First Love

A Girl named natasha moved to australia , and falls her bestff brother .Then lots of way , come .


5. House Come over ?

Mum ! Mah friends are coming! i shouted

"OKAY!!!" my mum shouted


"COMING ! " i opened the door and saw luke and Lina with their pj's . Lina was wearing a banana pj while luke's penguins .

I lead them to my house .

"WOW ! Your house is so damn big ! " Lina whispered .

I told her it was not really fun having big house while laughing . They Greeted my parents , My dad seems to like Luke alot . They talked , i request lina to look at my bedroom with luke she agreed . She calls luke and went up , She Gulped , before wanting what to say i closed her mouth . " I know ! Wow ! Your room is so nice N big ! " i told her . She laughs and nodd . Luke went in and saw 2 doll penguins and hugged them , i laughed than i say " luke , u can have that . I got more of them ." i told him " really ? Thanks . ^^ where is the rest ? you likes Penguins ? " he questioned .I Nodd and told him that i kept it at my closet .

Luke POV

DAMN ! She is rich ! Her house was big and her room is beautiful and the smells is just too perf . I saw penguin , i went in and hugged it immediately , than she says " luke , u can have that . I Got more of them . " i gasped . Then i asked where if she likes penguin or nah and asked where she keeps it . She told me yas and she keeps it inside the Closet .

Lina POV

HER HOUSE IS BEAUTIFUL ! I notice that she hates high heels cause she only has one high heels and the rest are sneakers and boots .I browsed her clothing , damn she has alot of nirvana shirts . My bro got a pingu and i want something . Then i saw a Muscle tank nirvana shirt she also has like 5 of them . I asked her " hey ugh nat , can i have one of these shirts ?" she walked towards me and said yes . She was really kind ! Then Dad called " Honey you have to get home now its late , ask luke to drive . Be safe twins !" I told natasha that i have to go . I went down and said bye to everybody and luke was alr in the car hugging his pingu . I was surprised then i ignored .

L: I Love your house ! And luke says thanks for the pingu and i would like to say thank you for the Nirvana shirt ! wear same shirt as me ! asdfghjkl :) haha

Nat - hahah ! okay ;) Welcome ! Goodnight Lina !

L : Nights lVe u !

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