She's The One

You know how the things you still have are not very important to you that much. But once that something, gets taken away from you, you'll do anything just to get it back. So long story short, I was the girl he used to own.


9. Chapter 9- #Cuke

~Cat's POV~

When Luke arrived to our house, he didn't mention anything about the fight him and Ashton had. I should sort things out soon or later.

"I thought you had a motor bike" Calum frowns.

"Its getting repaired, besides its not like were all gonna fit in one motor bike. We'll just have to use my moms car" Luke points to a silver BMW, the same car that he drove when we first met.

"Not bad" Calum nods in approval.

The whole car drive was with Calum and Luke singing along with these rock bands. I never knew that they had so much in common.

"We should make a rock band one day Hemmo" Calum says.

"Yeah that'd be cool. But I can only play guitar"

"Me too, we need a drummer. Cat do you drum?" Calum asks, as I shake my head.

"But Ashton does, his pretty good"

Luke rolls his eyes on the mention of Ashton's name.

"We should see him play one day... You never know if his good or not" Calum says.

"Yeah... But what should we call it?" Luke asks.

"I don't know.. Hey what time is it?" Calum asks.

"5 seconds till 6:00" I answer.

"I can't wait for summer. Imagine only having 5 seconds of summer. Everyone will go crazy, especially us Aussies" Luke turns on the radio as a One Direction song plays.

"Hmmm. Imagine you guys on tour with 1D" I grin.

"Yeah, in like a billion years" Calum rolls his eyes.

"Your just exaggerating Cal"

"But our band would be cooler than theirs" Luke smirks.

Once we entered the building, it was like trampoline land. There were trampolines everywhere and foam pits for people to jump in.

"Woah" I scan the whole area.

"I know right. My Dad did a good job" Luke places his bag into this locker type of thing.

"Wait your dad owns this place?" Me and Calum ask in unison.

"Yeah, pretty cool right" He leads us to this other huge warehouse type of room that looked just like the first one but bigger and has more interactive activities.

"Yo Calum, theres the soccer team. You should hang out with them" Luke points to a group of guys doing backflips.

"Fine you guys can get rid of me but don't you dare touch my sister" Calum warns him.

"Not a single touch" Luke winks as Calum jogs over to his group of friends.

"So, do I have to pay for this?" I ask.

"No, who do you think your talking to? I'm the second owner of this place. I'll even give you free membership" He smirks.

"Why? Do you think I'm gonna come here more often?"

"Well lets just say that its 'Our Place'" He holds onto both my hands.

"Hemming's! No touch!" Calum's friends warn him.

"I'll give you all free membership cards!" Luke bribes.


"C'mon, lets play around" He pulls me with him.

After 2 hours, Luke dropped us back to our place. Calum automatically ran into the house while I stayed in the car with Luke for a bit.

"You wanna come in?" I ask.

"Nah its alright"

"C'mon, you must be thirsty. We have drinks inside"

"If you insist" He shrugs as we hop out of his car.

Once we entered, he scans the whole house.

"Wheres your parents?" He asks.

"They're on their 1 month holiday Anniversary" I grab a bottle of coke from the fridge and handed it to him. He chugs down half of it.

"So. How are you and Ash?" I ask.

"You mean about our fight?" He asks looking down.

"Well kinda, but if your not comfortable about telling me about it. Than thats fine"

"No, its just that.... His mad at me cause I stole your attention from him" He stares back into my eyes. "And he didn't want me to ask you out" He steps closer towards me.


"Cat... I-I like you more than a friend. I liked you since I laid my eyes on you when your tire went flat in the middle of that storm. I always told myself 'Shes the one'. If you weren't so special to me, I wouldn't of stopped my car to see if you needed help on that rainy day. I tried to find you that I had so much luck when I first saw you clearly in school. Thats when I thought that you were meant to be mine and everything happened for a reason" He grins. My eyes started to water.

"Is this you trying to ask me out?" I ask.

"Is it working?"

I nod. His smile grew bigger making his deep dimples show so much making him even more attractive.

"So you said yes?" He asks.

"Well bring me to one date and I'll give you my answer to be your official... Girl friend" I step closer towards him.

"Yes!" He practically yells as he brings me in for a long hug.

Once we pulled away our faces were an inch apart. He leaned in a bit closer.

"Shut up faggots, I'm trying to sleep!" Calum yells from upstairs making both of us jump apart.

"You should probably go" I pull him towards the door.

"Your getting rid of me" He pouts.

"Yes" I reply sternly.


I gave him a quick peck on the cheek as his face started to go red. I opened the door and pushed him out and slammed it after.

"I'm freaking in love. Woo!!" I hear him yell making me giggle.

I wonder what Calum and most importantly.. What Ashton's gonna say...

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