She's The One

You know how the things you still have are not very important to you that much. But once that something, gets taken away from you, you'll do anything just to get it back. So long story short, I was the girl he used to own.


18. Chapter 16- The Secret Has Been Told

~Ruth's POV~

I walk up to Lolly's front door. I pressed the doorbell and waited until someone opened it. The door opened revealing Ashton.

"Hey Ruth" He says but he had a blank expression.

"Hey Ash" I give him a small smile. Wheres Lolly? Its gonna be awkward if its only me and him.

"So wheres Lolly?" I ask.

"Inside. You can come in" Ashton gestured me to come in. Whats wrong with him, he used to be so chirpy but now its like his at a funeral.

I walked in to see Luke and Lolly waiting at the living room. They both looked nervous.

"Ruth, your here" Lolly gives me a small smile.

"Hey guys" I sit on a chair next to Lolly. Luke and Ashton both sat next to each other in front of us.

"So when are you guys gonna tell me?" I ask.

"We're still waiting for one more person" Luke rubs both his hands together. I stare at Ashton who looked as if he was about to shit his pants.

"Who?" I ask.

"Your boyfriend" They all say in unison, thats when someone door belled again.


~Cat's POV~

"Tell me why I'm doing this for you again" I roll my eyes as me and Michael hid behind a bush stalking Michael's girl crush.

"Cause your a great person" He chuckles. "Ok so do you remember the plan?" He asks as I nod.

"Wait what was it again?" I ask as he groans face palming himself.

"I 'accidentally' bump into her and if she doesn't walk away I'll introduce myself which will lead to 'Can I have your number'" He says in the worst girly voice he could for the last part.

"What am I supposed to do" I frown.

"If shes weird and creepy, you can..." He places a wig on my head and puts on reading glasses onto me. "Pretend to be my mother and say that I'm grounded" He finishes off his sentence.

"Fine" I roll my eyes as he walks off and begins to do the plan. He bumps into her making the poor girl's books fall to the ground. I watch as Michael bends down to pick up her books. Wow so clique Michael.


~Ruth's POV~

Once Calum walked in he gives me a quick peck on the cheek and sits down next to me.

"Before we could tell you anything. You have to promise that you won't mention anything to Cat" Lolly tells me with a serious expression.

"I promise"

"Well.... Where do we start off" Luke clears his throat.

"Cat, me and Luke used to be childhood best friends. We did everything together and we treated each other like siblings. Back than we were Cat's only best friends cause every one else were either annoyed by her or scared of her" Ashton starts off.

"The reason why people were scared of her was because..... Cat had a problem... A mental problem. She never had a friend and real parents, which lead her to self harm and she used to have this imaginary friend called..C-Captain Cook. Before we became friends, she told the nun in the orphanage that Captain Cook told her to kill someone one night. She than had to be locked into a special room at the orphanage so that no one will get hurt..." Ashton's face started becoming even more pale. This is giving me goose bumps.

"But don't treat Cat as a monster cause shes not. She has a reason why she became like this" Calum says as I nodded.

"When me and Luke met her. She discovered the feeling of having actual friends. She lost her problem but not fully yet. She just had to forget the memories of the death of her parents and everything else" Ashton continues on.

"After plenty of years she lived like a normal kid. She had plenty of friends including me" Lolly rubbed her hands together.

"But on the year 2005... I-I-I accidentally-" Ashton buried his face on his hands. Luke looked down as he patted Ashton's shoulder.

After a few sniffles, Ashton continued on. "9 years ago... My parents divorced and I-I blamed it on Cat. I was a stupid kid back than and I was so mad when she was trying to comfort me that I pushed her onto the road while a truck was...... Driving by" Tears past by his cheek.

"Cat than fell into a coma that lasted about a year. Doctors said that she was talking about someone one day..... Someone called Captain Cook and she was talking about a guy named Fletcher. She lost all her memories and her problem which was good but we than decided that she has a possibility of getting her problem back thats when-" Lolly gets cut off by a loud knock on the door.

"Lolly its Cat! I really need a ride somewhere.... Michael ditched me!" Cat yells from outside the house. For some reason I felt scared being around Cat now but I still think shes a great person.

"Uh hold on a sec!" Lolly yells back. "Quick hide in the basement she'll get suspicious if she sees all of us together" She whispers as we all ran into the basement......


The Secret Has Been told! Don't worry Cat lost her mental problem but for how long? Stay tuned for future updates and memories of Cat's past and some love triangle action!

... Luke and Ashton are still frenimies, they're just nice to each other in this chapter.

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