First Love

A Girl named natasha moved to australia , and falls her bestff brother .Then lots of way , come .


7. Shopping ๐Ÿ’•

Once we reached i went to Cotton on first ,

i drag Luke to follow me , he was alright with it . haha . Then i saw a Cute Top crop it has L & N on it . It is like Luke and Natasha , the design was really cute . I Got that and i got luke a cute All time low muscle tank . Altogether Was $59 I paid and gave me the change , and i went to vans , i saw luke staring at this shoe he said if i wore it i luke cuter , well its because he has the same shoe as it . I said arights i bought it and then luke wanted to go to necklace shop he asked me to wait outside he paid the cashier $120 and they gave him a blue plastic bag . After Shopping we decided to go STARBUCKS and have a treat . I sat down and i asked luke to ordered and asked him to ordered for himself to .Than When he came back He place the drinks And let out the necklace and gave it to me " Hey nat ! I want u to see if its nice i am going to give the one who i love " i was shocked i thougt he wanted to give me , i was heart broken . " Its really pretty !Lucky her!" , It says luke infront and before i want to see who's name was behind he snatced it and kept it . Then we went Ikea , i got some recording stuffs and we went to photobooth i took pica with him , he is so clumsy haha ! Then when it was time to go home , wanted to take cab home but he insisted to drive me home . Then after that i did not talk to him idk why .

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