She's The One

You know how the things you still have are not very important to you that much. But once that something, gets taken away from you, you'll do anything just to get it back. So long story short, I was the girl he used to own.


2. Chapter 2- Girl In The Rain

~Cat's POV~

I drive away from Ashton's apartment as soon as the sky started going grey and the clouds started gathering around.

As rain poured down, it was like it was gonna destroy my car. My wipers move from side to side as the rain became heavier.

There was not a single car on the road, except for mine and a car that is coming up ahead.

Suddenly my car started slowing down. I look at my fuel, there were still heaps more. I run out of the car to see what happened. I threw my hoodie inside cause it was getting soaked and heavy on me.

Ohhh are you serious?!

"Shit!" I yell kicking the flat tire. I run towards the back of my car, opening the bumper and took out some tools and a extra tire.

I run back to the side of my car and started pulling out the flat tire.

Suddenly a car pulled up behind me but I didn't bother turning around.

"Miss, are you alright?" A concerned voice of a guy speaks from behind me.

I turn around to see a blonde guy with spiky hair and a lip piercing. Thats not very intimidating at all... Note the sarcasm.

"Yeah, I'm alright.... Thanks!" I wave at him as I turn back around, continuing on fixing my tire.

"Alright than" I could hear his car drive away.

I sigh while standing up. All done.

I run back into my car. I stare at my wet 'side view' mirrors to see the same car that pulled up behind me a few minutes ago and the same Blondie that had a lip ring.

His head was poking out of his window and he was holding out his phone at my direction, like he was taking a photo...

I shake my head ignoring him as I drive away...


*The Next Day*

~Ashton's POV~

I walk into the school hallways with Paige walking beside me in my arms.

Everyone was giving us 'Awe' looks.

"I should get to my locker, see ya after class Good looking" Paige kisses my cheek before heading off to her own direction. Good Looking is her nickname for me and Beautiful is her nickname cause we think that Babe is too old and means pig.

I run up to my locker to see a blonde guy standing there.

"Um excuse me, this is my locker" I tell him. He turns around to face me.

"Oh yeah sorry, mines here too" He points to the locker next to mine.

"I haven't seen you here before, are you new?" I ask him.

"Yeah I am, I came here from Western Sydney" He smiles, thats when I noticed his lip ring. Is this guy a gangster or something. I observe him.

He had a black T-Shirt on with words 'Do You Gotta Bae.. Or Nah?' written on it with dark blue skinny jeans and black converse.

"Uh... I'm Luke" He holds out his hand.

"I'm Ashton" I smile at him taking his hand shake.

"So whats your first class?" I ask him.

"Uh Literacy/English" He glances at his schedule.

"Cool me too, I'll take you there" I swing my backpack over my shoulders.

He nods opening his locker and he took out a bunch of books.

"Whats with the books? You can get them after your first class is finish" I point to his pile of books on his hands.

"Oh... My mum wants me to use these books during class cause she wants me to write down some notes" He stares down at his books.


Once we got to class, it was just like every other day. I sat next to Luke as the class started.

I peaked at Luke who was on his phone. Lucky we don't get caught easily here in this school.

I look at his screen to see a girl but it was pretty blurry cause of the rain. But Zaym the girl is hot as heck.

"Is that your girlfriend?" I ask him. He looks up at me than locks his phone.

"Uh no" He answers quiet quickly.

"Than who was it?"

He sighs.

"Its some girl I saw yesterday, her tire went flat and I wanted to help her but she didn't need my help. But dude, she was so pretty and... Hot bro.." He looks up a bit like he was dreaming.

"I see... Do you know her?" I question him more.

"No....Not to sound cheesy But I refer to her as 'The Girl In the Rain'." He smiles.

"So you don't know her... but you took a photo of her?" I ask him again.

"I guess" He scratches the back of his neck. Ok is this dude like a stalker or something.


Usually Australian schools don't have cafeterias but our school does and it actually has pretty 'sick' food. When I say sick I mean cool ok... So beat it..

I buy some wedges from the canteen and a can of coke. I sit down on a bench waiting for Paige or someone to come.

"Hey Ash!" Cat creeps up on me from behind.

"Hey Cat.. And stop doing that" I frown as she takes a seat in front of me.

"Do what?" She chuckles.

"Oh you kno-" I get cut off by Paige.

"Hey guys! OMG Mr Helmet kicked Calum Hood off the basketball team cause apparently he was teasing Mr Helmet's surname" Paige slams down her tray in front of her as she sits down next to me.

"Uh and how does this concern me?" I ask.

"It means that you have a spot for the basketball team" She squeals.

"Look Paige, I told you... Basketball is just not my thing" I tell her as she rolls her eyes.

"Whatever, I forgot that your just some drummer" She plays with my curls. I see Cat rolling her eyes from the corner of my eye. I smirk noticing her reaction.

"So... 'Beautiful' what do you want for lunch today? I'll buy it just for you" I ask Paige. I know I'm such an ass.

"Awwww thanks 'Good looking' but I'm on a diet" She kisses my cheek.

"Hey Ashton!" Luke waves from in front of me while walking towards us.

"Oh sup Luke" I smile at him as he walks closer towards us. Cat just sat there eating fries not caring at all.

"You must be the new guy... I'm Paige" Paige smiles widely at him.

"Luke" Luke smiles back but his gaze fell onto Cat's back I guess.

"Oh uh Cat this is Luke" I point to Luke.

"Huh" She turns around. Once she faced Luke, Luke's eyes widened.

"Its y-you" He stutters.

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