When all is forgotten

Unknown house. Unknown person. Two years worth of memories lost. My name is Kayla Brines and this is my story.


1. What's this?

My eyes feel as if they are glued together. However hard I try, I cannot open them. I can hear the people whispering again, and it irritates me. They have been talking for about an hour and I barely catch the occasional word. One word that seems to come up often is tree. I have no idea why and it's killing me to not know.

Suddenly, it is like I am doused in a lake of cold water. My eyes spring open and I freeze as a pair of pale blue eyes stare back at me. The eyes belong to a boy, in his late teens from the look of it. His blonde fringe falls in his eyes as he leans forward to pull a syringe out of my arm. I struggle to find my voice, partly because my throat is dry and maybe slightly because I am lying in a room I don't know, in front of a boy I have never met before.


I try to ask him what I am doing here but my voice doesn't seem to want to. He smiles sadly and places a warm hand on my forehead.

"You haven't spoken in three days," he states. "You will need a drink and some rest before your voice is back to normal."

This makes me stop for a second. I haven't spoken in two weeks? What is he talking about? The boy offers his hand out, an invitation to take it, and I slowly force my body to make into sitting position. It's painful to do this, but the boy helps me into standing position. I plant my feet surprisingly firm on the ground. He looks slightly shocked.

"You're recovering better than I would have thought," he says. "Now then, let's get you some water."

I follow him warily as he leads me out of the small white room I was in and into a larger room with a table and a fridge: the kitchen. He walks over to the fridge and pulls out a bottle of water. He places this in front of me, on the table I'm sitting at. It hurt to stand for too long. I nod gratefully at him as I notice he has uncapped the bottle already. I grip the water bottle between my fingers and arch my head back, pouring the liquid down my throat. It feels strange at first, but after a moment it becomes refreshing. That's when I feel a sharp pain rip through my stomach. The boy seems to notice this.

"Ah, I assume you will also be hungry. You won't be able to eat too much but I have some soup for you. It should be relativaly easy to eat."

My stomach growls in reply. He goes to get the soup out of the fridge and I watch him in confusion.

"Wh..why am I here," I croak, the water having helped sooth my throat. "Who are you?"

He completely freezes, then turns to me with wide eyes. I can see pain in them and I wonder why. Now he seems to be struggling to find his voice.

"You don't remember," he sighs, walking over and sitting opposite me. "What was the last thing you remember?"

"I was at home," I say. " Mum was making apple pie in the kitchen and I was sitting in my bedroom practicing the piano. My best friend Susan was meant to be coming round, but she was late. I...I don't know why...That's all I remember."

He swallows nervously. I raise my eyebrow in annoyance. Everything he says is making no sense to me.

"What is it," I ask. "Why do you keep looking at me like I'm dying or something?"

He takes a deep breath.
"Susan Harper has been dead for two years."

My mind blanks. What is he saying. I barely comprehend his words as he continues talking.

"Three days ago there was a car crash. You were sober but your friend Andy was not. He drove into a tree and... When the ambulance arrived Andy had a broken neck and you were unconcious. There was nothing anyone could do for Andy but the doctors and nurses rushed you into the hospital. And since I am a doctor they allowed me to take you back here. A comfortable and familiar setting for when you woke. " He closes his eyes. "Except, it seems you must have hit your head harder then...then I thought."

No. No. No! I can't have amnesia. I can't. And Susan, my best friend. What does he mean when he says she's been dead for two years? My memory...Two years..Car crash...All these thoughts jumble around in my head.

"What about you," I ask shakily. "Who are you?"

He flicks those pale blue eyes up to look at me.
"I'm Adrian Darling, your fiance."

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