She's The One

You know how the things you still have are not very important to you that much. But once that something, gets taken away from you, you'll do anything just to get it back. So long story short, I was the girl he used to own.


19. Chapter 16 Extra Parts

~Cat's POV~

The Next Day

Something weird is going on. Ruth seemed more nicer but whenever I touched her she would wince a bit. Did I do something wrong?

Right now I'm sitting here in Food Tech class. Usually we cook in Food Tech but today were learning about shit.... Not really...

Suddenly the door opened to reveal Ashton and Luke shoving each other to get in first. I roll my eyes, Boys these days.

Once Luke got in first he gave me a quick peck on the cheek as he sits on a chair on my left. Ashton gave Luke a disgusted glare before giving me his wide cheeky smile, he walks towards the seat in my right but a muscular guy from the Swimming Team bet him to it.

Ashton groans as he sits on a seat in front of me.

Once our substitute teacher walks in everyone went silent.

"Ok class. Take out your Food Tech Text books and turn to page 120" Mr Crawford demands. My eyes widened as I remembered that I left my text book in my locker. Fudge.

"Great. I forgot my text book" I groan leaning back on my chair.

"You can use mine" Ashton offers holding out his book immediately.

"Its fine mate. Cat and I can share" Luke declines his offer.

"I offered it first" Ashton's jaw tightens.

"I said its fine Ashton. And FYI I offered second" Luke smirks.

"Cat. Use mine" Ashton says in a demanding tone.

"No Cat. His being bossy" Luke frowns.

"Don't listen to him Cat" Ash glares at Luke.

"Oh please. I'm her boyfriend you brute" Luke's fists clenched.

I sigh watching their argument as I wish that the two of them would grow up one day.

"Cat" A deep voice calls my name from next to me. I turn to my right to see that guy from the swimming team.

"You could share with me if you'd like" He gives me a friendly smile.

"Sure, thanks." I smile back as he holds the book out in between us. I hear Ashton's and Luke's argument die down as I see their confused expressions that turned mad when they stared from me to the dude with the corner of my eye.

"I think they're going to murder me in any minute" The dude refers to Luke and Ashton.

"They won't" I roll my eyes.

"Um my names Cameron by the way.. So that you don't have to call me dude anymore" He chuckles as my eyes widened noticing that I said a lot of things out loud.

"I'm so sorry" My cheeks heated up in embarrassment.

"What a dick head" I hear Ashton and Luke mutter glaring at Cameron.

"Um, Luke is very lucky to have you as a girlfriend" Cameron grins.

"Not really" I mutter. I know I'm not very modest.

Suddenly my phone started vibrating in my pocket. I take it out to see a text from Luke.

From Luke💕

Why didn't u pick me ;(..... ;)

I stare at Luke as he pouts at me poking out his bottom lip as I poke my tongue out at him making him smile. Seriously its so easy to make Luke smile.

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