First Love

A Girl named natasha moved to australia , and falls her bestff brother .Then lots of way , come .


8. Out .

I Recently got miss calls and text mesgs form Luke But i ignored it



U mad at me ? i am sorry

why u ignoring me ?

please dont be mad at me ?

I love u as in bestff

please at least answer my call


What do you want ?

I Am Really Buzy .

Going out with family was a good idea , we went shopping , i bought a cute matching headband for me and linaaa . I bought myself a cute skater skirt with a L& N Brand listed down and i bought this cute phone casing that says " i just act that i like u as in a bestff bit in my heart it says i love you 4eva " .

While shopping I saw Calum , ashton and michael .


Hey ? Natasha ? Woah Your Gorgeous(Calum)

[Me] Thanks cal ! Heh ? Lunch My treat . Mikey pizza ๐Ÿ•


Agreeee !

ashton was damn quiet . Then after chit chatting i said bye , and continue shopping . My Dad bought an iphone 6 plus . My mum bought channel Stuffs , and my cuzz they bought shirts .

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