She's The One

You know how the things you still have are not very important to you that much. But once that something, gets taken away from you, you'll do anything just to get it back. So long story short, I was the girl he used to own.


8. Chapter 8- Frenemies

~Cat's POV~

I sit down in the cafeteria waiting for the others.

"Hey Cat!" I turn around to see Ashton and Luke coming from different directions towards me.

"Uh hey guys" I greet.

"Uh, I got you lunch" Luke holds out a tray with food on it.

"I don't think she likes to eat those types of food. She would rather eat fries, here Cat I got you a copy of Mortal Combat" Ashton holds out a case.

"Thanks guys" I take the case and the tray.

"See she likes it.... Jeez" Luke mutters rolling his eyes.

The two of them both sit on one side next to me.

"So what time do I come to your house after school?" Luke asks.

"Uh anytime you want" I smile.


"You guys are going to flip out right? I heard people broke some body parts because of that place. Pretty nasty" Ashton takes a bite of his apple.

"Well I heard that guys who don't have balls don't go there" Luke also takes a bite of his apple.

"Well I heard that people with blonde hair can't enter because they always steal something from you that wasn't theirs" Ashton's voice turned different, it wasn't his sweet voice thats for sure.

"Well I heard that protective people are the ones that end up losing something that they owned which he did not care about before a new cool kid came" Luke takes a sip of his coke while his face was facing something in front of him but his pupils were on Ashton.

I stare at Ashton's clenched fists. The tension was building up, this won't end well.

"I'm gonna sit with Calum" I stood up and grabbed my tray with me.


~Luke's POV~

I hate him! Why can't he not be selfish for once...

I walk towards my locker to see Ashton waiting next to it. Oh he really wants a fight.

"Oh hey Ashton" I give him a fake smile.

"Hey... Luke" I see his fists tighten.

"You know, you would've had a chance with her if you weren't so... Stupid" I smirk. He grasps onto my collar and pushes me against my locker in a flash.

"Its your fault why Cat isn't mine anymore!" He glares at me with his eyes flaring with anger.

"If I didn't enter the picture, Cat would've always been the third wheel with you and your girl friend. If its anyones fault it would be you, grow up shes not only yours anymore and I'll make sure of it" I shove him off of me. I start to walk away but he grasps onto my arm.

"Were not done yet" He says. I pull my arm away from him.

"Whatever" I roll my eyes walking away again.

~Cat's POV~

I wait on my couch listening to music until a notification sound interrupts. I stare at the Instagram notification.

I open Instagram and stared at the photo I was tagged in. It was Luke and Ash....In the middle of a fight.

I scroll down the comments to see comments like..

'They were fighting bcuz of @Cat_And_Me'

'I saw it too. Apparently New kid was talking dirty about Cat'

Dirty? Luke would never do that to me. His too nice to say those types of things.

"Cat!" I hear Calum yell. Great.

He walks into my room holding out his phone.

"Is this true?" He asks referring to the comment.

"No" I frown knowing what he was gonna do to Luke if I say 'Yes'.

"Ok but I got my eyes on your friend Luke" He widens his eyes before walking out of my room.

I really hope that Luke never said that. I stare back at the photo. I've never seen Ashton so mad before. It must've been something bad to make Ashton so angry..

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