She's The One

You know how the things you still have are not very important to you that much. But once that something, gets taken away from you, you'll do anything just to get it back. So long story short, I was the girl he used to own.


21. Chapter 18- Drunk Lolly

~Cat's POV~

"You fucking ass hole!!" Luke yells at Michael throwing himself at him.

"Luke stop!" I try to pull Luke off of Michael as he continues to slam Michael's head onto the wall.

"Calum do something!" Ruth yells.

"Why? Aren't you enjoying the show?" Calum smirks as we all give him a death glare. "Okay, okay" He raises his hands up in defeat walking up to Luke trying to pull him off Michael but he won't budge.

"This is why I hate Spin the bottle!" Ashton joins in on helping Calum.


5 minutes earlier

"Truth" Michael smirks confidently as Luke picks a card from the 'Truth' deck.

"Uh. Who was the first girl you ever dated and kissed that we all know?" Luke asks. My eyes widened as a bit of chips slipped out of my hand.

"Um uh. Well- Uh" Michael gave me a nervous look. My stomach started doing flips as I stared at everyone that had curiosity on their faces.

"Um... Can I pass?" Michael asks clearing his throat.

"Nope" Luke says popping the 'p'.

"C'mon can you like pick another card" Michael started getting irritated.

"No" Luke rolls his eyes.

"I don't feel comfortable telling" Michael shuffles away from Luke a bit.

"You have to. Its part of the rules" Ashton says crossing his legs.

"I don't wanna" Michael frowns.

"You have to!" Luke argues.

"No!" Michael yells at him making me feel even more uncomfortable.

"Why are you being such a pussy!" Luke snaps at him.

"Then I guess you wouldn't give a shit that me and Cat dated in year 8" Michael covers his mouth right after as I face palm myself.

The whole room became silent. Ashton, Calum and Luke had shock written all over their faces while Lolly and Ruth were lifting an eye brow at me.

"What!" Luke, Calum and Ashton all yell at the same time.

"C'mon guys. It was in year 8, I even forgot about it" I try to lighten up the mood.

"Why didn't you tell me?" Ashton and Calum both say in unison while Luke clenched his fists.

"It was not a real relationship anyway" I try to reassure Luke.

"Yeah it was. We even kissed and made out many times" Michael blurted out making me glare at him.

"Michael please! Can we not!"

"You what?!" Luke yells.

"Yeah Luke we kissed not just on the cheek in the first few weeks"Michael smirks making Luke more furious.

"But how come....." Luke stared back at me.

"Why Luke? Are you so surprised that Cat actually did that with someone else before you? Probably not" Michael continues to show his devilish smirk as Luke fumed in anger tackling Michael to the ground.

He began to throw punches to Michael's jaw making a loud crack sound. Ashton automatically pulled Luke away.

"You fucking ass hole!" Luke yells at Michael throwing himself at him again.

Well this was the day Luke and Michael started hating each other..


~Cat's POV~

Michael left early since his mom came over and picked him up. We were deciding on bringing Michael to the hospital but he denied 'Physically'. Luke left later on still pissed off at Michael. He told me to meet up with him tomorrow in Gloria Jeans Cafe at the mall, I guess thats a sign that his not that pissed off at me that much. But I'm still worried about what'll happen between Michael and Luke in the future. This was all because of mine and Michael's relationship 4 years ago. Why did we even play Spin The Bottle?

"I'm gonna get some water" Lolly says walking into the kitchen as I walked back upstairs to where Calum, Ruth and Ashton were sitting watching Mean Girls. Too bad Luke wasn't here, he loves Mean Girls.

"Did Luke leave?" Ashton asks as I just simply nodded.

"Then why are you white?" Calum says out of no where, still staring at the TV in a high pitched voice. I ignored him as I hear laughing from downstairs. Out of curiosity me and Ruth followed the laughter. Once we were near the kitchen, we see Lolly sitting on the table talking to a orange.

"Your so annoying" She giggles at the orange. Me and Ruth gave each other 'What the hell?" looks.

"Is she high on weed or something?" Ruth asks in a jokingly way as a thought came into my mind.

"Calum!" I call out as Calum and Ashton ran downstairs immediately.

"Whats wrong?" Calum asks as I point to Lolly.

"Why is she lining up Sour Patch Kids in columns?" Ashton asks as I face the way where Lolly was.

" Candy Crush!! I mean Sugar Crush!" Lolly yells.

"Cal did the College kids take the hash brownies already?" I ask. (Hash Brownies are brownies that have drugs in them.

"Well they picked them up last week" He scratches the back of his neck.

"You guys have drugs!" Ruth and Ashton yell in unison.

"No! Some college kids wanted us to hide their drugs in our house then they picked it up last week. So we don't have drugs" Calum explains.

"Why did you say yes to them?" Ashton frowns.

"Cause they paid us 100 dollars each week we had the brownies"

"Fine. But if they took all the brownies. Why is Lolly acting weird?" We all stare back at Lolly who was talking to a potato.

"Oh my gosh! Its Mr Potato from Toy Story!" She hugs the potato.

"Its either she got drunk for some reason or shes just naturally stupid" Calum snickers as I elbow him on the arm.

"Well she told me before that she was gonna drink some water from the kitchen" I tap my chin.

"Oh shit" Calum's eyes widened. He started running towards the fridge as we all followed him. He took out a normal water bottle.


"She drank from this bottle... This is my bottle" He says.

"This is no time for dramatic-ness Calum" Ruth rolls her eyes.

"No i mean the liquid in here isn't water. Its vodka and she chugged all of it down"

Our eyes widen. Fuck.


"How come when people call superman a bird or a plane... Why do they say it excitedly" Lolly stares wide at me that i'm starting to get creeped and freaked out.

"I don't know Lolly..." I sigh.

"I'm hungry" She whines.

"I'm Cat" I roll my eyes.

"Call that yellow sponge that was laying on the sink and tell him to make me a crabby patty" She demands.

"Calum!" I yell.

"Yeah" He walks in followed by Ruth and Ashton.

"Lolly won't sleep" I point at Lolly who was just sitting there for once.

"Well she just chugged down a mouthful of vodka... Can't be too surprised" Ashton shrugs.

"Ashton stay with me" I pout.

"Ok" He chirps sitting down next to me on the bed.

"Don't do any funny business" Calum warns before closing the door.

"Now what are we gonna do with Lolly" I stare back at Lolly who was.... Twerking?


The Next Day

"I'm going now!" I yell from downstairs.

"Yeah" Calum responds.

I head off out to our driveway to see Ashton's car parked in the middle.

"Need a ride?" He places on his black Ray Ban shades.

"Nah its alright. I'll call a cab" I decline.

"C'mon they charge heaps of money. I can drive you there for free" He gestures for me to enter his brand new black BMW.

I sigh. "Fine" I hop onto the passengers seat.


Once we got to the cafe Luke was waiting in, I see Luke sitting on one of the tables talking to a elderly man.

"Um. Text me when you need a ride home" Ashton says.

"Yeah ok" I say before hopping out of his car and entered the cafe. Once I got to Luke's table, the old man wasn't there anymore.

"Hey" He greets with a small smile as I returned one as well while I sat down on a chair opposite of him.

"So whats wrong?" I ask.

"Nothing. I just wanted to spend time with you thats all" He smiles.

Suddenly my phone started beeping numerous of times.

I took it out of my pocket and saw that the text ID was Ashton.

'Can we hang out later this afternoon when I pick you up?'

'We can play Mortal Combat? Or hang out all day like we used to do?'

I placed my phone onto the table once Luke cleared his throat.

"So.. About Michael" He started off. "Was it a serious relationship?" He asks.

"No" I simply replied. Suddenly another beeping sound interrupted us again.

Luke sighed probably annoyed.

"Sorry" I say before more beeping sounds were heard. He rolled his eyes and snatched my phone from the table.

"What are you doing??" I reach up for my phone but he holds it away from me still reading the texts.

He finally gave back my phone making both of us settle down onto our seats.

He sighs in annoyance scratching his head irritatedly.

"I don't want you around him" He says in a demanding tone of voice....



Sorry if its pretty boring but some Luke Vs Ashton will be coming up soon so stay tuned for that. There will also be some new characters in the future chapters including a very special guy from Cat's past. Lets just say Luke would hate the new characters guts as well as Ashton and Calum ;)

Thanks for Reading.

Carmela 😋

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