First Love

A Girl named natasha moved to australia , and falls her bestff brother .Then lots of way , come .


10. Heartbroken .

After excusing , I went out of the cafeteria . Then i bumped into a beatiful girl , her nails were painted in blue colour and had a "A" tattoo . I recognize that , then when i helped her pick up her books . At the momment i was shock , it was " Rydel " . "A-a-ashton ?,ashton i miss you . I am sorry i left u :( " she cried while holding my hand ."rydel , i missed you too , but u lefting me was not acceptable . But i still forgive you " i told her . I kisse her forehead and asked her to follow me to The cafeteria and meet My friends . " The girl who looks like Asian is Natasha , Luke girlfriend , The bloned guy is Luke . The Dark haired guy is calum and The one who is probablly eating pizza is michael . " I told her . " The asian girl is really Gorgeous " she whispered . I nodd . Well they already knew about rydel even natasha . But rydel do not know them some how . " This is rydel ? " Nat questioned " yup ! " i reply .

"well ashton talks about you , he really loves you ! "(Nat)

" really ? aw . I missed him too . " (Ryd)

Ry looked at me and i looked at others .

Natasha POV

Woah , she was really pretty . I caught Luke looking at her . Well quite jealous , but i just left it . " Hey uhm rydel ? Hangout with us during the band rehearsel sometime ! " Luke told her . Woah ! He never told me he was in a band .

"Luke can i talk to you ? " i whispered

L : " ugh ? wht babe ? "

N: "You never even told me u are in a band ?"

L: "Wanted to , But i . "

N: "No but Hemmings !You told me everything of yours but u never told me bout this ! "

I walked away from him and took my bag and went to search for Lina .

I told Lina i was in a Relation ship with luke She was really happy then became sad cause i told her what happend .

N: " i should really not get mad at all , after all its a small thing , huh ? "

Lina:"Yep , Keep calm bae , get well to this ."

Then luke came out of nowhere . " Fadalina ! "

Fadalina and i looked at him .

He hugged me then i hug him tighter an says " i am sorry pukey "

"its alright asian "

i laughed . Then the ball rang , luke walked me to my math class . "i'll meet you here , " he whispers . I hugged him and went in . Well calum and are in the same class for all subject except Chemistry and English . So luke basically asked him to look after me , Calum was asked to seat beside me by my math teacher , Mr Harry . He was really funny , he kept staring at this Blonde girl named " Emily " well he once told me he has a crush on her . They were kindergarden friends . Emily love him too , cause i was actually quite close with her too . She told me how she feels about Calum , then i stayed cause my another subject is still in this class . Well Calum and Emily Get well Too good , i heard they are going on a date .

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