First Love

A Girl named natasha moved to australia , and falls her bestff brother .Then lots of way , come .


2. English โ˜๏ธ

My first lesson was English , Khalisah an i took separate ways . As soon as i walked in , the teacher welcomed me and asked me to introduce myself so here its " Hello Guys ! I am Fadzleen Natasha , ik its hard to pronounce it :) mmm, ugh i am from Singapore ! I Moved here last two days , quite happy ! " I told them . Then there is this boy called the teacher " Miss Anna ! Where is she sitting ?" He questioned . She walked towards me and asked me to pick a place . I saw an empty place near a blonde guy with a lip piercing , he has fucking gorgeous blue coloured eyes! Damn , i love it ! I took out my books and Pencil case , well uh he keeps staring at my pencil case , i think its because i had a badge with my Picture and my 2 bestbuds in it . " RINGGGGG!" half an hours later the school bell rang ! I was happy because my english class has ended , it is diff here then Singapore . As soon as i walked out , a girl came towards me and let her hand out of her pockets and said " Hello Natasha ! I am Fadalina ! " . I Said Hey to her , then we talked more about our personality :) . I Love Her :) . Then the blonde guy came " Hey Fadalina ! Mum fetching us , better be early idiot ! " he told her . I was shocked . well she asked for my num and i asked for hers and we went to separate class .

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