She's The One

You know how the things you still have are not very important to you that much. But once that something, gets taken away from you, you'll do anything just to get it back. So long story short, I was the girl he used to own.


20. Chapter 17- Pizza and Dogs

~Lolly's POV~

"Lolly!!" Someone knocks on my front door really hard.

"What??" I groan opening it to see Calum and Ruth. Calum stood there with his eyes fuming with anger and Ruth just stood there smiling.

"What do you mean what?!" He crosses his arms. "Wheres your dog?!" He breathes heavily.

"My dog? Why would you want to see my dog?" I raise an eye brow.

"Just come here" He grasps onto my arm and drags me to the other side of the road to his house.

"Ow jeez woman" I pull my arm away from him as we got into his house.

"Oh my glob Lolly! What did you do!?" Cat runs down the stairs with a wide smile on her face, for some reason I thought she would be mad at me because of her comment.

"What did I do?" I ask confused.

"Look" She pulls me with her to their back yard to see the most weirdest thing that I wouldn't of possibly thought would happen.

I chuckle a bit. "Oh wow" I stare at their dog that was laying on its side.

"Your dog fricken fucked Jenna" Calum points at their dog.

"Woah woah woah. Why are you already thinking that my dog did that to your bitch?" I frown.

"Cause your dog is Horney as hell and is the only Jack Russell in this neighbourhood" He glares down at me taking a step closer.

"Why do you automatically think that your dog is pregnant?"

"Cause she rarely lays down like that and look at that huge bump in her stomach" He points at his dog.

"What if your dog is obese" I try to come up with a reason. "I mean you guys fricken over feed that thing everyday" I snicker receiving glares from Cat and Calum.

"Woah whats going on?" Luke jogs towards us from inside the house.

"Her dog freaking raped our dog" Calum points at me.

"Its not my fault that your dog always has its legs open" I cross my arms over my chest.

"So its Jenna's fault now?" He points at his dog as Gilbert comes running in. Yep my dog is called Gilbert. "Look at your dog, it has the looks of a rapist and a pedophile." He attempts to kick my dog.

"Woah woah woah. Animal abuse" I step right in front of him.

"Move out of the way unless if you want to get hit" He warns me with a stern look.

"Bitch please, I would hit you back but that would be called animal abuse" I place a hand on my hips.

His fists clench turning pale.

"Calum, your over reacting. Theres nothing wrong with having puppies" Ruth places a hand on his shoulder.

"But I don't want puppies. They're the size of a midget, plus I don't want that thing to be the father. He does not have my blessing" He points at Gilbert as I roll my eyes.

"Oh please, my dog does not need a blessing from a 5 year old. Isn't that right boy" I coo patting my dog as it runs around in circles.

"Whats up peeps! Did I miss out on anything?" Michael walks outside towards us followed by Ashton.

"Do we even still say that" Cat rolls her eyes.

"Yes actually we do love" Michael wraps an arm around Cat.

"Hands off my girl, Boyyy" Luke pretends to hold out a gun at Michael with a cowboy accent.

"Jeez calm your tits Lucas" Michael holds up his hands. Nearly everyone except for Michael, Cat and the dogs froze when Michael said Lucas.

"What? What did I do?" Michael stares at all of us.

Ashton clears his throat. "Um nothing. Right guys?" Ashton smiles at all of us.

"Uh yeah. We're absolutely fine" We all chuckle.

"Yeah well I'm gonna order some pizza" Cat walks back into the house followed by everyone else.

"That was close" Ruth whispers to me as I nodded gulping. If Cat remembered about 'Lucas' she would've lost it and we would all be in deep shit.


"Pepperoni is better then Hawaiian" Luke argues back at me. We were having this debate on which pizza we should order.

"Hawaiian is better and you know it" I cross my arms.

"Hey guys, we already ordered the pizza's" Michael gives us a small smile.

"What?!" Me and Luke yell at the same time.

"We ordered Pepperoni and Hawaiian. Happy?" Cat rolls her eyes.


"Hey dude, you know whose hot?" Michael asks Luke.

"What?" Luke rolls his eyes. From the past few minutes, Luke and Michael were also arguing over who the hottest girl in the world is. Luke is winning by saying Emma Watson. Can't argue with that, I mean most guys all love Hermione Granger. I'm surprised that Cat isn't slapping Luke yet.

"Alyssa.... Hemming's" Michael says slowly as Luke's eyes widened.

"Nobody's allowed to say those types of shit about my sister you dirty little pric-" Cat cuts him off.

"Its alright Luke. Michael has no chance with Alyssa anyway. Did he mention that shes 7 years old" Cat smirks making all of us chuckle except for Michael who had no idea.

"I was planning on flirting with a 7 year old? I knew I should've sticked with Lily" Michael cringes.

"Actually shes 7 but has the brain of a 17 year old"

"I heard that shes even prettier then you Luke. Well that I could agree on" Calum smirks.

Once the doorbell rang. I bet Calum to it.

"Heres your order" A guy with blonde hair and blue eyes handed me three boxes of pizza. I stared at his name tag. 'Niall' Funny name and funny accent. Weird, his name was very familiar.

"So did you lose your voice?" He asks me randomly.

"Excuse me?" I raise up an eye brow.

"Uh well you seem to not be... Uh.... squealing or screaming" He cocks up an eye brow.

"Am I supposed to?" I ask as he stares down at the ground, I could see the redness on his cheeks.

After I finished paying I dropped the boxes onto the centre of the table.

"That pizza dude is creepy" I plop down on a chair next to Cat.

"Why?" Cat asks.

"He wanted me to scream or something and he looked kinda like Ashton's brother, Harry " I shrug.

"What was his name?" Ashton asks.

"Uhhhh... Niall" I smile. Suddenly everyone either started chocking or spitting out their drink. "Ew" I stare at everyone who had their eyes wide at me.

"Niall from One Direction!" Ruth yells.

"And he also looks a lot like my brother" Ashton says.

"Then why is he a pizza boy?" I ask with my heart thumping so loudly. A celebrity just served me pizza?!

"Didn't you see their prank channel in youtube. They were trying to see peoples reactions while they were being pizza boys during their Aussie tour" Ruth tells me.

"Wait so did I just.... Embarrass him?" I look down guiltily.

"Well done" Calum says sarcastically.

"Its not my fault that the only guy I know in that British band is Harry Styles. Heck Niall is that guy in those bands that is always in the background and hardly sings" I raise my hands up.

"Well you just met one of the worlds most famous super stars" Cat shrugs.

"Darn it. I wanted to just shave his head and sell it on eBay. That'd cost a lot" I smile to myself as people gave me 'What the heck?' looks.


"Ladies and Gentlemen, lets play Spin the bottle with cards" Michael says as he places a empty beer bottle in the centre of all of us and cards next to it.

"Well this is gonna end up bad" Ruth sighs as Calum spins the bottle.

It kept on turning until the tip landed on Michael and the other end on Luke.

"Ok Michael. Truth or Dare?" Luke points at the two decks of cards next to the bottle.

"Ummmmmm" Michael taps his chin.

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