First Love

A Girl named natasha moved to australia , and falls her bestff brother .Then lots of way , come .


1. Australia + School ๐Ÿ’•

Hello ! So I am Natasha So I decided To have a break at Australia . Just Kidding ! , i moved there ! So skip about the flight ! Now moving on to the house ! Well basically , My new house was quite big , my room was painted in Blue . I love blue especially baby blue it reminds me of a dolphin . My bed was really big , i got big bed was because i was quite tall so i need a longer bed , and i have a closet which was painted in black and it is really big . Now i moved Australia with my Parents and my 3 Cousins well one is 16 the oldest second oldest is well young is 7 an the another one is 6 . I was quite close with them . The other three of them lived in one room . Well my dad had already assigned us to go to a school , we were quite shock cause we tought we are not studying haha . My mum asked us to packed our bags and place it on the kitchen table . I looked for the bathroom , quite sad there was no bathtub or toilet at my room . Then i bath and dried my hair and set the alarm to 7 am to go to school ."Wake Up Badass ! " my alarm . I woke up and was really sleepy . Well my alarm was from my best buds recorder .I miss them . I ran to the bathroom and bath and brush my teeth , put on so make up and wrap towels between my self . I ran to my room and picked out clothes , i got a Nirvana muscle tank and a high waisted jeans .I ran down and i saw all my three cousins were having breakfast . " Nat what time u slept ? U are usually early for brkfast ." Khalisah the older question . I ignored cause i was way to hungry . I got frootlops and a milk and eat it .I grab my bag and slip to my high cute blue converse and my mum ran to me giving each of us 80 bucks . I asked for another 20 for the taxi fare . We took the cab and gave the address . *reach alr *Ermahgawd . Its nice . 4 of us well 2 cause the other two went to kindergarden school , we walked to the principle office as we asked for directions . We knocked and asked for our schedule . We went out and say thanks to the principle . " I am quite shy , i srsly want to go !" i whispered to khalisah . She blinked at me . Well i on my 3g cause i bought the card yest and went through twitter , and mostly watsapp the most msgs was from my old best buds they says " Nutella ! We miss u . " well they called me nutella .Too focused at my phone and i suddenlly bumped into this guy . "Bam " My phone and book dropped luckily my phone did not crack . " I am so sorry there , i never see u " the guy told me . I agree his apoligized . He has Blue eyes ! His hair is so blond and cute ;) , the lip pierce ermagawd ! "wow , first love huh cuzz ?" khalisah tapped my shoulder . She was not really into boys.

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