First Love

A Girl named natasha moved to australia , and falls her bestff brother .Then lots of way , come .


9. Back to school 😪

It was 6.45 am , and i am alr woke up .I picked out clothes , I picked A crop top and a skater skirt . Finish bathing all , i used my clothes and figure out which shoe should i use , then i decided to use the black vans that i have the same as Luke . Talking of luke , i missed his calls and msgs . I took my bag and my phone and ran down to the kitchen . " Is breakfast Ready ? Mum ?" i shouted .. Then my mum say yes . After Finishing eating my breakfast i wait for my 3 cousins to finish eating than we went to my dad car , and i saw luke's car coming " Natasha , luke is fetching you ." My dad whispered me . I Ignored it , and than luke pulled me " why are u avoiding me ? Come lets go school with me ." He questioned . I kept quiet for a momment than i say okay . I walked to his door and opened the door to the car and sat , we were really quiet .

As soon as i reached school i asked him " Where is Lina ? Did she come to school ? I Missed her ?" " Yea she came , i think she is meeting jack " he replys . I said okay .

Than the bell rang .English class ugh .

I sat beside Luke And took out the homework that miss anna gave . Luke got detention for not doing His homework , well i think he is becoming a bad boy . After the bell rang , i stayed at class for a while , Lina walked towards me "Natasha , wanna follow me to lunch with jack and his friends ?" I replyed her " no thanks , i owe michael a pizza " . Than i walked off .

*At the lunch *

Michael: NATASHA !

Natasha : Woah , calm down .

Calum: He wants pizza hahah .

Ashton : Can i talk to you fo a while (whispering to my ears )

Michael : Nah , 50 bucks for how many pizza box u can ordered and ashton sure .


nat : Whats the problem ?

Ash: Dun tell luke please , he does not let me tell you .

nat:sure what is it ?

ash: his been self harming himself since u have not ans his calls and msgs .

nat: at ? his wrist ?

ash: yesh , he covers it with bracelets .

nat: Ouh thanks for telling me ash *hugged him *

ashton walked first den i walked . " why do u think he selfharm is it for me ?" I kept thinking . I saw him walking alone , i tapped his shoulder . " Luke . " he turned and said yes ?

n: Have u been cutting ?

L : what no .

n:please tell the truth , *held his hand and took away each bracelets * Ya see "

L: I am sorry , i can ' t really controlled myself during the time u ignoring me . I missed you so much .

N: why would you want to miss me ? I am just a close friend , you should have been Catching the gal that u love .

Than luke kept quiet and held out a box , i recognize the box , the box had a necklace . He Gave it to me " I Loved you natasha , i never want to lose you , You change my life ." he whispered . I took a look at the necklace it had My name and luke ' s name . " would you like to be my girlfriend ? Natasha ?" he asked me . I was really shock , well i had a huge crush on him and i cant reject him then i said " Yes , of course ." i whispered to him . He asked me to hold the box and he puts the necklace . It looked so pretty . Then i asked him to go to lunch , we went than Michael was still eating Pizza . I sat beside with calum , calum looked me and luke up an down " looks like u two are couple " i looked at calum and said " what do u mean ?" "ugh your necklace it has luke's name " I laughed . Luke says " yes we are " .Ashton seems quite sad .

Ashton pov

I Loved her , I need her . But she is with luke . She is so beautiful , i hope she was mine .

Luke kissed her at her cheeks , i was quite jealous and heartbroken . I excused myself .

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