I still love the past and present you

Should age or sex really matter in love? Because Merlin doesn't think so. He is an old man now but he still loves the past and present Arthur whom he is still searching for. His love for Arthur remains but will he ever find him? Merlin wonders but keeps his little hope up


1. Merlin's letter

Dear Arthur.

How many times haven't I done this already? Sat here by my table with a pen in my hand.

Every week ever since that day.

I miss you dearly and I want you back. I could have saved you but I didn't. If only I knew then.

The times have changed greatly and a legend says that the once and future king, the king who will be remembered forever, is trapped in Avalon.

I still search for you. I look everywhere. I'm going to find a way to get to Avalon or to find out if you're there.

I will look for you even if I might never find you. I will never give up. Your life was worth more than hundred of mine.

That day in the moment of your last hour I held you. I held you closely and told you the second biggest secret in my life. You found out that I was a sorcerer but yet you thanked me.

My biggest secret was that I loved you. But I was never brave enough to tell you as much. Not even when death knocked on your door.

I loved you ever since I met you and I will and can never forget you.

I lied to you and to myself denying that I was in love with a man let alone the future king!

I was discurraged but as said times have changed and I am more open with my feelings. I knew I loved you but I kept denying it, everyday and every passing hour.

I wish I had told you even if you might not have loved me back. Now that I am old I still wish to tell you. I want to be with you no matter what gender or age.

I dearly wish to find you Arthur Pendragon. That is what I am set upon until the day I die.

I loved you once and I love you still.

I always have and always will.

Yours forever


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