N : Morning Lukey pukey ๐Ÿ’™

L: Hey Asian ? (keeps callin me that ) how was ur sleep ?

N : Good ! Lina still a sleep ?

L: yep ! She is dating with Jack :)

N: awwe , So kiut. How it goes ?

L:Realllyyyy good , she was really happy when she went back .

N: ouhhh ๐Ÿ˜‚

L: Natasha ? Can i ask u smtg ?

N: sure watever Pukey ๐Ÿ’•

L: Who do u like ?

N : Uhm , its kinda private but ur my bestff ! So Its a guy , he is with me all the time .

L:who ?

N: One day u will know , i will bring him to a place that is very special to me .

L : Ouh arights .

N: Luke free ? shop with me .

L: sure , 1 pm . I 'll pick ya !

N: arights !

I went to bath and have my lunch . I Picked a Plain black Muscle tank with a high waisted jeans and a boots . I got my $500 from my dad and went to the garage and search for my Studd Pouch bag . Once found it , i went to the living room and waited for him at the couch . Then the doorbell rang . I answered the door , there he was wearing a plain black shirt and a blue denim jeans and a doc mart jeans ."Its look like we are matching :) " i whispered . "Daddy mummy i am out ! " I shouted . " arights!" they answered

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